41 Freaky Products On Amazon You Need To See To Believe

Sometimes, routine — and life in general — can get pretty, well, boring. And when you've already changed your hair color 10 times, moved to three different cities, and swiped through every single Tinder match in a 5-mile radius, it might be time to try and spice your life up in a different way — but more specifically, with a bunch of freaky but functional products on Amazon.

I don't know about you, but I sure get tired of ordering quinoa every month. Quinoa is boring. But you know what isn't boring? An oven mitt shaped like a cow that's bound to give you nightmares — or even a few sticks of lip balm that are flavored to taste like dill pickles. And if you're really struggling for excitement in your life, no one is stopping you from buying blobfish slippers. Yep, you read that right.

The best part? Most of these products won't break the bank, so you won't have to feel guilty shelling out for a rejuvenating face cream loaded with real black snail mucus. So get freaky, get wild, but mostly just dive into a bunch of Amazon products that are weird as hell — even if it's just for the sake of looking at something out of the ordinary.

Lifestyle — 41 Freaky Products On Amazon You Need To See To Believe

1. These Fun And Freaky Slippers

Hashtag Collectibles Blobfish Slippers, $30, Amazon

Are blobfish fun? Yes! And with these fun AF slippers, you can walk around with these freaky little fish right on your feet. These slippers are made from plush fleece and polyester that keep your feet warm even in the coldest winters, and one size is designed to be able to fit all. The bottoms have non-stick grips that help keep you from slipping when you walk, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that they are "very comfortable."


2. A Toilet Mug Made From High-Quality Ceramic

BigMouth Inc Toilet Mug, $13, Amazon

Able to hold up to 12 ounces of coffee, tea, or any other liquid, the BigMouth Inc toilet mug is made from high-quality ceramic and works great as a gag gift for people of all ages. It's recommended that you wash this mug by hand, and it can also work as a fun way to leave out candies and mints for guests — or as a single-serve ice cream dish.


3. The Desk Toys That Help Relieve Stress And Anxiety

G-WACK Stress Relief Desk Toy, $15, Amazon

Not only is it great for fidgeting, but the G-WACK stress relief desk toy is also a fun way to relieve stress whenever work gets the best of you. You can make all sorts of creative shapes using the 221 magnetic silver balls that come with each order, and the magnetic base ensures that the balls don't go spilling everywhere.


4. A Pair Of Glasses That Let You Embrace Your Inner Couch Potato

Vinmax Bed Prism Spectacles, $13, Amazon

Perfect for anyone who is just plain lazy and can't be bothered to sit up, the Vinmax bed prism spectacles allow you to lay completely flat yet still watch television, read books — basically anything you'd have to sit up to do. They're also great for preventing neck cramps and eye strain, plus, they eliminate the need for you to move your head whatsoever.


5. The Creepy Face Masks That Leave Your Skin As Smooth As An Eggshell

Skin1004 Zombie Face Mask, $20, Amazon

I've actually tried the Skin1004 zombie face mask before, and I can confirm that in only 15 minutes it tightens pores, hydrates your skin, exfoliates, and even brightens your complexion with a refreshing glow. Made with albumin extracted from egg whites, this mask sinks deep into your skin to deliver moisturizing aloe vera, and it'll even help balance your skin's pH level. What's freaky about it? It's a zombie mask, of course, so it makes your face look like you're in The Walking Dead as it dries.


6. A Unisex Ski Mask Shaped Like An Octopus

VBIGER Unisex Octopus Hat, $11, Amazon

The VBIGER unisex octopus hat works great as a stylish ski mask as you ride down the slopes — or as just a way to keep your face warm when it's extra-chilly out. This hat is windproof, but the full beard helps ensure that your neck and chin stay warm. One Amazon reviewer even raved that "this mask is maddeningly well-made and the picture is accurate!"


