63 Weird Things On Amazon That Are Wildly Popular With Millennials


Millennials are a lot of things: hard-working, intent on changing the world, maybe a little too into avocado toast, and plenty of other traits that might come to mind. But they're also savvy shoppers — and really, really good at finding oddball products that are actually pretty genius when you think about it. And these weird Amazon products with four- and five-star reviews could be plenty of millennial's cup of tea, but you don't have to be of that generation to really enjoy them. Because no matter your age, who doesn't appreciate a brilliant product?

You can always tell when a product is quality because it has hundreds of positive reviews — or it's simply an incredible idea that solves a problem you didn't know could be solved. But when it has the extra bonus of being backed by a generation that is one of the smartest when it comes to doing its due diligence researching products? Then how could you ever pass on the stuff?

Luckily for you, not only are the items I've chosen to feature top-tier quality, but these weird and unique Amazon products also happen to be genius — perfect for the millennial in all of us.

The Kit That Lets You Easily Backlight Your Television

With 16 different colors to choose from (white, red, green, blue, yellow, pink, and more), the Vansky TV backlight kit lets you easily install vibrant LED strip lights behind your television that help alleviate strain in your eye caused by bright screens. Each light strip is 35.4 inches long, and can be trimmed with scissors to fit your television — plus, each kit comes with its own 3M adhesive that can attach to almost any surface.

An Essential Oil Diffuser That Runs Ultra-Quietly

Not only does it run at an ultra-quiet volume so you can easily fall asleep with it running, but the Sztrokia essential oil diffuser also has three different misting modes: strong, light, and intermittent. Unlike other diffusers, this one produces ultrasonic vibrations that result in an ultra-fine mist to deliver the best humidifying experience possible.

The Facial Cleanser Made From Antibacterial Silicone

Made from food-grade silicone that's BPA-free as well as antimicrobial, the Innerneed silicone face cleanser dries quickly, cleans easily, and helps prevent any potentially harmful bacteria from growing on it. Safe for sensitive skin since the bristles are non-abrasive, this brush is great for exfoliating away dead skin cells — as well as opening pores to gently remove toxins.

A Facial Spray Made With Aloe And Rosewater

Whether you've had a long, hot day, or you're looking to hydrate dry skin, the Mario Badescu facial spray is right up your alley. Formulated with moisturizing aloe and rosewater for its refreshing floral scent, this facial spray is safe for all skin types, and you can apply it over makeup as a quick pick-me-up throughout the day.

The Coaster For Your Couch That Prevents Spills

Designed to fit any type of couch, the Hit Products Ltd couch coaster helps prevent spills and stains on your furniture — because it keeps your drinks within reach and securely upright. This coaster is made from flexible, BPA-free silicone that provides support for your cup, and it's ergonomically designed to fit any cup, mug, or tumbler up to 3.5 inches wide.

A Tissue Box Cover With A Bonus Storage Tray

Not only will the chic design match any existing decor, but the Creative Scents tissue box cover has a built-in storage space on the side where you can store brushes, makeup, hand sanitizers, and more. The heavy resin design makes this box cover super-sturdy with an expensive weighted feel, and the non-chip paint won't fade over time.

The Portable Lap Desk With A Removable Comfort Pad

You can remove the pad underneath the Honey-Can-Do portable laptop desk so that cleaning is a breeze, and the built-in cord protector even prevents cables from getting tangled and knotted. There's also a built-in handle so that it's easy to carry, and it's super-lightweight — so it won't feel heavy on your lap.

A Tabletop Fireplace Made From Classy Stainless Steel

Without any ventilation required, the Regal Flame tabletop fireplace makes a great, homey addition to any living space. This fireplace can last for up to 60 minutes when running at maximum capacity, and can even work as an outdoor bug repellant if you mix 15 percent citronella in with the fuel and use it outdoors.

The Kitchen Tablet Stand That's Simple To Install

Able to hold tablets between 6 and 8.75 inches wide, the CTA Digital tablet stand comes with two easy-mounting stand cradles if you want to install it underneath your kitchen cabinets — but it can also stand on its own for added versatility. This stand is made from sleek aluminum that won't rust over time, and the 360-degree rotating mount gives you the perfect viewing angle no matter where you stand.

A Set Of Bowls That Collapse To Save You Storage Space

Everybody has that cabinet of mixing bowls that are haphazardly strewn about, but with the Progressive collapsible bowls you can now keep everything organized — they fold down to a third of their expanded size. The lids on these bowls are leak-resistant, and each order comes with three bowls: a 1.5-cup, 3-cup, and 5-cup bowl.

