66 Extremely Cheap Things On Amazon Prime We're Obsessed With

Yes, whoever said "the best gifts are free" was absolutely right — but unless your parents are still really into macaroni jewelry, those free gift options are dwindling. Of course, sticking to a budget is still important — so for extremely cheap Christmas gifts on Amazon, Prime is a good space to start. The convenience of the online superstore is undeniable, and you don’t have to sacrifice quality in order to keep your budget low.

Even so, buying gifts for everyone in your life can seem like an impossible task. Do you stay practical and give them something that they’ll use everyday? Or do you take the flashier route, gifting them something that they’d never buy for themselves (but totally deserve)? Trust me, it’s a battle to find something for both the tech-loving cousin and the dad who likes to cook. But this list has it all: a cast iron griddle with a unique design, a bathtub caddy that you'll want to keep for yourself, a stunning makeup brush set that won't break the bank, and so much more.

That's right: This list has something to make everyone happy, including your wallet. Scroll through to find extra-cheap gifts on Amazon that the commerce team at Elite Daily is absolutely loving.

The Modern-Day Jewelry Tray For Easy Access

Clear your bathroom counter off with this stylish jewelry holder. The two-tiered design is perfect for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other items (like car keys or makeup), thanks to its easy-to-access platforms. The modern-looking unit is a great way to turn function into fashion, and it's available in two shades: brass and white.

These Loose Leaf Tea Drops That Melt In Your Mug

Forget about tea bags: These tea drops are made with loose leaf tea, raw sugar, and aromatic spices that are blended together and packed into little organic pods which dissolve in hot water. They come in different flavors, and they leave residue behind that's filled with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.

These Snail Slime Eye Patches That Are Made With 24-Karat Gold

These hydrogel eye patches are made with nourishing ingredients like snail slime, peptide, 24-karat gold, and more. This combination is excellent for relaxing puffy eyes, hydrating your skin, and reducing the look of dark circles. The patches are also easy to apply and wear, and one container comes with 30 pairs.

A Set Of Socks That Looks Like Your Favorite Sushi Dinner

Unroll these cotton socks and get hungry. The box set features two pairs of socks rolled up like sushi, each with its own unique pattern and color scheme. The adorable packaging — which includes two soy sauce bottles and fabric versions of wasabi and ginger — is almost too cute to even open.

This Burt's Bee's Gift Set With All-Natural Products

Pamper your loved ones with this Burt’s Bees gift set, which consists of all-natural skincare products. You can cure your dry skin with the included deep-cleansing cream, hand salve, body lotion, foot cream, or lip balm. They’re all travel-size, so you can take them wherever you need to.

This LED Light That You Can Clip Onto Your Books

This clip-on light can be used while you're reading in bed or traveling, because the flexible neck lets you move the LED bulb wherever you need it. The battery-powered light is also narrow enough not to disturb anyone else, and the entire unit can be folded for easy storage.

This Half-Clear Pot That Lets You Watch Blooming Tea Flowers

You can watch your tea flowers bloom with this cozy tea pot. It's made with temperature-safe borosilicate glass, and it includes a stainless steel infuser (in case you'd rather brew loose leaf tea). Half of the pot is clear, which makes it easy to see what's happening inside — and it comes with three blooming tea flowers to watch and enjoy.

These Wireless Headphones That Come In Tons Of Colors

Finally, a quality pair of rechargeable wireless headphones that won’t break the bank. These foldable headphones feature a five-button control system for a customized listening experience, and they fit snug around your ears. They also come with a micro SD card plug-in, a built-in radio receiver, and a microphone. Choose from over 10 different colors.

A Silicone Face Scrub That Looks Like An Underwater Friend

Scrub away dirt and makeup with this exfoliating jellyfish brush. The silicone tool will help you cleanse your complexion while massaging it at the same time, thanks to its dense bristles. Just fill it up with your favorite wash and start lathering. (Also, how adorable would this accessory look hanging out in your shower?)

