65 Group Chat Names For Bridal Showers That The Bridesmaids Will Love Brunches

by Kristin Corpuz

Getting ready to celebrate one of your best friends marrying the love of their life is so exciting. You and the rest of your crew get to spend time hanging out with each other and planning the perfect bridal shower for your BFF. After all, you know them the best. Everything from the theme, to the venue, to which registry your bestie actually wants gifts from is all in your friend group's hands. To ensure you're all on the same page, you'll need some group chat names for bridal showers to keep in constant communication with each other.

No one wants to attend a bridal shower that's lacking in fun decor, games, or activities for or about the bride, but thanks to your group chat, you and the rest of the bridesmaids have everything covered. You need to decide who's bringing the plates and silverware, who's booking the caterer, who's bringing the alcohol, how the space will be decorated, and of course, where all of the presents will go. (Not to brag, but you know that your bestie is so lucky to have this whole crew behind them leading up to their special day.)

So if you're in a bridal party this summer and need some ideas for group chat names for your crew, here are some ideas.

Sean Locke/Stocksy

1. A Love Like No Other

2. Gifting Time

3. Meant To Be

4. Who Wants Some Presents

5. Better Together

6. Registry Who?

7. The Bride And Her Baes

8. Shower? Hardly Know Her

9. All The Wedding Vibes

10. The Bride's Beaches

11. Love You Brunches

Katarina Radovic/Stocksy

12. Bridal Shower Power

13. She Said Yes

14. Showers Bringing Flowers

15. Foodie Crew

16. Shower Brain Power

17. Golden Hour Girls

18. The Wildflower's Shower

19. Bachelorette Mode

20. Bring The Cake To Tiers

21. We're On Cloud Wine

22. Mint To Be


23. The Bridal Bunch

24. What A Nice Pear

25. Peachy Queens

26. Her Butter Half

27. Wanderlust And Bridal Dust

28. Significant Otters

29. You Stole A Pizza My Heart

30. Time To Party

31. XOXO

32. Ladies Who Are In Love

33. One In A Melon

Ellie Baygulov/Stocksy

34. My Support Bras

35. Doughnut Know What I'd Do Without You

36. A Whole Latte Love

37. Aloha Beaches

38. Shake Your Palm Palms

39. Eat, Drink, And Get Married

40. Lime Yours

41. Taking The Wedding Cake

42. My Heart Is Yours

43. My Main Squeezes

44. Sip, Sip, Hooray


45. Girls Just Want To Have Sun

46. Heart Eyes For The Bride

47. Just Our Types

48. Walking On The Bride Side

49. Here Comes The Bride

50. My Favorite Human Beans

51. Mermaid To Be Friends

52. Where My Peaches At

53. Kiss Away The Miss

54. Show Your Bride Pride

55. Cue The Confetti

Giada Canu/Stocksy

56. You Guac My World

57. Put On Your Party Pants

58. Cheers My Dears

59. Bring On The Night

60. Slay All Day

61. Be Ready In A Prosecco

62. It's Almost Happening

63. Follow The Disco Ball

64. Babes Since Birth

65. It's Bride Time