7 Women Share What It's Really Like To Get Married In Vegas Like Joe & Sophie

by Candice Jalili
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We hear about it happening in sitcoms and romantic comedies all the time, but do people really get married in Las Vegas? Well, yeah. And, in a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, brides who had Las Vegas weddings shared all the deets about what it was like.

For those of you who might have missed the memo, Las Vegas weddings are a particularly hot topic right now after Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner tied the knot in a Las Vegas chapel after the Billboard Music Awards on May 1. Luckily, Diplo was there to film the whole thing and livestream it on Instagram so fans were able to join in and watch the entire ceremony — complete with a performance by Dan + Shay and an Elvis impersonator as the officiant. Considering the fact that the couple had previously told the world they weren't going to tie the knot until this summer, fans were shook to their very core. And also, IDK about anyone else, but it low-key really made me want to get married in Las Vegas.

And now, after reading the accounts of these seven women, I'm convinced! It turns out Las Vegas weddings are awesome, even if you're not an A-list celebrity, and now I need to have one. Need, not want!!!

Read along and prepare to want to have one of your own.

The chapel provided everything they needed and she loved it.
We just got married at Lucky Little Chapel in container park and it was so cute. They have a different downtown location as well. You can get everything through them - dress and tux, photos, rings, flowers, etc. They make it super easy and they have some great packages. We really loved it :)


They even did a Vegas rehearsal dinner!
We did the Princess Bride Package at Planet Hollywood and loved it. It's a wedding in their chapel then a reception for 35 in one of their Panorama Suites. We enhanced the food options with catering from Say Goodnight Gracie and cupcakes from Retro Bakery, which allowed us to accommodate 70 people. We also went to a liquor store for beer and liquor to supplement the 5 bottles you get with you package.
And, since everyone was coming in for the whole weekend we invited everyone to Hussong's for a rehearsal dinner the night before. They have an awesome prix fix menu that comes with apps and desserts you choose and allows your guests to choose their own meal from a menu. They also offer two different bar add ons.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask or message me. I loved planning our wedding.


They went big and tied the knot at the Neon Museum.
We are getting married in August at the Neon Museum. We chose that space because we wanted the flexibility of having our own photographer. Most of the hotels or chapels do not permit you to bring your own. We are having a dinner after for our guests and pretty much any restaurant or buffet will accommodate us with 4 hours notice.
40 people’s meals, flights, hotel, hair/makeup, limo rental, dress/tux etc under 7 grand,


She summarizes the wedding as "cheap, quick, and easy."
We got married at the stop of the stratosphere. Cheap, quick, and easy. Love the pastor who married us. He was great. I think the whole thing cost $450 without the marriage license. We had 13 people including us. The stratosphere did all the paper filing for us and we were able to pick up the marriage certificate after our honeymoon on the way home.


She would barely change anything about it.
My husband and I got married in Vegas at the MGM Grand in 2009. We were not rich by any sense of the imagination and the whole thing (besides my dress and makeup) was about $5k. The wedding planners at the MGM were wonderful in helping us put everything together.
Our reception was at Fellini’s at the Stratosphere and it was delicious.
Looking back, the one thing I would have maybe done differently is have my reception a bit closer to my wedding ceremony. But other than that, there’s nothing I would change!!


They shipped all their friends over on a party bus.
We did an Elvis package. We hired a company to party bus our friends and relatives to the ceremony, so no one would be late. Then had them drop us off in old town where we rented a restaurant room and had lunch and apps. Over all it was about 5k if you include the hotel and pics from the ceremony. The family paid the cost of the restaurant. A little more than I thought, because we wanted all the pictures, and we went during “spring break” time to accommodate family.


She had a classy golf course wedding, Vegas-style.
I got married at the golf course next to Mandalay Bay. Bali hai and had dinner at the restaurant on the property. I can’t say enough good things about it. We had a amazing time and our pictures look amazing. They are wonderful to work with. We go there and eat every time we come out. It’s so awesome to go back and see it.
I also know someone who got married at the flamingo. The garden outside was very pretty and cheap.


Viva Las Vegas, baby!