These 7 Amazon Products Will Make Your Period So Much Easier To Deal With

by Caroline Burke

Periods are bad enough as it is. No one wants to spend a bunch of money on easing PMS symptoms, but sometimes, investing in products for your period can be something of a preventative measure. If you can relieve some of the pain and misery that comes with that time of the month, then you'll most likely be more productive than you would've been without those products.

Sometimes, in order to battle all of the symptoms of your menstrual cycle, you have to get creative. It's not just about downing Advil every eight hours, and making sure to have five extra tampons with you everywhere you go. It's also about remembering to take care of your emotional, physical, and spiritual health so you feel like your best self all-around.

Emotionally, it's all about relaxing yourself through calm practices that take away stress and allow you to decompress. Spiritually, it's about taking the time to pay attention to your body: what it's going through, and how you can avoid negative vibes in the process. Physically, it's all about minimizing all of those muscular aches and pains. Here are seven Amazon products that will make your period as painless as humanly possible every month.

A Menstrual Cup
Bloody Buddy

Bloody Buddy Menstrual Cup, $19.99, Amazon

If you've never used a menstrual cup before, it's high time to consider it. A menstrual cup is an amazing option for several reasons: According to The Diva Cup's website, you only have to change it every 12 hours, it's a totally safe alternative to tampons or pads, and you don't have to deal with any uncomfortable wetness or padding.

Environmentally Friendly Tampons

Organyc Cotton Tampons For Sensitive Skin, $4.74, Amazon

Slate reports that the average woman may cause as much as 300 pounds of waste via used tampons over a lifetime. So, if you're going to use them, why not be as environmentally conscious as possible about the whole thing?

These organic tampons are ideal for sensitive skin, and they're great for the environment because they don't come with those awful plastic applicators.

A Book That Answers All Your Questions About Your Period
Diana Kroi

Take Control Of Your Period by Diana Kroi, $5.98, Amazon

Let's pause for a second: How well do you really understand your period? Beyond a basic understanding, and a few marked squares on your monthly planner, you might not really know what's going on in your body during that time of the month, and how that connects to the way you feel as a result.

It's always fun to learn something new, especially about your own body, so keep this book by your bedside to teach you a thing or two you may not already know about your period.

A Hot Water Bottle With A Cute, Knit Cover
All One Tech

All One Tech Hot Water Bottle With Knit Cover, $9.99, Amazon

I've never really used hot water bottles until this year, but now, I'm totally obsessed. It's my favorite way to decompress and relax. Sometimes, I even place a hot water bottle on my stomach on days when I don't have my period, just to treat myself.

The only thing better than a hot water bottle is one with its own outfit. This one comes with a slip-on knit cover, and in addition to just being plain cozy, you can't deny it looks pretty cute.

A Menstrual Cup Sterilizer
Moon Cup

Collapsible Silicone Menstrual Cup Sterilizer, $7.79, Amazon

If you have a menstrual cup, then you'll definitely want to have a sterilizer to keep things as clean as possible. This sterilizer allows you to clean your menstrual cup without getting messy in the process.

According to the menstrual cup website Lunette, a typical menstrual cup can last as long as a whole decade, but of course, you'll want to clean that bad boy regularly throughout that time. That's where your handy-dandy sterilizer comes in!

A Soothing Herbal Tea
Tiesta Tea

Tiesta Tea Fruit Punch Herbal Tea, $9.99, Amazon

A big, steaming mug of tea is one of the ultimate forms of self-care after a long, stressful day. Add cramps on top of that stressful day, and you might need two cups of the stuff.

Make sure that your tea is caffeine-free so that it doesn't keep you up all night. This fruit punch herbal blend is not only caffeine-free, but also yummy AF, and it even smells like relaxation.

Muscle-Relaxing Bath Bombs
Relief Therapy

Natural Muscle Relaxer Bath Bomb Set, $19.97, Amazon

According to U By Kotex, your muscles can often get tight and sore during your period, so taking a long bath with these muscle-relaxing bath bombs is a great way to combat the aches and pains.

Add in a cup of tea, follow it up with your hot water bottle, and you'll be drifting off to sleep before you know it.