7. The Desktop Cell Phone Holder Made From Cement

Tech Tools Desktop Cell Phone Holder, $19, Amazon

The Tech Tools desktop cell phone holder is made from a blend of cement and plastic, making it exceptionally durable. The weight also ensures that you won't have to worry about it toppling over when you place your phone, iPod, keys, or anything else into its hands — plus, it even makes for a great paperweight!


8. A Realistic Tank Of Fake Jellyfish That Help You Set The Mood

COLORLIFE Electric Jellyfish Table Lamp, $33, Amazon

Whether you're feeling particularly aquatic or simply can't get enough jellyfish in your life, this electric table lamp is a great way to set the mood in your home. The jellyfish make for great visuals as the LED lights gradually change colors, and the whisper-quiet motor means you can even enjoy it as you fall asleep (especially since the automatic shut-off kicks in after four hours),


9. The Cleansing Tool That Gets Rid Of Stubborn Blackheads

COOFO Blackhead Remover Vacuum, $22, Amazon

When you can't seem to get rid of stubborn blackheads on your own, try the COOFO blackhead remover vacuum. This handy tool lets you pick between four increasing levels of suction-power that pull out even the most ingrained blackheads, and is most effective when used in conjunction with a cleanser. Reviewers suggest starting on the lowest suction and steaming your face first to open the pores, and you'll be "impressed by the amount of sebum" it removes.


10. A Cream That Uses Black Snail Mucus To Brighten Your Complexion

MIZON Snail Repair Cream, $15, Amazon

You read that correctly — because black snail mucus is a natural moisturizer, a great way to soothe irritated skin, and known to heal acne scars, the MIZON snail repair cream is absolutely loaded with it. This cream also goes the extra mile by adding in 27 plant extracts and vitamins to help nourish your skin, and it's even great for tightening pores and brightening your complexion.


11. The Shower Caddy That Can Handle Bottles Of All Shapes And Sizes

Formverket Octopus Shower Caddy, $33, Amazon

It doesn't matter how wide, clunky, or oddly-shaped your bottles are, the Formverket octopus shower caddy will still hold them easily. The tentacles on this the octopus grip nine objects of any size (all the way down to brushes and razors) — and since it can hold bottles upside down, it's also a great way to extract every last drop of liquid from inside of them.


12. A Pair Of Toe Socks That Help Relieve Pain From Hammer Toes

Triim Fitness Toe Separator Socks, $10, Amazon

These Triim Fitness toe separator socks fit most feet and help prevent cramps while promoting healthy circulation — making them great for alleviating pain from bunions, hammertoes, poor toe alignment, and more. You can wear them around the house or in your shoes, and each order even comes with a free exercise guide.


13. The Mask That Leaves You Feet Feeling Baby-Smooth

Amora Natural Foot Peel Mask, $16 (2 Pack), Amazon

Dry, chapped feet are no match against the Amora Natural foot peel mask — it exfoliates all the dead skin on your feet without the expensive salon prices. Wear the booties while you relax at home for a bit, and then wait a few days: Your skin will start peeling off in sheets, revealing the soft skin underneath. Made with natural ingredients like aloe vera and papaya extract, this mask is safe for all skin types (including anyone who's a bit sensitive), and the light lavender scent was described by one Amazon reviewer as "fabulous!"


14. A Gadget That Combines 12 Tools Into One

Grand Way Multi-Tool, $10, Amazon

Made with stainless steel that won't rust over time, the Grand Way multi-tool combines 12 tools into one: a pair of spring loaded pliers, wire stripper, folding blade knife, serrated knife, bottle opener, file, screwdrivers, chisel-tooth blade, scoring blade, and more. Each order also comes with a free sheath to keep it safe from damage, and it makes a great addition to any emergency kit.


15. The Soap That's Infused With Dirt To Help Get You Extra-Clean

Grip Clean Heavy Duty Hand Soap, $10, Amazon

Not only do the added coconut and olive oil help leave your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated, but the Grip Clean heavy duty soap is also infused with dirt — yes, dirt. The dirt absorbs any toxins in your hands while exfoliating away dead skin cells, and it even makes it great for getting rid of stubborn grease, oil, sap, odors, and more.