The Tool That Makes Preparing Avocados Easy

Instead of dirtying up a bunch of separate utensils, use the Amco avocado slicer and pitter and cut down on both prep-time and mess. This tool opens, pits, and slices avocados into 11 even pieces, and the nylon loop is safer than using a knife since it's sharp enough for avocados, yet dull enough that it won't cut your hands.

A Face Cream That Fights Acne And Calms Irritated Skin

Infused with Bulgarian rose that helps prevent any scarring due to acne, the RAAM anti-acne face cream uses apricot and avocado oil to help clear away blemishes without leaving your skin feeling dry and flaky. Cruelty-free and made without any parabens, this cream is also great for soothing irritated skin and reducing any unwanted redness.

The Lightweight Backpack That's Water-Resistant

Great for hiking, day trips, and even camping, the ZOMAKE lightweight backpack is made from water- and tear-resistant nylon. Unlike other backpacks, this one can fold down into the size of a sandwich bag for easy storage, and the 20-liter storage capacity makes it great to use as an airplane carry-on.

A Pack Of Eye Masks Made With 24-Karat Gold

Great for decreasing stubborn puffiness and getting rid of dark under-eyes, the Smyrna gold collagen eye mask pads are made with 24-karat gold and help increase the elasticity in the skin underneath your eyes. These eye mask pads also help to moisturize dry, tired skin — and they're also safe for all skin types.

The Collapsible Stand That Attaches To The Back Of Your Devices

Not only is the included adhesive reusable, but the PopSockets collapsible grip stand is also compatible with both smartphones and tablets. This stand allows you to safely use your phone with one hand — so texting and taking pictures is easier — plus, each stand comes with an adhesive disc that's compatible with the iPhone 8, as well as other glass-backed devices.

A Personal Blender With Its Own Sip-And-Seal Lids

Unlike other personal blenders, the Ninja personal blender comes with two sip-and-seal lids that attach directly onto the blending cup, allowing you to easily take your blended smoothies (or anything else) with you on-the-go. Each cup can hold up to 16 ounces of fluid, and the 30-recipe blending cookbook is a great way to get quick meal inspirations.

The Beauty Blender Made From Soft Silicone

Whereas traditional blenders have a tendency to become grimy over time, the Vanity Planet makeup blender is made from soft silicone that's resistant to mold and bacteria growth. One side of this blender is a sponge-like puff that's great for blending, and the other side is made from silicone that won't absorb your creamy makeup products — so you'll get full coverage while using less products.

A Set Of Reusable Drinking Straws Made from Food-Grade Silicone

Not only is the silicone construction soft to the touch, but each of the Softy Straws reusable drinking straws is 9 inches long — so they'll fit most tumblers and Yetis with ease. Each order comes with four straws, and each straw is made from tear-resistant silicone that's also heat-resistant so you won't burn yourself drinking hot beverages.

The Party Game That's Always Fresh And New With Every Play-through

You can play this with up to 10 people, and the BAD PEOPLE party game comes with 290 cards so that each play-through is completely different from the last. One player flips a card with a question on it, and the others silently vote on who they think best-matches the question posed —whoever picks the same person as whoever flipped the card gets the point (similar to Apples to Apples)!

A Chewable Gummy That Helps Thicken Your Hair

Infused with vitamins E and C, coconut oil, plus turmeric to give your skin and nails an antioxidant boost, the iRestore hair gummy vitamins help improve your hair's health, density, and thickness without relying on any preservatives or animal products. Made with 100 percent plant-based ingredients, these biotin gummies are also great for fortifying a receding hairline, brittle nails, and even combating acne. As always, ask your doctor before starting a supplement routine.

The Lamp Made From Real Himalayan Salt

Unlike other salt lamps, the Syntus Himalayan salt lamp has a natural wood base that matches great with any style of decor. This lamp helps purify the air by releasing negative ions that absorb unwanted dust, and there's also a built-in dimming feature that lets you adjust how bright this lamp is.

A Set Of False Eyelashes That Don't Require Irritating Glue

Whereas traditional false eyelashes require glue to stay on your lids, the ARVESA magnetic eyelashes set is made with strong magnets that prevent these lashes from falling off your eyes when you blink. Reusable and exceptionally natural-looking, one Amazon reviewer raved that "these lashes take less than a minute to apply and stay on for the whole day!"

The Salad Spinner That Collapses To Save You Space

Able to hold up to 4 quarts of salad, the collapsible salad spinner can also double as a colander for washing fruits and vegetables, and the outer container even works as a serving bowl when you're done preparing your meal. The self-retracting pull-cord makes this spinner easy for people of all ages to use, and the non-skid base keeps it secure when in use.

