54 Freaky Products On Amazon That Are Incredibly Useful


Have you ever been given something really unlikely — an item you thought you'd never use, for instance — and when you finally dusted it off and pulled it out to try it, you fell in love? I got a snail mucin mask in a variety pack of face masks last year and dismissed it as one of those weird Hollywood things that was probably all hype: until I tried the darn thing. It was awesome — just like these freaky products on Amazon are.

The lesson? Just because something is unusual doesn't mean it's not useful or amazing.

Back to the snail mucin for a second: it just so happens that the slime trails left by snails leave skin feeling incredibly soft and hydrated. Thanks, guys! But it's not just your favorite sidewalk critters that are strange but brilliant: There are massage rollers that look like medieval torture devices, a suction cup for your egg yolks, a lipstick that changes color based on your natural pH, and magnets that look like animal butts. At first glance, they seem a little odd, but trust me and get them home — you won't believe how useful they are and how often you reach for them,

So get a little weird with it — and get shopping

The Egg Separator That Works Using Suction

Separating eggs is no yolk (haha) — but this quirky tool makes easy work of it with the power of suction. Just place the device over the yolk, squeeze and release, and it pulls the yolk up, out of the white, just like magic.

This Mask Uses An Odd Ingredient That's A Favorite Of A-List Celebs: Snail Jelly

Finally ready to try snail mucin? This is the jelly face mask to try. Packed with mucin that's obtained in a cruelty-free process, this K-beauty mask amps up your skin's moisture and keeps skin elastic. One reviewer writes: "The moisturizing of my face from these masks is INTENSE! They are very slimey and at first I was grossed out, until after my first application. I was (and remain) amazed! I LOVE these masks."

It May Look Like A Medieval Torture Device, But It's Actually A Massage Roller

Yes, it looks incredibly odd, but this massage stick provides full-body relief thanks to its three myofascial release balls. Use it on your neck, arms, legs, back, feet — wherever your intuition leads you — to stimulate circulation and break up knots and tightness. Relieve muscle aches, find relief for conditions like sciatica, arthritis, or back pain, and just relax.

A Travel Mug That Eliminates The Need For Ice To Make Your Iced Coffee

Don't dilute your coffee with ice — instead, try out this iced coffee maker travel mug with a stainless steel inner cup that freezes to chill your java right down. Paired with your insulating sleeve, you'll be ready to enjoy some delicious cold brew in minutes. The BPA- and phthalate-free cup has an 11-ounce capacity, and is easy to clean with just soap and water.

A Water Bottle That Features A Filtering Straw That Makes Any Water Drinkable

Equipped with an award-winning LifeStraw — one that's capable of making any water drinkable by filtering out 99.99 percent of all waterborne parasites and bacteria — this water bottle is a survivalist's dream. The straw is encased in a BPA-free 23-ounce Tritan water bottle equipped with a food-grade silicone mouthpiece and a leak-proof lid. One straw can process 100 liters of water, and replacement straws are available separately.

The Mount That Hugs Your Tablet To The Wall For Convenient Hands-Free Viewing

Equipped with ultra-strong 3M adhesive, these brackets attach quickly and easily to the wall to provide a sturdy way to mount your tablet to the wall for hands-free viewing. Suitable for devices of all sizes — including your smartphone, if so desired — as well as for use in either landscape or portrait mode, it provides an easier way to watch your device while in bed, or cook along with new recipes while you're in the kitchen.

The "Twin Peaks" Of This Odd-Looking Device Provide Deep Tissue Release For Headache Relief

With two humps of synthetic rubber just a bit softer than a lacrosse ball, this massage block looks odd, but it's purpose-built to trigger the sub-occipital trigger points at the base of your skull — which helps to relieve tension headaches and release neck pain and stress. No wires, no batteries, no overcomplicated manipulation needed — just put the block on the floor, lay your head down on it, and relax.

A Facial Cleanser That's Packed With Nutrients, Enzymes And Antioxidants Thanks To...Rice Bran

Rice isn't necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you think of washing your face, but this K-beauty cleanser is jam-packed with nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants that soothe your skin thanks to the naturally anti-inflammatory qualities of rice. Suitable for all skin types, it starts off as a powder — just add water to provide some gentle exfoliation. It sloughs off dead skin, promotes cell growth, and moisturizes, leaving behind a radiant complexion.

This Gadget Is A Must For Bookworms, Making One-Handed Reading Easy And Comfortable

Lightweight and easy to use, this little gadget makes holding a book open and reading it with one hand effortless. Teachers love it for the ease it provides in reading to classes — it's great for anyone who loves to read in the bath, at the pool, or at the beach, and leisure readers can enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail. It's the perfect gift for any book lover, too.

