7 Apple Cider Vinegar Face Masks To Treat Yourself To This Holiday Season

It's no mystery that apple cider vinegar can be used in more beneficial ways than one. And as unappealing as it may smell, it comes in handy for keeping your skin rejuvenated and healthy through the dryer, colder months. Apple cider vinegar face masks will leave your skin feeling like it has never encountered a speck of dirt or dry discomfort in its life.

Seriously, your skin eats that sh*t up and leaves you with a glow like you've never seen before. If you're on the fence about what little gift to give yourself this holiday, gift yourself peace of mind. An apple cider vinegar face mask will instill you with that sense of security. Taking the appropriate steps to pamper your skin is essential, after all.

Be sure to find a regime that works well for you. Remember — we all have different skin tones and skin types, which means something that works for someone you know isn't necessarily going to work for you. Luckily, apple cider vinegar doesn't discriminate. The slice of heaven on earth can be found in several different forms, and they're all here to help you glow, slay, and enjoy the hell out of a DIY spa day. Oh, and for those of us who repel the store, there are a couple of these masks that can can be made with stuff you already have in your cabinets. You're welcome.

This Apple Cider Vinegar Foaming Clay Mask
Ulta Beauty

4-in-1 Apple Cider Vinegar Foaming Clay Mask, $7, Amazon

Get a little more bang for your buck with this clay mask. It's pretty difficult to deny a multitasking mask, because it saves us from having to scramble around the bathroom for those extra steps. With this purchase, you'll be one squeeze away from providing your skin with multiple levels of TLC.

Aztec Clay Mask

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, $9, Amazon

This clay mask highlights deep pore cleansing. Oh, and before you think this has nothing to do with raw apple cider vinegar, you're supposed to add it to your clay powder.

The mud texture is going to dry on your face and make you feel like you can't move a muscle, but it all works out in the long run. Trust me.

ACV Glacial Clay Mask

Apple Cider Vinegar Glacial Clay Mask Detox, $3, Etsy

Isn't it ironic how exfoliating and cleansing "mud" can be when you're an adult? Either way, we are here for the irony, and coating your skin with this mask magic every week will have you feeling super rejuvenated. Your skin is about to get lit.

Add A Sprinkle Of Salt
AnnieJaffrey on YouTube

Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt, $19, SaltWorks

Salt might not be the best thing to have a lot of when it comes to your food, but when it comes to your skin, that's a different story. This concoction featuring Himalayan crystal salt serves as both a face mask and a scrub. Those pores of yours are about to get a major spring cleaning.

DIY Toner And Face Mask
Gemma Nicole on YouTube

Because of the acidity in apple cider vinegar, it can be great to use as a toner. This is why you should definitely look up the correct ways of using it, because you don't want to do more harm than good to your skin. Kiss acne scars or dark spots goodbye.

Green Tea Isn't Just For Sippin'
All Natural Home on YouTube

Who knew green tea could also be an amazing supplement for a face mask? Apple cider vinegar and green tea both share that same quality of being beneficial for the body in more ways than one. Don't sleep on combining this dynamic duo and blessing your pores with their greatness.

Flaxseed For The Win

Am I the only one who enjoys saying the word "flaxseed?" Anyway, when it's combined with apple cider vinegar, it apparently has some incredible skin balancing affects. The consistency must also make this regime feel like a scrub as well.

Don't let your Christmas lights be the only things that glow this season. Your skin definitely deserves a gift that seemingly keeps on giving.