62 Freaky Things You Can Buy On Amazon

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There are very few universal truths in life, but there's definitely one we can all agree on: Everybody enjoys a good surprise now and then. For me, nothing's more of a surprise than the freaky products on Amazon. The sweet sound of someone asking "Hey, what the heck is this?" while quizzically picking up my brand new snail mucin face mask is music to my ears. That's a snail mask, and it's absolutely great for your skin.

Don't be alarmed though — while all of these products can definitely qualify as freaky (the charcoal pads that filter out your farts come to mind), they're also genuinely useful. Who can resist a silicone trivet shaped like the chalk outline at a crime scene, or even the metal meat claws that are great for shredding meat (but even better for pretending to be Wolverine)? And while I can't say for certain whether or not I'm in dire need of an adult dog butt coloring book, I also can't say I'm slightly jealous of anyone who snags one.

So with so many freaky products on Amazon that you need to see to believe, what are we waiting for — there's a skin-softening mask for your bum that's calling your name.

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