16. A Toy That Satisfies The Urge To Pop Zits While Relieving Stress

Desolakly Pimple Popping Toy, $14, Amazon

Whether you love popping zits or simply need a fun toy to fidget and relieve stress with, try out the Desolakly pimple popping toy. This toy is made from durable silicone that simulates the popping sensation you get when you pop a zit, and it's also reusable since you can also reheat the pimple pus and then refill it right into the block to keep the fun going.


17. The Mermaid Blanket Made From Soft Lambswool Sherpa

Catalonia Mermaid Tail Blanket, $33, Amazon

Ever wonder what it feels like to be a mermaid? No? Well now you can find out anyway with the Catalonia mermaid tail blanket. This blanket has a detachable shoulder strap so it'll stay secure, and the super-soft lamb's wool sherpa inner layer keeps you warm while the breathable wave pattern won't let you overheat — plus, it's roomy and cozy, too.


18. A Tool That Helps You Correct Any Misaligned Toes

PediDocTM Bunion Corrector, $20, Amazon

Designed so that one size will fit everybody, the PediDocTM bunion corrector utilizes the Pilates method to help correct any crooked or misaligned toes that are causing you pain. It's incredibly simple to use: stick your toes through the loops, and pull. As an added bonus, you can even add this gadget to your yoga routine as a way to exercise your toes and hip flexor.


19. The Tool That Lets You Humanely Trap And Release Insects

Bert Humane Pest Control Tool, $16, Amazon

Feel guilty killing bugs, but don't want them creeping around in your home? Try using the Bert humane pest control tool. It works like a miniature vacuum that sucks up small insects in your home — while you hang back from a safe distance, of course — and the built-in LED flashlight makes it easy to spot bugs, even if it's dark. There are no harsh chemicals required, which makes it fun for kids as well as adults, and it'll work on everything from roaches to bees and moths.


20. A Steamer Lid Made From Heat-Resistant Silicone

Marna White Piggy Steamer, $15, Amazon

Not only is it made from heat-resistant silicone that's flexible and durable — but the Marna White Piggy Steamer also helps you save money over time. It's reusable, meaning that you won't need to keep wasting plastic wrap every time you microwave something. The pig nostrils allow any built-up steam to escape so that your food doesn't come out soggy, and you can even use it as a grip to open stubborn jars.


21. The Toy That Helps You Squeeze Away Stress And Anxiety

Funky Toys Brain Fidget Toy, $12, Amazon

Great for kids and adults alike, the Funky Toys brain fidget toy lets you squeeze away any stress or anxiety you might be feeling — and the two big white eyes pop out for added fun. This toy is larger than other stress-relief toys so that it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that "the toy is entertaining and feels pleasant to touch."


22. A Set Of Tea Infusers That Let You Brew Loose Leaves

Coolrunner Leaf Tea Infuser, $9 (2 Pack), Amazon

Made from food-safe silicone that's heat-resistant up to 230 degrees Celsius (who doesn't love drinking a cup of boiling water?), the Coolrunner leaf tea infuser lets you brew loose leaves of tea without the risk of them leaking into your drink. These infusers work with both single cups and teapots, and the skull design is fun as well as quirky.


23. The Smartphone Holder That You Can Wrap Around Objects

Rienar Spider Smartphone Holder, $6, Amazon

Whether you're looking for a flexible mount that you can wrap around objects or something that can stand on its own, the Rienar spider smartphone holder is right up your alley. Made with core alloy metal and coated with soft-touch rubber that won't damage your phone, this mount has flexible spider legs that can be adjusted to give you the optimal angle, or even wrapped around thin poles for elevated viewing.


24. An Acupressure Roller That Increases Healthy Blood Circulation

Lyapko Acupressure Massager, $33, Amazon

Use it on your hands, back, feet, stomach — basically, you can use the Lyapko acupressure massager all over your body to help promote healthy blood circulation, and it even helps repair muscles while providing relief to them. While it may look painful, many Amazon reviewers noted how they experienced zero pain while using the roller, and one even raved that it "works great for fibromyalgia and myofascia issues!"


