42 Of The Coolest Things Under-$25 On Amazon You've Probably Never Seen Before


How did George Herbert, the English millionaire who financed the hunt for King Tut's tomb, feel when he finally had a chance to look at the treasures for himself? Full of wonder and amazement, I'm sure. I hope he enjoyed it fast, though, because he lived only 130 days after they gained entry to the burial grounds. Herbert died from mosquito-borne blood poisoning (or King Tut's curse): but unlike the never-before-seen treasures he unearthed, I've made sure that these cool things under-$25 on Amazon you've probably never seen before don't come with any spells. I promise.

Amazon is far from a desert of course — it's so chock-full of bargains that it can be difficult to pick out the truly awesome buys. You may have missed this clip-on LED light with three illumination levels that's so bendy it belongs on the front row at hot yoga, or the mask that will firm and illuminate the skin on your nether regions so that it's ready for your close-up. Yes, that's right: Masking your bottom is now a thing. And if you didn't have Amazon, how would you have ever known?

Basically, this is a treasure trove in its own right — and everything comes in at under $25, so you won't have to spend a George Herbert-like amount to fund it.

The Phone Mount That Sits In Your Cupholder

If you're looking for something extra-sturdy, this cup holder mount for your smartphone can't be beat. It's suitable for most cupholders, including even some tapered and rectangular-shaped versions. The device holder will expand up to 4.5 inches and rotates a full 360-degrees for use by your passenger — plus, it moves easily from front seat to back and even between vehicles.

2.The Glove That Gets Pet Hair Off Of Your Furry Friend And Your Furniture

Crafted from rubber on one side to groom your pet and specially-knit velvet on the other to remove pet hair from your furniture, this glove is everything you need to keep both Spot and the sofa free of loose hair. Plus, the rubber features massaging nubs to promote circulation in your pet's skin — and even healthy fur growth. Suitable for most hand sizes, it's equipped with an adjustable wrist strap.

These Silicone Strips Keep Your Floors Clean And Make Wiping Down Your Kitchen Easier

You know that annoying space between your stove and the counter? Unsurprisingly, Amazon has something for that — and it's these gap covers made from sleek and flexible matte black silicone that bend seamlessly into those aggravating spaces and prevent them from collecting crumbs and gunk. Purpose-made to sit in place on standard stoves, they're also great for use in the office and the laundry room, and can be easily customized to any length with just a pair of scissors.

The Scrubber That's Like An Electric Toothbrush For Your Kitchen And Bathroom Fixtures

It may look like a dental instrument, but this scrubber actually uses that same kind of sonic technology to clean nooks and crannies in your whole house. High-speed oscillations combined with impressive torque generate unparalleled cleaning power. The 3,600 scrubs per minute effortlessly remove grime in corners, around bathroom or kitchen fixtures, and more — since it runs on batteries, the possibilities are endless.

A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker That Doubles As A Stand For Your Device

Palm-sized and equipped with a suction cup that enables it to attach to just about any smooth surface, this wireless speaker connects to your electronic devices via Bluetooth and streams great quality sound that far outpaces its modest size. The rechargeable battery provide six hours of use on a single charge — so pair it with your smartphone, and you'll also have access to a built-in microphone for hands-free calls.

This Mask Revitalizes Dry, Brittle Hair With The Natural Nutrients Found In Honey And Avocado

Packed with 26 minerals, vitamins, and essential oils, this hair mask mined from the Dead Sea invigorates and nourishes the hair to leave it glossy and smooth — and even seal split ends. Completely FDA-approved, cruelty-free, non-toxic, and suitable for all hair types, this formulation combats dry and brittle hair as well as hair loss. It even soothes and moisturizes the scalp, too.

The Genius Device That Peels Boiled Eggs With Just A Little Water And Gentle Shaking

Eggs are a healthy source of protein, but peeling them can be a pain. This handy gadget, however, makes it simple: Just add water to the device, then shake gently it a few times, and mission accomplished — your egg is peeled. "Makes peeling eggs a lot more fun," write one five-star reviewer. Another five-star fan found an unexpected drawback: "The only problem is I'm eating too many hard-boiled eggs now because this is so easy."

This Headband Actually Provides Relief From Head Pain And Muscle Stress

Maybe you've seen the "bed of nails" on Amazon — which is the acupressure device that's raved about by everyone from soccer moms to elite athletes? This headband is the equivalent answer for people plagued by all kinds of headaches: Wear it for relief from acute migraine pain, or use for daily prevention from the muscle tension and stress that can cause chronic headaches.

