41 Freaky Products On Amazon You Need To See To Believe

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Sometimes, routine — and life in general — can get pretty, well, boring. And when you've already changed your hair color 10 times, moved to three different cities, and swiped through every single Tinder match in a 5-mile radius, it might be time to try and spice your life up in a different way — but more specifically, with a bunch of freaky but functional products on Amazon.

I don't know about you, but I sure get tired of ordering quinoa every month. Quinoa is boring. But you know what isn't boring? An oven mitt shaped like a cow that's bound to give you nightmares — or even a few sticks of lip balm that are flavored to taste like dill pickles. And if you're really struggling for excitement in your life, no one is stopping you from buying blobfish slippers. Yep, you read that right.

The best part? Most of these products won't break the bank, so you won't have to feel guilty shelling out for a rejuvenating face cream loaded with real black snail mucus. So get freaky, get wild, but mostly just dive into a bunch of Amazon products that are weird as hell — even if it's just for the sake of looking at something out of the ordinary.

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