25. The Gardening Gloves That Make It Easy To Dig Into The Ground

XJYAMUS Garden Genie Gloves, $7, Amazon

Not only are they waterproof as well as puncture-resistant, but the XJYAMUS garden genie gloves set themselves apart from competitors by adding durable ABS plastic claws at the tip of each finger, allowing you to dig into the ground without the help of any tools. The nylon knitting keeps these gloves breathable so your hands don't get overly sweaty, and they're designed so that one size will fit most.


26. A Gel Nail Polish That Changes Colors Depending On Your Body Temperature

Senvenski Color-Changing Gel Nail Polish, $13 (4 Pack), Amazon

Perfect for anyone who likes to change their nail color often, the Sevenski color-changing gel nail polish can — yep — change colors depending on how hot or cold your body is. You can cure this polish underneath either a UV or LED lamp, and the paint itself is designed to retain its high-gloss brilliance for up to 21 days.


27. The Acne Mask That Uses Light Therapy To Combat Blemishes

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask, $29, Amazon

The blue light targets the bacteria that causes acne, while the red light used in the Neutrogena light therapy acne mask works to reduce any swelling or inflammation. Safe enough for people with sensitive skin (even with daily use), you only need to wear this mask for 10 minutes in order to see results, and there are no chemicals or harsh UV rays involved in the process.


28. An Eye Mask That Helps Reduce Swelling

FOMI Facial Eye Mask, $13, Amazon

If you keep it in your refrigerator, you can use the FOMI facial eye mask to help cool down after a hot day, or even to reduce any swelling or inflammation in your face. This mask is dual-sided: One side features a plush fabric back, and the other side is made of the cooling gel that will get rid of headaches. The adjustable fastener lets you select a more customized and comfortable fit, too.


29. The Lip BalmThat Tastes Like Real Dill Pickles

Delight Naturals Dill Pickle Lip Balm, $12 (3 Pack), Amazon

Made with an organic beeswax base, the Delight Naturals dill pickle lip balm sets itself apart from other balms by actually tasting like the flavor (so if you love dill pickles, this balm is for you). This balm is also handmade in small batches in Idaho in order to ensure the flavor is accurate, and the smooth texture glides onto your lips with ease.


30. A Light That Makes It Easy To Find The Toilet At Night

LumiLux Toilet Light, $16, Amazon

Instead of hurting your eyes when you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, try using the LumiLux toilet light. This light has a flexible arm that bends over the rim of your toilet to keep it secure, and there are 16 different LED colors to choose from (or you can even set it to a rotating carousel mode to enjoy all of them periodically). There are also five modes of brightness, so that this light isn't overly bright in the dark, and the motion and light sensors ensure that it only turns on when you're in the room at night.


31. The Oven Mitt Shaped Like A Freaky Cow

Boston Warehouse Cow Oven Mitt, $10, Amazon

One part terrifying and two parts helpful kitchen tool, this cow oven mitt features full-color, realistic, double-sided cow art printed on the quilted 100 percent cotton design. This oven mitt is great for handling warm dishes, and is constructed so that one size will fit most. One Amazon reviewer even raved that it's turned into a toy for her toddler since "it is great as a puppet and cuddle toy."


32. An Eye Mask That Uses Fish Collagen To Moisturize

SALINE Fish Collagen Eye Mask, $16, Amazon

Made with deep sea fish collagen that helps stimulate and regenerate your skin cells, the SALINE fish collagen eye mask takes your beauty routine one step further by infusing Dead Sea mud (which is chock-full of nourishing minerals like calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, and more) into the formula. Great for tired or puffy eyes, this is the mask to keep around if you have a late night out or had a recent cry sesh.