This Snap-On Strainer Is Another Brilliant Gadget You'll Wish You'd Thought Of

Crafted from heat-resistant, flexible, top-quality silicone, this strainer clips on to nearly any round pot, pan, or bowl — and lets you strain even the hottest, greasiest foods easily and with just one hand. Keep your sink free from other things — now there's no need for that bulky colander with this genius gadget — and it will withstand straining even bulky foods like potatoes.

The Spa Massage Candle That Is Scented With Natural Plant Extracts And Essential Oils

Talk about a two-in-one wonder: This candle doesn't only light up a room, but as it warms, its unique blend of 95 percent organic oils and waxes provides the perfect, warm lubricant for a massage. Available in six spa-like scents that promote relaxation of body and mind, the tin that the candle comes in features a spout to dispense the wax.

This Gadget Will Really Help You Block Out Your Time

With its fun design, this timer is one that you'll enjoy using —and its bright enough to never get misplaced. Choose between increments of one, five, 10, and 15 minutes: and set the cube number side up for the interval you wish to measure out. It's great for timing out work intervals, cardio sets, or for use when you're cooking.

This Is One Turkey Drumstick Even Vegans Will Want In Their Food

Okay, so how cute is this infuser — and it's such a genius idea, too. Sure, you could make a boring old bouquet garni and tie your herbs up in cheesecloth, but why would you do that when you could use this adorable turkey drumstick-shaped herb and spice infuser instead? So much more fun, and it's made from 100 percent food-grade silicone, so it's perfectly safe, too.

The Nail Studio That Makes A Salon-Like Experience Possible Even At Home

Enjoy a salon-style mani at home with this nail base that helps keep your hand (or foot!) steady — and also holds all your supplies together and close at hand. The rest is ergonomically-designed and holds your hand or foot comfortably, while the set features an attachable, adjustable polish holder to keep your polish right where you need it. The accessory tray, meanwhile, is topped off with a professional-style nail polish remover dispenser pump.

A Spray To Soothe Your Nerves And Combat Insomnia

Treat yourself to a good night's sleep once and for all with this linen spray that's scented with lavender and chamomile. You'll feel good while you're drifting off, too, since both fragrances are 100 percent natural. Lavender has been used for centuries to promote a sense of calm, while chamomile is an equally age-old remedy commonly used to bring on sleep (chamomile tea ring a bell?). While you're at it, spray some in the air, too: You'll be asleep in no time.

The Clip-On Reading Light That Has A Crazy, Twisty Neck

You'll wish you were as bendy as this clip-on light, because if you were, you'd definitely be on the front row at hot yoga. Its gooseneck is flexible through the full 360-degrees, enabling you to get the light exactly where you need it — plus, it features three levels of illumination, making it ideal for nighttime reading, use in the car, or augmenting office fluorescents that just don't cut it.

This Delicious-Looking Mask Is Packed With Real Watermelon Extract

Crafted with real watermelon extract and moringa seed oil, this face mask delivers vitamins A, B6, and C to boost cell regeneration and nourish your skin. Plus, all the antioxidants and proteins it's infused with help to fight the harsh effects of the sun and the environment. Cruelty-free and 100 percent vegan, this hydrating, balancing, and repairing formula is also paraben-, sulfate-, phthalate-, and petroleum-free.

These Magic Wands That Put An End To Wine Headaches

Wine lovers will appreciate these filters that provide unique relief from all of the most common annoying side effects of enjoying this delicious beverage: They alleviate headaches, congestion, skin flushing, upset stomach, and even hangovers. The patented technology in these wands are engineered to remove the histamines and sulfite preservatives in your vino without altering its flavor, aroma, or color — and your wine will be ready to drink after stirring gently for as little as three minutes.

The Belt That Keeps Your Luggage Attached

Made from variable-pressure polyurethane and high-quality rubber, this luggage strap is heavy-duty yet lightweight and will ensure that your bags remain together while you're rushing through the airport en route to your gate or between flights. Also ideal for providing added security for overstuffed large bags, it features a quick-release buckle closure, and one side is adjustable so you can customize the fit as needed.

This Is An Eco-Friendly Straw That Goes With You Everywhere

If you're trying to become more eco-friendly, take this straw with you on-the-go (they're getting rid of those plastic versions in most restaurants, anyway). What makes this one a step up from the usual? It folds into its convenient carrying case that can even attach to your keychain. It's made from food-grade stainless steel that collapses down into four sections, it's kept together with a durable silicone binding, and features two silicone tips.

The Brilliant Gadget Is Purpose-Made To Clean Whisks Better Than Even Your Tongue Can

With all those wires, whisks can be hard to clean — unless you have this gadget that's special-made for the task. This patented device slips on over said wires all the way down to the handle — put it on before you start whipping up your masterpiece— then when you're done whisking, pull it slowly to the top of the balloon and it will pull the leftover food right along with it. The wiper, which ships with an accompanying 11-inch whisk, will keep your whisk mounted to your bowl when you need your hands-free, and it's great on its own for wiping down bowls.