A Bedside Caddy That Keeps All Your Devices Within Arm's Reach

Whereas most of my bedroom television remotes wind up on the ground, the bedside caddy lets you keep your remotes, tablets, phones, magazines, and more right at the edge of your bed. Each caddy has one large pocket and three smaller pockets so you can keep your items organized, and built with mesh lining so you can see where you've placed your items.

The Face Masks Made With Snail Secretion Filtrate

Whether you've got dry, sensitive, or oily skin, the BENTON snail bee mask pack can help soothe irritated skin while moisturizing any dry spots. Made with snail secretion filtrate (that's actually known for its hydrating properties), these masks are also great for brightening your complexion.

A Foot Roller That Helps Alleviate Pain From Plantar Fasciitis

Conditions like plantar fasciitis and heel spurs are no match for the Gaiam foot massage rollers, as the kneading effect this roller exerts on your feet helps alleviate pain from all types of ailments. Unlike other rollers, you can place this one in warm water or the freezer for 30 minutes for some hot and cold therapy, and it's small enough that you can easily take it with you while traveling.

The Chalk You Can Use To Draw Fun Colors In Your Hair

Not only do they work on hair of any color, but each order of the BUOCEANS hair chalk comes with six colors: silver, yellow, rose red, purple, green, and blue. These chalks can be blended to create additional colors — and while the colors wash out easily they can also last for up to three days.

A Hot Sauce Gift Set With Four Uniquely-Flavored Bottles

Not only do the box materials make this a great gift set for friends and family, but the Zombie Cajun hot sauce gift set comes with four uniquely-flavored bottles of hot sauce: lagniappe, dual-protection garlic, zombie cajun, and "the antidote." One Amazon reviewer raved that "they are all super-flavorful and are the perfect temperature (not to hot...not too mild)."

The Handy Tool That Fits Right In Your Wallet

Not only is it small enough to fit inside your wallet, but the Guardman credit card multi-tool combines 11 tools into one card: can opener, flat screwdriver, ruler, bottle opener, butterfly wrench, saw blade, lanyard hole, wrench, and more. Made from stainless steel that won't rust over time, this tool is great for camping or emergency kits.

A Hanging Toiletry Bag That's Water-Resistant

Large enough that you can store items for up to three people, the Lavievert hanging toiletry bag is made from water-resistant material that's thick and durable so that your toiletries stay safe during transit. There are multiple compartments and pockets to keep your items organized, and the reinforced hanging hook means you can easily store this bag in closets, on towel racks, or even on a doorknob.

The Abdominal Exercise Tool That Supports Up To 400 Pounds

Able to hold up to 400 pounds, the KANSOON ab wheel sets itself apart from other ab wheels by featuring a standalone brake that allows you to stop wherever you want in the ab-rolling motion. The handles are made with soft rubber grips that prevent your hands from slipping, and there's even a high-density fitness foam kneepad included.

A Vegetable Ricer With A Stainless Steel Chopping Blade

Not only does the stainless steel chopping blade make easy work of slicing through vegetables, but the Faberware manual vegetable ricer's 7.5-cup size bowl means it can hold a LOT before you need to empty it out. The non-slip base helps keep it firmly secured to your countertop, and the pump mechanism is super easy to use.

The Ice Roller That Helps Relieve Tired Eyes

Each order of the SPANLA ice roller comes with two roller heads: one is stainless steel, and the other is an ice roller. Great for reliving tired, puffy eyes, you can use this ice roller in conjunction with serums to help shrink your pores, and you can even use it all over your neck and chest to help improve your blood circulation. It's also great for relieving headaches.

A Gadget That Lets You Fidget So You Focus

Made from premium anodized aluminum alloy, the JOEYANK fidget cube is made from eight smaller cubes that can be fidgeted into different angles and directions. Whether you have ADHD, trouble staying awake, or just want to stop jiggling your leg, this cube is a great way to channel your anxieties help yourself focus on the tasks at hand.

The Curling Wand That Leaves You Hair Smooth And Shiny

The ceramic tourmaline technology that this curling wand is made with helps tame frizz so that your hair is left looking smooth and shiny — plus, the five interchangeable ion barrels allow you to style your hair in multiple ways with just one hot tool. Able to heat up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, reviewers say the curls can last all day using this.

A Mineral Powder That Also Protects Your Skin From The Sun

Designed to be 100 percent translucent on all skin types, the DERMA-E mineral powder is made with green tea so that your skin gets a nourishing boost of antioxidants — and it's even rated SPF 30 to keep you protected while you're in the sun. It's 100 percent cruelty-free and made without any sulfates or parabens, this mineral powder goes the extra mile by adding in chamomile flower extract to help soothe irritated skin.

