41 Cheap As Hell Products On Amazon You'll Use Daily

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I love that phrase "when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping" as much as the next person, but what do you do when the going is tough and your bank balance is feeling a little low? As per usual, the internet has the answer: Meet these cool products on Amazon that you'll use daily.

Yep — it really is possible to get your shopping fix on for a price that's reasonable, and to prove it, this is a list of all-stars you won't be able to resist. For instance: this retinol moisturizer that has more than 4,000 four-star reviews, this Australian ointment that's a favorite for anyone in the know (and is made from papaya) and the eyeliner stamp pens that are so foolproof, even I could make a perfect smoky eye.

Okay, maybe not me. But I know you could.

Plus, when you buy something from this list, you won't feel that residual post-shopping guilt: Not only are you not splashing out on some kind of super-expensive item, but these are also things you'll use on the daily. They're totally justifiable purchases, things you can feel good about for their sheer utility. And yes, they're cheap as hell.

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