A Mask, But For Your Bum

Yep — this is a butt mask. Unlike other preparations advocated for this purpose, this one is a sheet mask (much more practical, I think), and it's formulated with ultra-potent marine algae to firm and illuminate, leaving your cheek skin glowing and contoured.

A Double-Wall Insulated Glass That Perfects The Whiskey-Drinking Experience

For the true whiskey connoisseur, this nosing glass provides superior aeration of fine whiskey and enhances its aroma and flavors. A tulip-shaped tumbler with double-walled vacuum insulation, it's crafted from high-quality stainless steel with a stylish and rust-resistant black powder coat. This construction also keeps the beverage inside cold for up to 24 hours, and there's no metallic taste.

These Gadgets Make Every Bottled Substance Good To The Last Drop

Make sure you get the most out of your bottled products like shampoo, conditioner, ketchup, mustard, and much, much more with this kit that puts gravity on your side — it makes any squeeze bottle capable of standing freely upside down. These dispensing stands are food-safe and BPA-free, and completely reusable — just throw them on the top shelf in your dishwasher and you're good to go. The set comes with adapters to fit them to any size bottle.

The Device That Transforms Any Outlet Into A Multi-Purpose Charging Station

Make your bedside outlet work overtime with this gadget that turns it into a charging station, device shelf, and nightlight all in one. Featuring dual USB ports in addition to four standard wall outlets, it plugs into any standard outlet — no tools or installation required — and protects against surges and spikes in the current. A built-in stand on top holds your smartphone while it's charging, while the front panel is an LED light that automatically glows with a soft yellow light from dusk to dawn.

A Drying Rack That's Made From Stainless Steel And Rolls Up For Storage

Made from stainless steel with a nickel finish, this dish drying rack is a stylish and versatile solution for any kitchen. It's a real space-saver, designed to unroll over the sink — and both ends are tipped with silicone to eliminate slippage. What's more, this rack is actually heat-resistant up to 450 degrees, so it can be used as a trivet for even the largest casseroles to prevent countertops and tables from scorching. When not in use, it simply rolls away for convenient, compact storage.

This Toothbrush Is Made From Eco-Friendly, Renewable Bamboo And Whitening, Antibacterial Charcoal

Combining two of the hottest beauty ingredients on the market today — bamboo and charcoal — the handle of this toothbrush is crafted from sustainably-harvested, renewable, 100 percent organic bamboo that can even be composted when its useful life is completed. The soft, strong, bristles are permeated with naturally antibacterial activated charcoal, which kills the germs that cause tooth decay, bad breath, and gum disease before they start.

A Jelly Ball Of Activated Charcoal That Absorbs Excess Oil And Refines Pores As It Cleanses

Formulated with activated charcoal, the unique shape and composition of this weird jelly cleansing ball allows you to cleanse with ease. Just massage the ball — which, by the way, is naturally antibacterial — in a circular motion on your wet face, and enjoy the results. It's also useful in minimizing the appearance of pores.

A Cup Holder That Goes Where You Do Thanks To Its Powerful Suction Cup

Enjoy the beverage of your choice wherever and whenever you like thanks to this cup holder, whether you fancy a glass of Chardonnay in the shower, a beer in the bath, or a mug of hot chocolate in the hot tub. The suction cup that makes this patented device work is rated to hold up to 7 pounds when applied properly, and it installs easily on any non-porous surface. It's even dishwasher-safe.

The Fun, Retro Appliance Makes Toasty Hot Dogs In A Hurry

With its sharp retro styling, this hot dog toaster makes a stylish addition to any game room or kitchen. It's capable of cooking up two regular-sized or extra-plump hot dogs — plus the buns — with a removable cage for the hot dogs, plus tongs to remove them easily from the basket. The machine operates with an adjustable cooking timer, and it features a drip tray for easy cleaning.

This Baseball Cap Has Its Own Light Built Right In

Ideal for runners, dog walkers, and anyone who has to get from point A to point B after dark, this cap provides hands-free illumination courtesy of five bright, battery-powered LED lights mounted just inside the tip of the bill. Adjustable so that one size fits most, the hat itself is made from breathable cotton fabric that's available in three colors.

This Color-Changing Bulb Syncs With Your Electronics No Matter Where You Are

Mood lighting has gone 21st century in this bulb that not only coordinates with an app you can download to any smartphone or tablet, but can also be controlled with your home assistant. You can choose from 16 million colors for your own personalized lightscape, and of course, save money as well — there's a timer so you can se the light on and off at your command.

