7 Cool Cafés In LA That Are Literally Perfect For Coffee Dates With Your Bestie

by Kristin Corpuz
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You and your bestie are always looking for the coolest spots to hang out, and cafés tend to be your venue of choice. I mean, what's not to like about them? You can grab a coffee or tea and maybe a bite to eat, take in the chic ambiance of the spot you picked, and of course, snap a couple of pics while you're catching up. If you're based in LA — or you're visiting this bustling city together — you should definitely check out these seven cool cafés in LA to snap all of your #content.

I'm totally for a café hang that's all about the food and drink, but catching up at a cute spot just makes the time spent with your bestie even more memorable. What's awesome about these cafés is that they all really put a lot of time and effort into the full customer experience so that you and your BFF can walk away with your tastebuds satisfied, your brain wired (from all the caffeine), and your Instagram feed ready to be slayed.

If you've been looking for your new LA bestie "spot," see if any of these eight cafés are your style. They definitely won’t disappoint when you see them IRL.

Cha Cha Matcha

New Yorkers are probably familiar with the original Cha Cha Matcha in NoLita (and the subsequent locations in NoMad and NoHo). The two locations in LA — in West Hollywood and Venice — are just as cute.

You can expect pink walls, lots of neon, and of course, brightly-colored green drinks that make for perfect Instagram moments. Both locations are bright and sunny to capture the venue's cool aesthetic. You and your bestie will undoubtedly have a blast trying out the different matcha concoctions and snapping pics.


For those of you boba fanatics, Honeyboba is a chain you and your bestie should definitely check out. They have locations all over the greater Los Angeles area so you and your BFF can find the spot that's most convenient for you.

As the name implies, a ton of the decor is honey-colored so you can snap some seriously sunny pics, and the drinks come in the coolest jars that make for some pretty epic Instagram moments.

Alfred Tea Room
Kristin Corpuz

Any Angeleno will likely tell you that if you want a cute café experience, you should head to an Alfred shop. The local chain has both tea rooms and coffee shops so the two of you can pick what suits your mood. The coffee shops have a huge assortment of roasts, while the tea rooms offer everything from matcha to milk tea.

Something else that's really great about Alfred locations are their Instagrammable walls and cute seating. The tea room off Melrose has a pink tiled wall with the word "tea" in giant letters, as well as bright green picnic seats so you can hang out and snap pics as long as you want.

Roo Coffee

Are you looking for a reason to savor something fun called "fairy bread"? If so, you and your bestie should head to Roo Coffee. The café is in Silver Lake — which is a cool neighborhood on its own — so it's a little outside of the centralized city but well-worth the visit.

If the weather is nice, grab a seat outside on the patio and hang out while you sip your coffee and eat your rainbow-sprinkled bread. The Australian-influenced shop even has a cute window that says "G'day Silver Lake" so you can feel that much cooler.

Bottega Louie

Macarons, pastries, and espresso, oh my! This LA staple is not only the most adorable spot to enjoy a European-influenced bite and sip, but you and your bestie can also get some gourmet grocery grocery shopping done while you're at it.

Bottega Louie has the marbled tables of your foodie flatlay dreams, and you're guaranteed to find something you love on their expansive coffee menu. Not only will you and your BFF have time to catch up over some gorgeous — and delicious — pastries, but you'll be sure to have a chance to snap some content for the 'Gram.

Carrera Cafe
Bella Gerard

Carrera Cafe truly was made for an "I Have This Thing With Floors" moment. They have a ton of drinks to choose from, in addition to salads and subs that are on their food menu.

Though there are a ton of reasons for you and your bestie to go visit this Melrose café, the cherry on top of your Instagrammable visit is definitely the little messages the baristas powder on the top of your drink order. It's probably the one time in your life you won't want to put a lid on your drink.

Feen Coffee

If you're willing to drive a little bit outside the city for a beach day, definitely be sure to stop by Feen Coffee in Huntington Beach. The light and airy café has a ton of different backdrops for you and your bestie to take pics in front of, including a super cute neon sign.

The best part, though? They're open till 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and till 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. That means the two of you can have a whole beach day, get caught up watching the sunset, grab a bite to eat, then enjoy some dessert.

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