The Cold Brew Coffee Maker That's Really Easy To Use

Save yourself $5 in the morning and be your own barista with this portable cold brew maker. Thanks to its stainless steel filter and airtight design, it can brew rich coffee and keep it fresh for up to two weeks. Made of borosilicate glass, this portable container is also durable and dishwasher-safe. It can even be used to make tea.

The Silicone Wine Glasses Will That Never Shatter

These silicone wine glasses are BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and shatterproof — so you won't have to worry about broken glass by a bonfire, at a tailgate, or at the lake. Fold them flat and pack them in your pocket so you're ready to sip at the next party, or lend them to your guests while you're hosting a gathering.

This Smartphone Camera Lens Kit That Comes With A Tripod

Enhance your photo skills with this lens kit, which includes four external lenses that attach easily to almost any smartphone. The entire set includes an adjustable telephoto lens, a fisheye lens, a macro lens, and a wide-angle lens. Plus, you'll never have to take a blurry picture again with the included phone holder and tripod for stabilization.

This Loop That Gives You A Better Grip On Your Phone

Protect your smart phone with this finger strap that makes multitasking so much easier. The contraption is basically a flexible loop that sticks onto the back of various devices, giving you a firm grip to prevent drops. It's perfect for securely taking pictures, carrying your phone during travel, or just basic day-to-day use — and it's available in four colors.

The Clip-On Selfie Light That Also Works On Laptops

You can ramp up your selfie game with this clip-on selfie ring. With three levels of dimming, this battery-powered lamp can improve the lighting when you're taking pictures on your smartphone — but it can also fit onto various tablets and laptops. Plus, its lightweight structure makes it easy to travel with.

This Smartphone Stand That Keeps Your Phone In Sight

Your phone is more than a phone — it’s also your clock, computer, GPS, and newspaper. This smartphone stand will keep your device in plain sight so you can use it however you'd like. The stand's angle can also be adjusted for customized viewing, and it can hold your phone vertically or horizontally.

A Himalayan Salt Lamp That Changes Colors

Add ambiance to any room with this multicolored Himalayan salt lamp. Made from Himalayan salt crystals, this USB-powered light can illuminate your home with six different shades that rotate on their own. Plus, it's mounted with an antibacterial wooden base.

This Brita Bottle That Filters Water On-The-Go

This large, reusable water bottle by Brita has a built-in filter to purify tap water for better-tasting hydration. The BPA-free container also has a leakproof lid, and it can replace up to 1,800 plastic bottles each year. It even includes a straw, a one-click lid button, and a handle for easy carrying.

This Heat-Resistant Glove That Can Replace Your Oven Mitt

These heat-resistant cooking gloves can protect your hands and arms while you're grilling or reaching into the oven. The outside of each glove is made with silicone grips and heat-resistant fibers, and the inside is lined with cotton. Additionally, a large canvas piece is used to protect your wrists and forearms.

The Cookbook That Teaches You Where Your Veggies Came From

Give the cook in your life one kitchen tool they don’t have: Six Seasons: A New Way With Vegetables. It's the work of renowned chef, Joshua McFadden — and it takes experienced cooks back to the basics while explaining the evolutionary taste of vegetables throughout their life cycles. With more than 200 recipes throughout the text, your loved ones will be cooking all year long.

These Simple Earrings That Work With Any Look

Simple and elegant, these gold-plated cuff earrings are great accessories to any outfit. The arc-shaped, stainless steel studs are bedazzled with jewels for subtle shine — and they come in three finishes, all of which are hypoallergenic: rose, yellow, and white.

This Foam Block That Removes Pet Hair From Couches, Beds, And More

Quickly remove pet hair with this fur-eliminating foam block. Like magic, the "super fiber foam" removes hair from couches, cars, beds, carpet, and more. Easier than other hair removal precuts, this fur magnet is reusable and doesn't need to be cleaned. Gently drag the foam square anywhere there’s stray pet hair to instantly collect it before getting rid of it.