The Lush, Soft Makeup Blender That's Even Better Than The Famous Brand

Composed of nano-fibers smaller than a strand of silk, the microfiber used in the makeup sponges isn't just incredibly soft, it's also incredibly absorbent — creating a flawless look on your face with less product than traditional blending sponges require. This tool is also naturally anti-microbial, so it won't serve as a breeding ground for germs that could transfer to your skin and cause problems later.

These All-Natural Bracelets Are The Perfect Chemical-Free Way To Keep Mosquitos At Bay

Don't serve yourself up as a feast for nasty outdoor pests — instead, get these bracelets and protect yourself and your family the natural way. Made with 100 percent all-natural citronella oil, each brightly-colored eco-friendly microfiber bracelet provides a remarkable 240 hours of mosquito protection: completely free of harmful chemicals like DEET. These leather-like bracelets are suitable for both children and adults, and can easily be trimmed to any length necessary.

A Miniature Sleeping Bag-Like Device That Cooks Baked Potatoes In Just Four Minutes

I have seriously made the drive to Wendy's before for a baked potato because the 10 to 12 minute wait for a home-cooked microwave version was just too long. This gadget solves that annoying problem by cutting the cooking time down to a sprightly 4 minutes for up to four potatoes. Why its creators have not won the Nobel, I'm unclear. It cooks all types of potatoes, as well as corn on the cob, tortillas, and more.

This Infuser Bottle Is Ideal For Enjoying Hot Tea Or Icy Fruit Water On-The-Go

Crafted from shatter-proof, thick borosilicate glass, this infuser bottle is ultra-versatile: Use it to brew gourmet loose-leaf that you can take on-the-go, or take out the infuser cartridge and leave in the strainer and make delicious fruit water to enjoy cold (or hot, if that's your thing) while you're out and about. The 15-ounce capacity gives you plenty of fluid to quench your thirst, and it even comes with a stylish neoprene sleeve to provide insulation on the run.

The Primer That Can Make You Look Lively Even When You're Not Feeling It

Want to look a little glowier in your next selfie? This lavender primer will do the trick. Purple shades knock out any sallowness in complexions from, say, lack of sleep or dehydration — making it reflect light and appear more radiant. This particular formulation also builds in a key layer of sun protection along the way.

These Microfiber Sponges Are A Superior Scrubbing Solution

Machine-washable and even safe for your dryer, these sponges make cleaning up after dinner so much easier — and more eco-friendly. Durable and long-lasting, they're soft enough to use on your fine china, but with the scrubbing power you need to get after heavy-duty dirt and grime, thanks to their tightly-interwoven matrix of tiny fibers. Capable of holding seven times their weight in water, they'll even enable you to clean many stains without harsh chemicals.

The Bags That Make Your Soap Work Better And Help It Last Longer

Designed to produce more lather from your soap, these natural sisal bags will make your soap more frothy and extend its usage. Suitable for most regular-sized bars of soap, they seal with drawstring ties, which may also be used to hang after use, helping the soap to dry faster. Additionally, the sisal bag helps release the soap's fragrance as you scrub.

This Two-In-One Scrubber Is A Treat For Your Feet

Combining a delightfully lemongrass-scented soap and a synthetic pumice stone into one unique device, this bar gives you an easy way to pamper your feet every time you bathe. Cleanse with the soap — packed with vitamin E and shea butter to nourish — then use the flip side in gentle circular motions. It's the perfect way to keep calluses and dry, cracked heels at bay all year round. Dead skin sloughs right off, leaving fresh, happy feet behind.

This Little Clip Could Be Your New Secret Weapon Against Tension Headaches And Stress Buildup

Eastern medicine has relied on acupressure points to remedy ailments for thousands of years, and this device manipulates one of the most important ones — the LI4 — to quickly and efficiently provide relief for tension headaches and dissipate stress throughout the body. This device can be worn at all times or as needed, and one reviewer writes: "I was very impressed with how much relief it provided for my pain and headaches​. I have used it several times now and have been very happy with the results each time. If you are like me and suffer from chronic pain and headaches, you should give this product a try."

The Silicone Spheres That Will Ease Your Foot Pain

These silicone orbs are perfect if your arches have fallen —and feel amazing cushioning your feet as you jog or do the grocery run or otherwise perambulate through your daily life. They adhere to the inside of your shoes with ultra-strong adhesive and away you go.

The Fidget Spinner Is So Last Year: You Need These Flippy Chains Now

Made from bike gear chain pieces, stainless steel split rings, and silicone O-rings, this fidget toy has been shown to have a host of positive outcomes: It has helped people focus, lower stress levels, stop habits they wanted to quit like nail biting, and overcome concerns like fear of flying. It's completely silent and totally corrosion- and break-resistant.

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