The Reading Pillow That's Big Enough To Fit Almost Anybody

At 18 inches tall, the Linenspa reading pillow is filled with shredded memory foam that contours to the shape of your body for maximum comfort. Great for reading, video games, or even just using your laptop, the plush velour exterior of this pillow is extra-soft and breathable, so you won't overheat as time passes.

A Floss Made With Natural Coconut Oil And White Charcoal

Made with coconut oil and white charcoal that help to cleanse your mouth without using any potentially harmful chemicals, Dr. Ginger's all-natural dental floss won't stain your teeth like other charcoal products — and it even tastes great since they use the plant-derived sweetener xylitol as a flavor enhancer.

The Notepad That Helps You Keep Track Of Your Daily Tasks

What's there to explain? This Knock Knock notepad is a fun way to keep track of your daily list of things to do, plus each pad comes with 60 sheets of paper and keeps you motivated to move through your to-do list.

A Moisturizing Oil Made From Real Hemp Seeds

You can't smoke it and it doesn't have any psychadelic properties, but the Azure Cosmetics hemp seed oil serum will help reduce acne while leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed. Made without any parabens, dyes, or fillers, this oil is hypoallergenic which makes it safe for oily, dry, and combination skin — plus, it absorbs quickly into your skin so you're not left feeling greasy.

The Styling Tool Organizer That Can Even Fit A Hairdryer

With oversized openings that can easily fit most styling tools (including a hairdryer), the Polder style station has a heat-resistant mesh design that allows your hot tools to cool down while they're stored. The silicone base keeps this organizer from slipping as well as prevents your countertops from getting too hot, and the stainless steel construction is also rust-resistant.

The Nail Polish That Peels Off So You Can Change Your Colors Anytime

Formulated to be non-toxic, this peel-off nail polish has very little odor, and each layer only takes approximately 90 seconds to dry. Unlike other nail polishes, if you get tired of your colors after a few days you can peel the paint right off your fingers — no chemical-heavy remover required. The set comes with 12 different shades.

A Kitchen Utensil That Combines Five Tools Into One

Not only is it heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, but the Joseph Joseph slotted spoon tool also combines five kitchen utensils into one: a slotted spoon, solid spoon, spatula, turner, and cutting tool. Dishwasher-safe, it's also made from durable nylon that's resistant to warping under heat or pressure.

The Hammock That's Incredibly Simple To Set Up

Designed to be super-lightweight so that taking it with you anywhere is easy, the HONEST OUTFITTERS hammock kit comes with everything you need to set up a hammock: the nylon straps easily wrap around trees or poles, and with a weight limit of up to 400 pounds, people of all ages can use it. The carabiners are made from solid steel for added durability, and the hammock itself is mildew-resistant.

A Lighted Makeup Mirror With Cost-Effective LED Bulbs

Not only do LED bulbs have a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours (or more), but the Easehold LED makeup mirror's tri-fold design makes it easy to take with you while traveling, or even just close up to prevent dust accumulation. You can also use four AAA batteries or the included USB charging cable to power this mirror, and it can even be adjusted 180-degrees for the optimal viewing angle.

The Party Game That's Made For Adults Only

With over 10,000 positive four- and five-star reviews, many Amazon reviewers described the Exploding Kittens LLC NSFW edition as "absolutely hilarious." Each game comes with 56 cards and can be played by up to five people, and the goal is to not draw the exploding kitten card — think of it as an adult version of Uno.

A Planner That Helps Boost Your Productivity

With non-dated pages so you can start it whenever, the Clever Fox planner helps boost your productivity by making you set weekly, monthly, and daily goals — allowing you to focus on what's important rather than get lost in the details. Unlike other planners, the pages in this one are thick so any ink doesn't bleed through, and the leatherette hardcover adds another nice touch.

The Massager That's Adjustable To Fit Any Hand

Not only can it be adjusted to fit hands of any and all sizes, but the SOMA SYSTEM deep tissue massager also lets you put pressure on all nine rotating balls for an all-over massage, or you can focus on one ball in order to target stubborn trigger points in your muscles.

A Cabinet Organizer That You Can Stack On Top Of Each Other

Able to expand from 13.75 to 27 inches, the Deco Brothers stackable cabinet organizer has a perforated design that looks great with any existing decor, and the heavy-duty steel construction won't break easily like other organizers. One Amazon reviewer even raved that "the expandable shelf is not attached, so it can be used as two separate shelves!"

