70 Weird-As-Hell Products On Amazon That Are Actually Genius

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A single Amazon search can send you spiraling through a whole array of emotions. One product makes you ask, "Why does this exist?" while the next prompts the following email to your landlord: "Is it cool if the rent's late? I had to buy a thing." Then there's the weird Amazon products that are actually genius — the middle of the Venn diagram when it comes to shopping. This one starts with the first reaction and ends with the second, but ultimately, it was well worth the emotional roller coaster.

What's so intriguing about these bizarre but brilliant products? It's hard to put your finger on one thing in particular. I enjoy likening them to that Slime from the '90s. The commercial literally described it as "gooey, oozey, cold, and clammy," and yet everyone wanted it anyway. There was just something about it.

These weird beauty products, strange gadgets, and underrated kitchen tools are a little bit like that. They might make you raise an eyebrow at first, but the more you think about it, the more you realize just how much you need it in your life. Here's 70 of the weirdest and coolest things Amazon has to offer right now.

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