7 Salty AF Blair Waldorf Moments That We've All Experienced More Times Than Once

Blair Waldorf was the betch in charge in Gossip Girl. She was the reigning queen of the Upper East Side, and anyone who dared to get in her way would certainly pay for it. We love Blair because she is salty AF and totally fabulous at the same time. We've all dealt with sassy friends, and we ourselves have felt our inner Blair Waldorf coming out, which is why we've all experienced more times than once certain Blair Waldorf moments from Gossip Girl in our own lives.

As much as we'd like to think we're saints, we've all been there. We can't help it when the sass and total saltiness comes out. And if you're dealing with a mean girl in your own life, you take control and fight back. Blair was always smart and conniving about her retaliation, and we were all living for it. Sure, we can't and don't always go to the same lengths as Blair, because we're not living in the overly dramatic and lavish lifestyle that makes up Gossip Girl, but we've all experienced these seven salty moments and can hardcore relate. If you're dealing with a mean girl, just remember that the haters are going to hate, but also, it's fun to fight back and remind everyone that there's only room for one mean girl in town.

When She Helped Send Georgina Off To Boot Camp
hgirl1986 on YouTube

There's truly only room for one HBIC, and that space is reserved for Blair Waldorf. Sorry Georgina, but you have to go. So, when Blair brought in Georgina's parents to send her off to boot camp, that moment was priceless. We all know what it's like to remind people there is only room for one queen bee in town.

When She Helped Take Down Juliet For Serena
Nata Martha G on YouTube

No one tries to mess with your best friend and gets away with it. We've all been there when someone hurts your bestie and you're ready to pounce, which is why this moment of Blair and Serena getting back at Juliet is so great. Poor Juliet. Your biggest mistake was thinking you could go after Blair's BFF. You (obviously) failed.

When She Got Aggressive AF On The Hockey Field
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Sports are good for letting off some steam. Blair totally knew that when she decided to take out some of her aggression very literally on Serena during field hockey. Even if we're not mad at our friends, we know the feeling of our competitive sides coming out a little too strong when playing games. It happens.

When She Didn't Invite Serena To Her Party
Jennifer Cloud on YouTube

When Serena found out about a party she wasn't really invited to, it was super awkward for everyone around. We know what Blair was doing. She was being super passive aggressive, and we could spot it a mile away. You've probably done it when you purposefully did not send an invite to your frenemy on Facebook, and it felt great.

When She Was The Fashion Police
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We've all made fashion faux pas, except, of course, Blair Waldorf. She has always been glam without even trying, but for the rest of us, we probably know what it's like to make a mistake that would get us arrested by the fashion police. That's why we totally can relate to this "tights are not pants" moment. I know, but they're so comfy!

When She Tried To Sabotage Serena At Yale
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Blair sabotaged Serena at the Dean's reception when she was scared that Serena was trying to take Yale away from her. Just imagine someone trying to take away the one thing you've been dreaming about all your life. That would get anyone super upset. Even if it's just the last slice of pizza, we will fight hard for it.

When She Broke Up With Serena
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Some friends come and go. Even though we all knew that Blair and Serena would be besties for life, they did have their ups and downs. We know what it's like to have a fight with our BFF that feels like the end of it all. That's why this heartbreakingly salty moment is something that hits us right in the feels.