This Weighted Eye Pillow That Smells Like Lavender

If you struggle with migraines or insomnia, this aromatherapy eye pillow is for you. It's filled with organic flaxseed and lavender pieces for soothing relief whenever you need it. The weighted eye mask works hot or cold (with use of the microwave or freezer), and it's lined with satin. You can choose from nine different colors

The 14-Piece Makeup Brush Set That Covers All The Bases

This best-selling makeup brush set has 14 tools for everything from foundation to eye shadow. The brushes are made with synthetic bristles, so they're soft to the touch. Whether you’re a makeup professional or not, it's an affordable option that won't disappoint.

These Coiled Hair Ties That Can Prevent Ponytail-Induced Headaches

These spiral coil hair ties can protect your strands from tangles and breakage while still providing a secure hold. The secret is the telephone cord-design, which redistributes the band's elasticity to avoid painful ponytail headaches and bumps. The hair ties are also waterproof — and one set comes with many shades to accommodate different hair colors.

These "Butter Glosses" That Come In Dessert-Inspired Scents

This cruelty-free lipgloss goes on smooth like "butter" and comes in flavors that are equally as delicious (like Angel Food Cake and Tiramisu). With shades that vary from sheer to medium coverage, you can find your go-to color and swipe it on for a creamy pout. Apparently, it's never goes on sticky.

The Silicone Brush That Washes Your Hair And Massages Your Scalp

Shampoo the dirt and grime right out of your hair with this shower brush. The silicone bristles offer a deep cleanse while massaging your scalp at the same time. It's so relaxing that you’ll want to use it daily, and the convenient grip makes washing even easier.

The Spray That Makes Your Hair Dry Faster

Cut your morning routine in half while simultaneously protecting your hair. This blow-dry spray gets rid of tangles and knots to promote smooth, frizz-free locks. Just spray it evenly on wet hair before blow-drying, and it'll protect your strands from the heat while also helping it dry faster.

The Electric Toothbrush That Promotes Deep Cleaning

This rechargeable electric toothbrush removes twice the amount of food and plaque as a normal tooth brush, and it's twice as fun to use. The contoured bristles and angles get those tough-to-reach spots — and it comes with a two-minute timer to make sure you keep brushing. Just let it recharge about every two weeks.

The Vitamin C Face Serum That Will Rejuvenate Your Complexion

This plant-based skin care serum will rejuvenate your complexion and under-eye areas. It uses different vitamins to help brighten skin tone and reduce the appearance of dark circles — and it’s safe enough to use daily. Plus, the formula doesn’t leave behind sticky grease or an oily feeling (like most serums do). It's also cruelty-free and vegan.

The Easy-To-Use Liquid Eyeliner With A Grip

Finally, a long-lasting liquid eyeliner that’s easy to apply. This selection uses a pointed tip that lets you customize your eye look, whether you want something natural or dramatic. It also features a firm grip to give you all the control you need to create smooth lines.

The Hair Remover That's Disguised As Lipstick

This discreet and stylish hair remover is perfect for anyone who wants to get rid of peach fuzz on their lips, cheeks, or chin. The best-selling device is dermatologist-recommended, and it's gentle enough to use daily. Plus, the built-in light ensures that you won't miss a hair. One reviewer wrote, “My face feels so soft and only took about 2 minutes!”

These Utensils That Are Made Out Of Bamboo

Cut down on the plastic utensils you use by replacing them with this reusable set for on-the-go eating. Each kit includes a bamboo fork, knife, spoon, and chopsticks — and the discrete case is made from a recycled water bottle. Each of the utensils are lightweight, but they're sturdy enough to use during all of your meals. Plus, the BPA-free bamboo is finished with food-safe wood oil.