33. The Elemental Coasters That Glow In The Dark

ThinkGeek Glowing Coaster Set, $20 (4 Pack), Amazon

Featuring uranium, plutonium, thorium, and radium, the ThinkGeek glowing coaster set lights up in the dark so you can always tell where your drink is. Each coaster can last for up to 4.5 hours — running off of just two button batteries (eight are included with each order) — and they work great at parties, because it makes it easy to keep track of which drink is yours.


34. A Glasses Holder That Doubles As A Fun Conversation Piece

Abhandicrafts Spectacle Holder, $9, Amazon

Sure, you could just put your glasses on your desk or nightstand, but why do that when the Abhandicrafts spectacle holder prevents them from getting knocked over — and works as a quirky conversation piece? A fun and practical gift for anyone who wears glasses, this holder works for most styles of glasses (including sunglasses), and one Amazon reviewer even noted how the stand was "well-finished" and "looks great holding up my watch."


35. The Phone Tripod With A Wireless Remote Shutter

UBeesize Phone Tripod, $18, Amazon

With flexible octopus-style legs coated in rubber to prevent any accidental damage to your phone, the UBeesize phone tripod can support any phone or camera up to 2.2 pounds. This tripod also comes with a wireless remote so that you can take pictures from a distance of up to 30 feet (which makes it perfect for selfies, vlogging, group photos, and more), plus, it even comes with an adapter for a GoPro.


36. A Pool Float That Has A Comfy Mesh Seat On The Inside

BigMouth Inc Eyeball Pool Float, $20, Amazon

Most inner tube pool floats have a hole in the center that you can fall through, whereas the BigMouth Inc eyeball pool float has a comfortable mesh seat — and it even comes with a patching kit in the event it ever gets damaged. The high-quality vinyl construction ensures that air won't leak through the seams even after vigorous usage, and each float is able to hold up to 200 pounds.


37. The Foot Scrubber That Attaches To The Floor Of Your Shower

California Home Goods Shower Foot Scrubber, $15, Amazon

With suction cups all over the bottom, the California Home Goods shower foot scrubber attaches to the floor of your shower so you don't have to bend over to give your feet a deep clean. Great for exfoliating away dead skin (even in those awkward spaces between your toes), this scrubber is also great for stimulating blood circulation in your feet, and the thick silicone bristles won't wear down over time.


38. A Set Of Paper Cups That Give You A Nose While You Sip

Fred And Friends Nose Paper Cups, $16, Amazon

Able to hold up to 12 ounces of liquid each, the Fred And Friends nose paper cups are a fun alternative to regular paper cups, as each of these 24 cups feature a nose printed on the side for gags. One Amazon reviewer noted that they "were a fun change of pace from your typical party cups." I'd say.


39. The Memory Stick That's Shaped Like A Thumb

AreTop Thumb Flash Drive, $12, Amazon

Able to store up to 32 gigabytes of data, the AreTop thumb flash drive is a fun alternative to your regular thumbdrive (please clap). The USB 2.0 technology ensures that your data gets transferred quickly so you're not stuck waiting around for it to load, and it's also compatible with Windows 2000 and newer — as well as the Linux and Mac operating systems.


40. A Set Of Coffee Mugs That Change Designs When Heated

Chuzy Chef Magic Coffee Mugs, $16 (3 Pack), Amazon

Not only do you get three mugs with each order, but the Chuzy Chef magic coffee mugs are also heat-sensitive: They'll change designs once you pour your hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or any other hot beverage into them. As your drink cools off, the design will slowly begin to change back, and each mug can hold up to 12 ounces of liquid.


41. The Pencil Case That Looks Like A Live Fish

Pro-Traveller Fish Pencil Case, $8, Amazon

Whether you love, you know, fish — or just need a pencil or coin case for your belongings, the Pro-Traveller fish pencil case is right up your alley. This case is padded with silky lining on the inside, and the printed fish design looks like a real, live fish (minus the flopping). The soft material makes it great to use as a phone pouch as well, and many Amazon reviewers noted how the stitching is "well-done."

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