7 Must-Have Mystical Bath Supplies To Cleanse Your Aura & Feel Rejuvenated

by Valerie Mesa

There's honestly nothing I enjoy more than taking a bath. Lathering in my essential oils, exfoliating, and putting just the right amount of crystals in the bath, is everything I need to feel rejuvenated. This is why I'm going to share seven must-have mystical bath supplies to cleanse your aura, and bring you good vibes, in general. Truth is, being spiritual doesn't always have to be something you do on social media, or perhaps around your Abuela, who taught you the tricks of the (bruja) trade. Don't deny it, stargazers; we all have a witchy grandmother.

Spirituality is something you're born with, and can eventually tap into once the universe knows you're ready. Meditating and being present in the moment, is the first step. Believe it or not, taking a bath is a form of meditation, as anything that involves water is ultimately a symbol of life. Water is fluid and incredibly healing. In fact, water carries magical vibrations that are completely unexplainable, which is precisely why we shouldn't disregard its magic and mysterious potency.

At the end of the day, we're all energy, and it's important that we rest and recharge. So, whether you're calling it a night and getting to bed early, or simply making it a point to sage your home once a week, don't hesitate to do so. Energy flows where intention goes, and this is your spiritual journey. With that said, here go my top seven must-have magical bath supplies:

1. Rose Quartz

What better way to cleanse and recharge than with a stone of unconditional love? Rose quartz is the perfect companion for your bath ritual, stargazers. It's healing, soothing, and encouraging for self-love. Put these crystals directly into the bathwater, or line your tub with them.

2. Raw Amethyst

Not only is Amethyst is a natural stress reliever, it also brings clarity while enhancing your intuitive abilities. Work with this stone to release negative thoughts and vibrations, by placing it over your head and connecting with your crown chakra. It also doesn't hurt that it's a beautiful stone, right?

3. Smudge Wand

Invite the feelings of love, peace, and comfort into your life with this enchanting smudge wand, made of dried mountain sage, wildflowers and a whole rose bud. You can cleanse your space before, or during your bath ritual. The smell of sage and roses is absolutely divine.

4. Himalayan Salt

Are you ready to bathe like the goddess that you are? Turn your bathtub into a cosmic oasis with this magical bath salt soak. Himalayan pink salt is swimming in minerals that your body will adore. Not only does it balance electrolytes and eliminates toxins, it also relaxes your muscles, inspiring deep relaxation.

5. Element Oils

What's your astrological element? Portland witch doctor and vibrational healer Ashley Bindford concocted an enchanting blend of oils, specially made for each element: fire, earth, air, and water. The perfect cosmic ingredient for relaxation and cosmic cleansing.

6. Herbal Mist

Find your center with this specially curated potion concocted by fellow witch, herbalist, and California-based crystal connoisseur Kalaéja Emaun. Crafted on the morning of the Spring Equinox, Emaun created the "I am Rooted" mist with the purpose of aiding in re-grounding. Spray this mist during your ritual meditation bath before bedtime.

7. Meditation Candle

What's a cleansing ritual without the perfect bathtub candles? This gem is everything you need to set the mystical mood. Its ingredients are perfect to relax, re-charge, and relieve stress. The Moonlight Night Amethyst's cosmic components are as follows: lavender, roses, cornflower, and amethyst. Lavender helps relieve stress; cornflower and roses promote self love and beauty; amethyst is soothing and helps you vibrate at a higher frequency. Cheers to peace, self-love, and serenity.