This Curling Wand That's Literally Infused With Pearls

Get smooth, bouncing waves with this ceramic curling wand. With 10 heat settings and a wide barrel, you have the freedom to customize your curls for beach-inspired waves. With real crushed pearls infused into the ceramic barrel, your hair won't snag onto the wand. Plus, the digital controls and temperature lock functions make styling a breeze.

The Powder Blush That's Available In Shimmery Shades

Add a pop of color to your makeup routine with this powder blush that comes in 12 bold shades. You can choose from both shimmery and matte finishes to help shape and contour your facial features. This blush is cruelty-free, customers have given it a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. One person wrote, "I love this color and I love this blush! Very pigmented."

This #1 Best-Selling Cook Book For Easy And Impressive Dishes

Make hosting less stressful with this best-selling cookbook, Nothing Fancy: Unfussy Food for Having People Over. Featuring dishes like spicy pork meatballs and sour cherry sesame galette, there’s a meal for everyone. Aimed to take the stress off the chef, these recipes offer straightforward, yet delicious meals. One reviewer wrote, “This may be the most wonderful cookbook I have ever bought.”

This Moisturizing Eye Cream That's Made With Baobab Oil

Made with a mixture of collagen water, baobab oil, and more, this thick eye cream provides deep moisture all over. The long-lasting formula is easy to apply, and over 150 customers have given it a five-star rating. One of them wrote, "This has become one of my skincare staples. It has a really nice and light floral smell and is very moisturizing."

These Beeswax-Based Chapsticks That Come In Tasty Scents

These all-natural, beeswax-based healing chapsticks are made with aloe vera, vitamin E, coconut oil, shea butter, and more to provide year-round protection even on the gentlest skin. There are six delicious flavors to choose from in one package: peppermint, pomegranate, vanilla, mango, and green tea. Not to mention, they're all cruelty-free.

This Small Speaker That Comes In Tons Of Colors

Listen to music anywhere with this portable speaker that's small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. It can play music via Bluetooth or connections via aux cords and TF cards. Listen to tunes for up to five hours before having to recharge. Plus, the built-in mic makes it easy to answer calls before getting back to the music. It's available in eight different colors.

These Reusable Food Wraps Made With Beeswax

Cut back on the amount of plastic wrap that you use with these washable, reusable food wraps. Made of organic cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin, they're perfect for covering dishes or wrapping to-go sandwiches. The heat from your hands make the wraps flexible, fitting perfectly over food containers. Gently wash and air-dry them for your next snack, or add them to your compost.

This High-Quality Cast-Iron Griddle That's Pre-Seasoned

This cast iron griddle will help you out with tons of cooking needs. Sear, sauté, bake, broil, or fry anything in this pre-seasoned, round griddle. The unique design has extra-low side walls and a wide cooking surface that's large enough for an array of meals. Plus, the griddle’s heat retention and durability is impressive.

The Carhartt Winter Hat That Over 7,000 People Adore

This stylish and practical watch hat is a gift that tons of people can enjoy. It's made entirely out of acrylic, rib-knit fabric that stretches to fit different-sized noggins. Choose a unique color for each beanie-wearing member of your family (there are over 30 options to choose from). Between wears, just throw it in the washing machine for a quick-and-easy clean.

The RFID-Blocking Wallet That Holds More Cards

Spend less time rummaging through your purse with this wallet that's built to carry and organize more. With 16 card slots and a window for your ID, you’ll have enough room for credit cards, receipts, and cash. It even comes with a RFID-blocking feature that can protect your cards from virtual thieves. Plus, the two additional zippered pockets and snap buckles make this a must-have for running errands and storing your valuables.

These Bath Bombs That Are Extra-Large So You Can Soak Longer

These extra-large organic bath bombs will change your relaxation game. Each one is made with essential oils and other natural ingredients (like shea and cocoa butter), and they come in six scents. They're also handcrafted to nourish your skin, as well as vegan and paraban-free. They make a great gift for someone who deserves a self-care day.