The Lipstick That Looks Clear But Goes On Colorful And Moisturizes, Too

You'll choose between Flame Red and Barbie Pink when you select this unique lipstick, but at the end of the day, the exact shade you'll see on your lips shade is determined by your body chemistry, the temperature, the humidity, and many other factors — because it's a slightly different color each time you wear it! Vitamin E and jojoba oil make it deeply moisturizing, too.

These Magnets Will Ensure You'll Always Get To The Bottom Of Those Important Reminders

For the cat lover who has everything, this set of magnets is definitely the end-all be-all. Made from phthalate-free vinyl, they depict the business end of six different breeds of cats — the one on the bottom right, for example, resembles the one that presents itself to me to be petted at all hours of the day and night, mainly when it is out of food.

This Face And Body Scrub Features Activated Charcoal To Cleanse, Detoxify, And Exfoliate

Featuring 100 percent natural activated charcoal blended with Dead Sea salts, this scrub is designed to detoxify and naturally remove impurities and excess oils from the skin as it provides a luxurious exfoliation that leaves skin rejuvenated and glowing. It's also formulated with coconut, jojoba, and kukui nut oil, plus organic aloe vera juice to polish and moisturize the skin and reduce inflammation.

They're Not Lip Balm: These Waxy Sticks Are Nasal Inhalers To Ease Sinus Pressure And Boost Focus

They may look like tubes of lip balm, but these pocket-sized tubes are actually nasal inhalers designed to refresh and rejuvenate in a variety of ways. Each variety pack contains three scents: Tropical Rush, Cinna-Mint, and Berry Breeze — all featuring all-natural ingredients including menthol, peppermint, and eucalyptus oils. Improve your focus, clear your sinuses and breathe deeply, and get a burst of energy from these inhalers that each last up to three months.

From Your Toast To Your Hair — This Avocado Butter Moisturizes And Provides A Glossy Shine

Enjoy shiny, healthy hair thanks to the moisture imparted from the avocado in this hair treatment from the natural beauty lovers at Burt's Bees. All that healthy fat is combined in a thick green paste with olive and almond oils — plus, rosemary and nettle to deeply condition, heal split ends, and leave hair with a glossy shine.

The Reusable Bags That Turn Your Toaster Into A Real Cooking Machine

Whether you like grilled cheese sandwiches, paninis, or any number of other delicious treats, these bags can help you cook them up right in your toaster with no mess and no fuss. Great for travel or for use in small kitchens or dorm rooms — or for families where one member has a gluten sensitivity — and the bags are reusable.

A Travel-Size Foaming Sponge That Combines Four Functions In One

If this travel sponge could make your breakfast for you, it probably would. As it is, it serves four purposes all by itself: It's a sponge to take with you while you travel, it's permeated with a foaming cleanser, the cleanser can be left to sit on your face as a mask treatment, and the sponge provides an exfoliating treatment. Each sponge provides two to five uses so one sponge may be enough for your entire trip, too.

These Lint Rollers For A Lifetime Are A Must For Pet Owners

Pet lovers and their houseguests will wonder how they ever functioned before these sticky rollers that remove every last pet hair from clothes, furniture, carpeting, and the like — and stay sticky for reuse with just a simple rinse. This set includes a hand-held roller, and a larger one designed to be used on larger areas: they'll last forever with proper care and storage in the included sleeve when not in use.

The Dog Toy That Will Give Your Pup Hours Of Fun

Made from seamless, sturdy, non-toxic rubber, this ball has a crunchy-sounding recycled plastic bottle inside to amuse your dog for hours on end. The holes in the side provide an easy way for your dog to carry the ball and bite into it, while the patented design is engineered exclusively to keep your dog safe while they play.

This Cube Is Both A Fidget Toy And A Mind-Teasing Puzzle

Ideal for when you're going to a black-tie event and your everyday fidget spinner isn't dressy enough (kidding, kind of), this fidget cube features a small size and a sleek, modern appearance. The tough, durable blocks are not only great for fidgeting, but they're also a mind-teasing puzzle — the pieces flipping and folding noiselessly to help relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and improve your focus.

The Silicone Seals That Are Great At Protecting Food And Containers

Whether you're looking to keep that half a lemon fresh or you've lost the lid to the mayo and need a replacement, these silicone food savers can help. Suitable for use on a variety of fruits and vegetables, they'll create an airtight seal on the cut side, extending the life of the unused portion of your food. Plus, when you're missing a lid to just about anything, these handy, food-safe, BPA-free huggers make the perfect stand-in.

