65 Group Chat Names For 5 Best Friends, Because They're Your Main Beaches

You consider yourself extremely lucky, because you don't only have one best friend — you have four. Together, you are an unstoppable squad of five, and when you have a crew as tight as yours, your group chat is always active. If you ever happen to leave your phone for an hour, when you get back, there are always a million texts from your BFFs either discussing something funny they saw, or planning something fun you're going to do over the weekend. Since your chat is always lighting up your phone, you need group chat names for five best friends to keep it organized.

Five is such a magical number for best friends, and you should celebrate it by picking a name for your group chat that's just as awesome. I cannot stress enough how important it is nowadays to have a group chat name. With all the different texts that could come through in one day, you want to stay on top of it all. Having one name makes it so much easier to scroll through and find. Also, when you want to send that group pic to everyone, you have a much easier time finding the right chat when there's only one name listed instead of all five of yours.

To help your crew decide, I've assembled these 65 group chat names that are perfect for a BFF squad as big as yours. Pick something punny, sweet, or just pay homage to another iconic group of five who remind you of your go-to crew.

1. Resting Beach Faces

2. Mermaid To Be Five

3. Power Rangers

4. Spice Girls

5. Backstreet Girls

6. Always *NSYNC

7. Ride Or Dies

8. My Lucky Charms

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9. Fantastic Five

10. Gouda Friends

11. My Best-Teas

12. High Five

13. Fur Real Friends

14. Mermaid To Be BFFs

15. New Kids On The Block

16. Avengers Assemble

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17. The Chamber Of Secrets

18. Dumbledore's Army

19. The Breakfast Club

20. We Share Because We Care

21. My Main Beaches

22. Dream Team

23. We Run The World

24. The Pack

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25. Pho Real Friends

26. Peachy Queens

27. Full House

28. Watts Up

29. Kind Of A Big Dill

30. We Stan Us

31. A Pizza My Heart

32. Drama Club

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33. My Beys

34. Squad Ghouls

35. Supernovas

36. Meme Team

37. Wild Flowers

38. The Lost Girls

39. Best Fries Forever

40. Best Five Ever

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41. Five & Dime

42. Five Guys Fries

43. Five Stars

44. Squad Goals

45. The Five Musketeers

46. We Should Start A Band

47. The Coven

48. The Golden Girls

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49. Really Gouda Friends

50. Thriving Five

51. My Beehive

52. V.I.P. Club

53. Shrimply The Best

54. Bae-Goals

55. Love You Berry Much

56. Fineapples

57. Cerealsly The Best

58. Lava My Friends

59. Oh Ship, My Friends

60. Five Sisters

61. My Best Buds

62. Some Bunnies

63. Feline Good Crew

64. My Support Bras

65. Doughnut Know What I'd Do Without