The Waterproof Electronics Bag That Protects Your Devices And Cords

Keep your electronics and chargers save in this travel cable storage bag, which can hold tablets, chargers, hard drives, and other accessories. The double-layer design gives you more organized storage and protection for your devices. Plus, the bag is waterproof and holds its shape as you travel — and it even comes with a handle.

This Burrito Blanket That's Too Cute Not To Buy

Throw yourself a fiesta anywhere you want with this burrito blanket. It’s the ideal present for any "Taco Tuesday" regular, and it comes in four different sizes. Despite its comical burrito-like appearance, this flannel throw is actually extra-soft and machine-washable.

These Silky Pillowcases That Will Help Your Hair Shine

These polyester satin pillows cases not only look beautiful, but they're also extremely useful. Thanks to their smooth, anti-friction fabric, they'll help reduce hair breakage while you relax. They cases are also good for your complexion, because they'll help keep your skin moisturized. Choose from 16 different colors.

This Ice Roller For Refreshing Your Complexion

This ice roller is the coolest beauty tool on the market (literally). With a few glides, it'll help soothe your skin, reduce the appearance of your pores, and calm redness almost instantly. In addition to relaxing your complexion, it can also help relieve migraines, sunburns, and even hot flashes caused by menopause. Keep it in your freezer between uses.

The Jade Face Roller That Helps Relieve Stress

This face roller will help restore your skin, relieve stress, and stimulate blood flow. Made with real jade stones, it'll also help promote mental clarity with each use, per the brand. The roller even comes with a jade gua sha facial scraper that can also help reduce pressure within your complexion. These tools work great with your favorite skin cream or serum for a soothing, spa-like experience at home.

This Bento Box That's Durable And Very Cute

This bento box is great for school lunches or snacking, because it has three compartments to organize your favorite foods. The BPA-free container is also durable, and it comes complete with eating utensils. And after your meal, you can just toss it in the dishwasher for a quick cleaning.

These Bluetooth Ear Muffs That Are Great For Running In The Cold

Keep your ears warm and your vibe strong with these Bluetooth ear warmers. Their thermal plush lining is cozy, and the Bluetooth function is great for skiing, biking, or running in the cold. Each set folds flat and fits into a small bag for convenient storage. Plus, they only take about an hour to charge — and then, they can last for up to 10 hours on the slopes or trails.

The Transparent Makeup Organizer That Also Holds Jewelry

A clear counter is a happy counter. This cosmetic storage organizer is for the makeup and jewelry lover in your life. With different-sized compartments and drawers, you’ll be able to easily store everything you need for a night on the town. The clear design is both stylish and functional, allowing you to see what’s inside.

The Collapsible Popcorn Bowl That's Made With BPA-Free Silicone

Your favorite movie snack just got easier to make with this FDA-approved popcorn bowl. It is made of silicone and it's BPA-free, so you can feel good about snacking with your family. The popcorn takes less than three minutes to pop — and the bowl is collapsible, so storage is easy and convenient.

This Easy-To-Use Aerator To Improve The Taste Of Your Wine

The wine lover on your gift list will adore this wine aerator. Made with high-quality materials and designed to look like an elegant extension of the bottle, this aerator infuses your wine with the oxygen it needs to improve its overall taste. Plus, the pour spout keeps red wine spills at bay and makes cleaning easy. One reviewer says, “It made a $12 bottle of red wine taste like [a] $25 bottle of wine.”

These Foot Compression Braces That Are Infused With Copper

Cure your aching feet with these arch support compression braces. Infused with genuine copper, these braces can help soothe sore muscles and plantar fasciitis for long-lasting results. They can be used day or night, and the material is even washable.

The Headache-Relieving Gadget That Clamps Onto Your Hand

The solution to your migraines is this wearable acupressure gadget that’s smaller than your pinky finger. This award-winning product clips onto your hand, adding pressure to the LI4 acupressure point (which has been known to relieve headaches, tension, and overall pain). You should see results as quickly as 30 seconds after slipping the wearable on.

