7 DIY Date Ideas For The Best Friend Duo Who Loves Fall & All Things Extra

There are so many endearing qualities about fall. From the changing of the leaves, to the holidays embedded in those months, it's such a lovely time of year. Sitting at home is a definite no-no, and if your BFF is a fall lover too, you're most likely plotting some DIY fall date ideas together, because duh, you two work better together, anyway.

Fall dates could mean wrapping that super cute knitted scarf around your neck, putting on your adorable pair of brown combat boots, and hitting the town. It could also mean putting on that oversized sweater, finding a comfortable place on the couch, and watching a chick flick with some hot cocoa. Don't forget the marshmallows. There's so much that could be done during fall, and if you're trying to stray from the basics, doing some stuff yourself is right up your alley.

Having a fellow fall lover by your side who you also call your BFF works in your favor. The two of you will share the same excitement over elements of fall that most people might overlook. The only thing better than fall itself is planning seasonal activities with your bestie. Whether you've done these things before or not, fall is the perfect season to max out their potential.

Host A Chili Cook-Off
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Chili is so warm and yummy, it pretty much screams fall. Even if it's just the two of you competing to find out who makes the best bowl of chili, you'll end up with a delicious result. You can even make it more fun and challenge another duo of best friends. Who will be crowned chili queen?

Experiment With Cider Recipes
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Cider is the fall drink aside from a Pumpkin Spice Latte. It makes you feel toasty, and there is more than one flavor to try or make. If you haven't made cider before, it can be a bit intimidating to try, but it's worth a go. Besides, you and your BFF are not discouraged from anything that might be challenging.

Swap Homemade Baked Cookies

All of the spices of fall baked into a gooey, sweet cookie is practically heaven on earth. Don't forget about the shortbread cookies, too. Those were always the best when you would sneak them out of your grandma's circular tin can in the living room. You and your BFF could find recipes online, and exchange what you went with.

4.Have A Picnic In The Park Among The Foliage
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A potluck picnic among the fall foliage is a picture-perfect scene for a fall lover. Not only are you filling your tummy, but you're surrounded by fall beauty as well. The fallen leaves are Mother Nature's decor, and you and your BFF are incredibly here for it. Literally, all you had to do was wander outside with your basket full of food.

Make Mason Jar Luminaries And Watch Movies
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OMG, these mason jar luminaries are so crafty and cute. Placing about a dozen of these around your apartment or house is going to make everything seem so cozy. There's just something magical about a room being dimly lit by candlelight. Watching movies surrounded by your arts and craft project will have you two feeling majorly accomplished.

Make A Kite And Fly It In The Crisp Fall Breeze
CNS+TEdmond on Twitter

Yes, your childlike wonder is showing, but it's fine because fall tends to have that affect on people. Flying a kite will send your childhood nostalgia soaring, and it'll be fun to make one that you can genuinely call your own. People underestimate the free-spirited elements of flying a kite. It's almost therapeutic.

Paint Pine Cones With Ombre Shading For Decor
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The aroma of pine cones is so relaxing and fresh. Painting them with an ombre effect will look stylish in your apartment, and the aroma will linger all over. Could these little guys get any cuter? And if you're into recycling activities or crafts, these will also make great accessories for Christmas tree decorating. Look at that, multi-tasking and you didn't even know it.

Fall dates with your BFF are magical, and so is everything that has to do with this season. Whether you're kicking leaves or painting pine cones, your BFF is always down to cherish fall with you.