7 Best Betty & Archie Moments That Are Relatable AF If You Have A Guy BFF

Forget the drama of a black-hooded killer, and Riverdale is really all about the relationships between Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica. When we first met Betty and Archie, Betty really liked Archie more than just friends, but we all know that didn't work out, and now we have Bughead to dream about. Even though there were some dramatic moments, these two always remained BFFs. They grew up together as besties, and if you also have a guy BFF, watching the series can feel totally relatable at times, especially when you watch these Betty and Archie Moments from Riverdale.

Having a guy BFF is a little different than having a girl BFF, but at the end of the day, you know the key factor that makes them your bestie is that they have your back and you can confide in them. When Betty wasn't sure who to turn to when the Black Hood was harassing her, she knew she could trust Archie. He helped her get through a tough time. You may not be avoiding a killer in your town, but the sentiment is the same. When you watch these seven Betty and Archie scenes, you're reminded of your relationship with your BFF. While you wait for new episodes of Riverdale to come, you can get a little taste of that whenever you hang out with the Archie to your Betty.

When Archie Got Betty The Perfect Secret Santa Gift
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You and your bestie undoubtedly have a ton of inside jokes that no one else will understand. You can see just that when Archie gave Betty a Swiss Family Robinson record as her gift for the secret Santa. No one else understood how this gift is special, but Betty loved it. I guess you had to be there.

When Betty Asked Archie To Break Up With Jughead For Her
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When Betty was put in a horrible situation by the Black Hood, forcing her to break up with Jughead, she leaned on her BFF Archie to do it for her. It truly was a heartbreaking moment for all of us, especially us Bughead fanatics out there, but Archie helped out his bestie (along with all of us). You may not have to go through a similar situation, but you know you can lean on your BFF whenever you're going through a difficult time.

When Betty Told Archie About The Black Hood
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When the Black Hood first called Betty, she confided in her best friend Archie. There are some secrets you know in your heart you can totally trust your BFF to keep locked away. Betty didn't hesitate trusting Archie with this killer secret, and you would feel the same with your guy bestie.

When Betty Buried Archie Alive
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When Betty and Archie came face to face with the Black Hood, he forced Betty to bury Archie alive. Archie trusted Betty, and assured her with a head nod that it's OK. Even though this is one crazy scene to relate to, there is that element of trust between two besties that you can totally understand. You trust your BFF with your life, and know they would never do anything to hurt you.

When Archie Forgave Betty
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When Betty did some digging on Ms. Grundy, it ultimately got her run out of town by Betty's mom. Archie could have been upset with his best friend, but he forgave her. This scene is a reminder that even when you fight, your best friend knows it's only because you both care about each other so much.

When Betty Talked To Archie About Her Family
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Throughout the series, Betty feels totally comfortable talking to Archie about her family problems. Betty always knows Archie will be sensitive to how she feels, just like how you expect your BFF to listen when you need to talk.

When Archie Got Upset After The Threat On Betty
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When someone threatened Betty by writing on her locker "Go to hell serpent slut," Archie was enraged. He wanted to get even with whoever was threatening her. You know your guy BFF will have your back, too. Whoever you have a beef with, your BFF automatically has the same beef with them.