This Peeling Foot Mask That's Made With Fruit, Lactic Acid, And More

Show your feet a little TLC with these exfoliating foot peel masks. They're made with fruit and lactic acid, but they're also infused with natural botanical extracts (like aloe vera, lavender, pain, and castor oil). These ingredients work deep in your skin to exfoliate roughness and peel away calluses — and each peel is pain-free.

The Neck Hammock To Relieve Pressure Throughout Your Body

This portable neck hammock relieves pain in a little as 10 minutes a day. This dangling device is designed to gently stretch your head away from your neck to relieve pain from muscle aches, headaches, and more. It works by relaxing and aligning your spine to increase blood flow. Plus, its portable design allows you to take it anywhere.

A Body Massager That Gives You More Control

This back massager is designed to provide fast relief for body pain, giving you total control of where you want to relax muscle tightness or knots. It features 11 different knobs, and the unique shape lets you provide direct pressure to even the hardest-to-reach muscles. Weighing in at less than 2 pounds, it's also great for on-the-go relief.

The Smartphone Stand That Bends To Your Needs

This universal smartphone stand has so many uses that you’ll wonder how you made it this long without one. With 360-degree rotation, you can adjust the mount to any angle you need. Throw it around your neck for hands-free usage, or wrap it around your steering wheel for a unique way to mount your phone while you're on-the-go. Its legs are made bendable material, and it's compatible with most smartphones.

These Toe Warmers That Stick To The Bottoms Of Your Socks

The ultra-thin, odorless toe warmers stick to the bottom of your socks to provide eight hours of warmth. They’re activated by the air, and they're non-toxic. These adhesives are great for camping, skiing, and more — or, you can keep them in an emergency kit at home for colder times to come.

The Rolling Body Massager That Literally Fits Like A Glove

This massaging glove is shaped like the palm of your hand, and it features nine rollers to eliminate aches and pains. Each massage roller rotates 360 degrees to help improve circulation and blood flow as you glide them over your skin. The glove itself comes in three different colors: blue, pink, and purple.

These Acupressure Slippers That Soothe Your Feet And Body

Soothe aching feet with these reflexology sandals that are specifically made to mimic acupressure. Each shoe features multiple nodules to relieve certain areas of your body (including plantar fasciitis) — and they even have adjustable straps for customized compression.

This Bathtub Tray That Has A Specific Spot For Your Wine

This bathtub tray has a place for your book, wine glass, and bath essentials. Made with extendable arms, this caddy fits most bathtubs. Plus, it’s made with natural bamboo, so it’s easy to clean. Treat yourself or a loved one to this relaxation station that also comes with a waterproof cloth.

The Tablet Pillow That's Comfortable And Functional

This tablet pillow stand is perfect for the busy parent or travel bug on your gift list, because the comfortable cushion holds tablets in place for easy viewing. The storage pocket is great for chargers, headphones, or smartphones — so all of your electronics can be in one place. It’s great for long layovers, and the snap-on handle can attach the pillow to your suitcase for simple carrying.

This Twisty Travel Pillow That's Made With Memory Foam

This bendable, foldable pillow is a must-buy for frequent travelers — and it's not just for your neck. The memory foam cushion is flexible, allowing you to twist and convert the pillow to fit your needs. Plus, the snap closure attaches to your luggage, making it easy to take on-the-go. And after each trip, just remove the cover and throw the pillow into your washing machine for an easy clean.

An Insulated Mug That Keeps Heat In Without Burning Your Hands

This double-layered glass mug is essential for morning coffee drinkers, because its impressive insulation keeps warmth in while protecting your hands. Made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, this 12.6-ounce mug is lead-free and non-toxic. Use it for coffee, tea, or any other beverage that you'd like to keep hot.

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