These Vacation Spots Are Perfect If You're A Traveler Who's Low On Cash

With 2018 just getting started, a super common topic of conversation is #NewYearsResolutions. Among the more ubiquitous goals, such as "getting in shape" and "drinking more water," the top of my list starts with "traveling more" and "saving more money." But if you're like me, and you're also plagued with the notorious travel bug while ballin' on a budget, KAYAK just came out with their highly-regarded 2018 Travel Hacker Guides, which include 10 cheap vacation spots in 2018 that both you and your wallet will most definitely enjoy.

While many might assume that a cheap vacation will lead to somewhere far less exciting, KAYAK's list of cheap vacation spots definitely proves otherwise. From touring scenic views in South West Mexico to the beautiful metropolitan cities in Canada, "less is more" can truly apply to traveling on a smaller budget.

1. Check out the free wrestling shows and see the Agua Azul Park in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Between the beautiful state parks and old cathedrals recommended by KAYAK, Guadalajara also has a variety inexpensive hotels, such as the Hotel Casino Plaza and the Hotel Morales. For the cheapest flights to Guadalajara, Kayak recommends to book flights in April, which are only around $436 for a round trip.

2. See the Calgary Tower and the Heritage Park Historical Village in Calgary, Canada.

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In of Canada's most beautiful metropolitan cities, Calgary has a lot to offer year-round. Between their TD Devonian Gardens and the Calgary Zoo, Calgary is a wallet-friendly destination catering to any budget-conscious travelers. KAYAK recommends traveling in September, as flights are only $277.

3. Go to any of the amazing theme parks in Orlando, Florida.

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From Disney to Universal, Orlando is literally any fun-loving traveler's walk in the park. With required ahead-of-time planning, budgeters would definitely be able to fit in a park or two into their time in Orlando. Plus, round-trip flights from Boston to Orlando are under $200 during the month of September.

4. Check out the speakeasies in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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With an incredibly vibrant night-life (with a lot of really, really cool speakeasies), and for a taste of real Southern cuisine, Raleigh is definitely an up-and-coming super popular destination. Flights are cheapest in January, going for around $200 roundtrip — so make sure to act quickly.

5. Venture to Cherry Creek State Park or drive to watch the sunrise at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, Colorado.

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Colorado is beautiful and scenic year-round, which is why we're shocked that it's considered to be an inexpensive destination. For less than $300 from January to May, Denver is a desirable, hip little city, surrounded by unbelievable scenery.

6. Lounge at Bunche Beach or go to Edison and Ford's Winter Estate in Fort Meyer's, Florida.

Between adorable shops and a variety of beautiful sandy beaches, round trips from Boston to Fort Meyers are under $300 year-round, and flying there in January is under $200. With a wide selection of inexpensive hotels and a whole lot of sunshine, Fort Meyer's is the ideal cheap trip.

7. Wander through Ybor City or have a blast at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida.

Visit Tampa Bay

While Florida seems to be a popular inexpensive destination on the list, each city has their own charm — and Tampa is especially enticing. With free forts, walking trails, and beaches, Tampa is the perfect little getaway. More information on flights to Tampa can be found here.

8. Visit the Salt Lake Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Salt Lake City is another year-round scenic beauty that we honestly can't believe is a cheap trip. Explore the surrounding mountains, ski through Deer Valley, or float your troubles away in the Salt Lake, with cheapest flights in January (or even May, if you don't want to freeze!) for around $300.

9. Visit Minneapolis, Minnesota and checkout the beer scene or go to the Mall of America.

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Minneapolis is one of the artsiest little cities in middle America, and it's honestly a must-see. Between the amazing art museums, the architecture, and the largest shopping mall in all of America, it's pretty shocking that flights are lowest at $270 in May.

10. Explore Fort McHenry or wander through the Baltimore Museum of Art in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Baltimore is another city with a ton of art and a whole lot of history. Take a trip to the forts or explore the art museums, and make sure to try some of those good Old Bay Crabs. Flights are under $200 in December, January, and February, so make sure to pack your sweaters.

Fulfilling those #NewYearsTravelGoals is super important, and it's definitely not too early to start planning your trips. Just remember to plan ahead of time and prepare that budget so your wallet is ready to go.

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