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7 Ariana Grande "Thank U, Next" Halloween Costumes That Are So 2000s

Halloween is arguably one of the best holidays. It is super fun getting dressed up, but the pressure to be something cute and original can be tough. If you're completely lost, look no further than Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" video. It's basically a flashback to the 2000s, and you can never go wrong with an era-based costume. Plus, every look was a LEWK from a major movie. You'll be turning heads all night long, hunty. Also, you can basically re-use all of these cute ensembles in your regular day-to-day life. I'm excited for you. So, here are 7 Ariana Grande "Thank U, Next" Halloween costumes. You're welcome.

1. "Bend and Snap" Ariana

Let's start with how to pull off one of my favorite looks from the "Thank U, Next" video. It is Grande's take on Legally Blonde's "bend-and-snap" ensemble. She kept Elle Woods' floral barrettes, but then opted for an outfit you could very well find in the Legally Blonde clothing department. However, Grande makes it very Ariana Grande by adding a long a** jacket to hang off her shoulders paired with baggy pants.

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Alright, to pull this off, you'll need to grab the adorable hair clips from Amazon. Lucky for you, three come in a pack and all you need is three in your hair. Score!

Ok, so after doing some extensive research it looks like you can either buy a very, very expensive ostrich feather tube top for $1300 or get real familiar with a glue gun. I suggest the latter. To make the top, you'll need a basic pink bandeau, like this one from Walmart.

You'll also need a pink faux feather boa to hot glue to the top. Here's one from Amazon.

Oh, and here's the sheer pink jacket to wear like it's falling off your shoulders in true Ari style.

Next, grab any of pair of blue jeans (preferably baggy) and coordinate with a red belt.

Woohoo! Almost there. Don't forget your ponytail extensions. It's an Ari essential!

2. Mean Girls Ariana

Throw it back to Mean Girls, with an ode to Regina George in this "On Wednesdays we wear pink ensemble." Also, you can wear it any other day of the week besides Halloween, IRL.

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The first step to becoming Regina George, aka, Grande, is obtaining a long blonde wig. This one from K'ryssma on Amazon is available for only $36.

A little pink cardigan is a must as well.

Don't forget the "A Little Bit Needy" tank. You can opt for a plain white top, but if you want to be spot on, snatch this top for $27.

Pair with a mini skirt and you are all set.

3. Legally Blonde Ariana

Ariana Grande / YouTube

This look is absolutely iconic. If you choose to do it, you gotta do it right. So, I scoured the web for replicas. I had a tough time finding a hot pink vinyl jacket, but this cropped hot pink denim jacket is just as cute and functional. Feel free to add feather trim if you so desire.

You'll need a hot pink vinyl mini skirt to match. This one from will do just fine.

Don't forget a pink bandeau to match.

4. 13 Going on 30 Ariana

Ariana Grande / YouTube
Ariana Grande / YouTube

This look is so sweet and perfect if you want to opt for a comfortable and cute look for Halloween while still paying homage to "Thank U, Next" and 13 Going On 30. First, I suggest styling your hair just like Grande, aka, Jenna Rink. If you need a wig, "snatch" the one below. FYI, it' synthetic so don't add any heat. Mkay!

Then, you'll need to pair this red, patterned wrap top with any pair of jeans you already own.

If you really want to commit to this costume, here's a lightweight, toy dollhouse you can carry around.

5. "Studying At Harvard" Ariana

Ariana Grande / YouTube

This is another iconic look that Ariana Grande brilliantly recreated from Legally Blonde and, lucky for you, it can be pulled off with just a few items. You'll need to get your hands on a pink faux fur jacket, like this one from Amazon.

Pair it with a white bikini top and white pants.

Don't forget you'll also need a gorgeous pair of red sunglasses, like this one on Amazon.

Finish it off with fur-lined heels.

6. "I'm Taking The Dog" Ariana

Ariana Grande / YouTube

This scene is so memorable from both Legally Blonde and the "Thank U, Next" video, so it would make a great option for Halloween. You'll need a pink, faux-fur jacket.

Match the jacket with a hot pink turtleneck or high-neck top.

You'll also need a blonde wig to braid into pigtails.

Top it off with a white, flower beanie and cat-eye sunglasses.

7. "Jingle Bell Rock" Ariana

Ariana Grande / YouTube

A major scene-stealer in Grande's "Thank U, Next" music video was the recurring ode to Mean Girls' naughty talent show performance. You'll only need a few items and three other gal pals to pull this off.

Ariana Grande / YouTube

First, grab a blonde wig.

Then, grab a sexy Ms. Claus costume.

Oh, and don't forget Ari's signature touch: black, thigh-high boots.

You're totally going to kill it. Happy Halloween!