7 Cookies To Make For Your Christmas Cookie Exchange With Your Girlfriends

The holiday season opens our hearts to giving, gratitude, and welcoming all of those delicious baked goods. From pies to cookies, these babies bless our bellies around the same time every year. You and your girls need to find the best cookies to make for Christmas cookie exchange, because unlike your friendship, these cookies need to crumble... with a tasty purpose.

Hosting a cookie exchange for the holidays is a simple, but big gesture between you and your girls. Tracking down good recipes, finding presentable wrapping, and then actually baking the cookies takes your time. Those minutes, hours, and days are ones you can't get back, but they were invested in making a person you care about — something sweet. And while a cookie doesn't last as a long as purchasing a coat or new pair of boots, your efforts feed more than a stomach when it comes to your favorite ladies, and they'll definitely voice that. These cookies are all about the feels, seriously.

A cookie exchange is a great substitute for a more affordable celebration with your ladies, if your wallet is screaming from all of the holiday shopping you've been doing. Sitting around in your onesies and swapping cookies is one hell of a gift. Get your oven mitts ready and aprons assembled, because these cookies need to make it into your baker's dozen.

Inspired Taste on YouTube

While snickerdoodles don't have any fancy frosting or decor, they make up for it in their chewy, unbelievably perfect cinnamon taste. Please don't call this a cinnamon sugar cookie though, because they are not the same. Taste one of these when they first come out of the oven, and you'll soar into a soft, cinnamon wonderland.

Mickey Mouse Holiday Cookies
Elisa Garcia on YouTube

As a firm believer in Christmas miracles, the enchanting Disney theme has to make its way into something during the holidays. These cookies are magical, and let's face it, Mickey's ears as cookies is a freaking cute concept. It'll be tough to take a bite out of these precious cookies, but you'll manage.

Patchwork Christmas Tree Cookies
Elisa Garcia on YouTube

A design like this may take a little bit more of your time, but hey, it's for your girls, so it's worth it. How often are you going to bake a boatload of cookies for a friend? You're right, probably next year. For argument's sake though, just know that your TLC (tender love and cookies), will be greatly appreciated.

Candy Cane Cookies
Elisa Garcia on YouTube

Why is baking different shapes so entertaining? Maybe it's because our Easy-Bake Ovens restricted us to those boring circles and cakes that would hardly rise. Well, now is the time to experiment with different shapes, and accessorize with adorable bows. Give your girl a heads up if all of those bows aren't edible. No one wants a mouth full of bows.

Food Wishes on YouTube

Gingersnaps are heavenly. You can't really have just one, and the taste screams holiday perfection. Ginger in general is used in so many things, but cookies might be one of our favorite things it's used in. Getting a whole container of these would be a total blessing.

Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies
TheCooknShare on YouTube

Nutella has definitely become a fan favorite. From sandwiches to fruit, anything that is paired with this chocolate spread is #blessed. Can you imagine how warm and gooey that center must be when you first take them out of the oven? Try to keep in mind that these are for your friends. Keeping a few for yourself isn't completely out of the question, though.

Christmas Snowball Cookies
CookingwithSugarTV on YouTube

These snowball cookies are meant to be made in the dozens. They're easy to package, and that powdered sugar will be so flipping good. Any mess with food is a good mess to have to "clean up." This type of cookie is also a nice filler cookie if you want to take up space in your decorative tin after baking some of the cookies above. The more the merrier.

A cookie exchange with your girls during the holidays is a sweet addition to all of the magical things that can happen this time of year. Eat baked goods and bond with the ladies who literally make your life so much sweeter, cookies or not.