The Acne Patch That Absorbs Toxins From Blemishes

Le Gushe pimple master patches are a quick spot treatment for those sudden blemishes. This acne patch protects your pimples from dirt and picking — plus, it even absorbs pus and other secreted fluids so that they heal faster. The patches are almost invisible as well, and easily hidden using light makeup if you choose.

A Cabinet Organizer For Your Pans, Lids, Cutting Boards, And More

Instead of storing your bakeware haphazardly, use the Simple Houseware kitchen cabinet organizer. The steel construction is exceptionally sturdy, and the rubber feet protect your surfaces from any accidental scratches. Great for pot lids, cutting boards, cookie sheets, and more, each organizer measures 9 inches long by 7.8 inches wide.

The Wine Rack That Slides Into Your Refrigerator's Shelf

Unlike traditional wine racks, the Sorbus fridge wine rack slides into your refrigerator's shelf for easy storage, and it even keeps your bottles tilted so the cork doesn't dry out. Able to fit most bottles, this rack can also be used in cabinets, and the slim design helps maximize precious space.

A Device That Lets You Chop Vegetables In Multiple Ways
The Laundry Basket That Can Be Used For Almost Anything

Since there are no holes in the SAMMART collapsible laundry basket, you can also use this basket to wash clothes, as a bath for pets, or even as an open-face cooler packed with ice. Unlike other baskets, this one can also collapse to just 3.5 inches high to save you space.

A Makeup Organizer That Rotates For Easy Access

Made from high-quality acrylic, the Sanipoe rotating makeup organizer can hold at least 30 makeup brushes, 20 skincare products — and other accessories including eyeliner, nail polish, sprays, lotions, and more. Assembly of this rotating organizer is super-simple, and you can also adjust the height depending on your needs.

The Charcoal Powder That Whitens Your Teeth

I'm actually an owner of the Active Wow teeth whitening charcoal powder, so I can confirm that it delivers noticeable results after the first use. Bentonite clay and orange seed oil help with absorbing toxins as well as reducing inflammation in your gums, and there are no harsh peroxides in this powder. Plus, it's gentle enough that you can use it twice a day until your desired level of whitening is achieved.

A Beverage Stopper That Fits Spouts Of All Shapes And Sizes

Made with shrink-to-fit technology, the WINE CONDOM beverage bottle stopper is 99.9 percent effective at preventing spills — and it forms an air-tight seal over wine bottles of all shapes and sizes. You can even store your beverages sideways in the fridge without needing to worry about any drips or spills, and they're also reusable.

The Facial Brush With Two Different Cleansing Speeds

Not only are there two different cleansing speeds to choose from, but the Olay facial cleansing brush is great for exfoliating away dead skin so you're left with smooth skin. This brush is water-resistant so you won't have to worry about it shorting out when wet, and each order comes with its own renewing cleanser.

A Soft Throw Blanket That Heats Up To Keep You Warm

With three different heat settings to choose from, the Sunbeam heated throw blanket is a great way to keep warm in the cold winter. One side of this blanket is made from a faux mink material, whereas the other side is made from sherpa — and that helps heat consistent throughout so you're not stuck constantly re-adjusting while you nap and lounge.

The Shower Head With An LED Temperature Display

The LED temperature display makes it easy to see how hot or cold your water is, and the YOO.MEE handheld shower head can even be held in your hand for a closer clean. Each order comes with Teflon tape as well as a bracket for installation, and the LCD screen is powered by water — so there are no batteries to replace.

A Toner Made With Real Bulgarian Roses

Whether you're setting your makeup to last all day or looking to cleanse your pores, the Alteya Organics Bulgarian rose water toner is a wonderful organic option. This toner is steam-distilled from Bulgarian rose blossoms so that there are no artificial fragrances, and it's also great for preventing acne and reducing inflammation in your skin.

The Tote Bag That Can Hold And Pour Two Bottles Of Wine

There are no drinking problems, only drinking solutions — which is why the PortoVino wine tote has solved how to easily transport wine to the beach or at a picnic. This tote bag can hold and pour two bottles of wine from a removable pouch, and the insulated pocket keeps your wine chilled for hours. There's a flap on the back that hides the pour spout, and the bag is big enough that you can still fit your other essentials in it at the same time.

A Card Holder Shaped Like A Fun Hedgehog

A fun addition to any desktop, the YAMAZAKI Home card holder is made from durable silicone that provides a secure grip on any card, and who can say no to the cute hedgehog design? Use it for memos, business cards, credit cards, or anything else that'll fit between the spines.

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