These Lingerie Wash Bags Are Brilliant

They look like they'd make pretty stylish handbags to me, but these lingerie bags provide an excellent way to protect the investment you've made in your fine lingerie. Structured with a plastic frame surrounded by soft mesh material, they'll cradle your smalls and ensure they get the gentle treatment, protecting the shape of your bra.

A Floss Infused With — Yep — Charcoal

This floss is crafted from renewably harvested, eco-friendly bamboo fiber, and it's permeated with naturally antibacterial activated charcoal that's great for killing the germs that cause tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath before they can take hold. The floss also features organic peppermint and tea tree oils that provide additional antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

These Socks Are Great For Barre Class And Also Straight-Up Adorbs

Crafted from a cotton-spandex blend with slip-proof gel soles, these socks have a patent-pending design that's intended for use in barre, Pilates, yoga, and dance classes — but they're so darn cute with their toeless style and crossover straps across the arch, that I'd just wear them around the house. The exposed half toes give your feet a feel for the floor, and the toe separation is effective prevention for athlete's foot, too.

The Angry Mama Who Cleans Your Microwave When She Blows Her Top

You don't want to get your own Mama angry, but this gadget is one Mama you do want to get heated. Fill this kitschy-looking, already-unhappy lady's body with vinegar and water (you'll have to remove her head first), then put her in the microwave according to the directions. You'll see the waves of steam coming from her head like that time you argued with Mom about your curfew back in high school, and your microwave will be clean in half the time.

The Stainless Steel Soap That Gets Onion And Garlic Odors Off Your Hands

A longtime secret of avid cooks, this stainless steel soap will remove objectionable odors from your hands quickly and easily. It's science that makes this unlikely gadget work: The sulfur molecules that cause the odors in onions and garlic, for example, bind with the molecules in the lightweight steel and lift them from your hands. Just rub the bar between your hands underwater for 30 seconds, and odors will disappear. =

The Popsicle Molds That Look Like Thumbs

Suck your thumb — or at least this stylized thumb — with pure abandon when you get these popsicle molds that are guaranteed to get a thumbs-up at your next BBQ. The flexible silicone molds feature incredible detail and can be filled with juice, yogurt, puréed fruit, or any combination — or make wine pops and enjoy an adult treat! They work as soap molds, too, and several other shapes are also available.

These Gadgets Give You An Extra Pair Of Hands — Or Several — In The Kitchen

Get an extra pair of hands — or three — when you're working on food prep and leftover storage with this set of baggy racks. The unique design holds sandwich and storage bags open while you ladle in sauces or transfer in any kind of food — no more fighting to hold the bag with one hand against the side of a pot or pan while you work awkwardly with the other. A non-slip rubber base ensures the bag won't move around while you work.

The Slime That's Actually Useful For Cleaning In Nooks And Crannies

Perfect for cleaning the nooks and crannies of expensive electronics to keep them functioning in peak condition, this sticky gel will get all the dust, dirt, and tiny crumbs out of your keyboards, audio equipment, cameras, and the like. It's also super useful for getting those nooks and crannies clean when you're detailing your car. It won't stick to the surfaces you're cleaning, and you'll get many uses out of just one package of gel.

An Extra-Loud Alarm Clock For Those Who Need Just A Little Extra Help Getting Up In The Morning

This alarm is equipped with a disk that slips under your pillow or your mattress to shake you awake — so if you're a heavy sleeper, this is the clock for you. It also has built-in pulsating lights, and an extra-loud dual alarm with adjustable volume and tone. With the clear, easy-to-read display, there's no mistaking what time it is, and it does have a snooze function if you absolutely must have a few extra minutes of shut-eye.

This Wine Goes Right On Your Face, Not In It

Why just drink wine? Now, here's some to put on your face with these gauze pads that are coated with a peeling serum formulated from wine extract. The three-layer pads provide a complex treatment that cleanses, exfoliates, and delivers an antioxidant-rich micro-peel that leaves behind reconditioned skin with a smooth, soft texture. This natural, cruelty-free K-beauty treatment leaves skin glowing.

These Silicone Sponges Are Kitchen Chameleons, Serving Tons Of Different Purposes

Made from naturally antibacterial silicone, these sponges feature thick bristles that are soft enough for your finest china and easily remove food waste. Once you're done with the dishes, throw these heat-resistant, BPA-free sponges in the dishwasher to clean and sanitize them — and since they're heat-resistant, they can also serve as pot holders, hot pads or trivets for your pots and pans, and you can even use them as shower scrubbers.

A Light For Your Toilet To Make Your Porcelain Throne More Regal

As the beloved children's book says, "Everybody poops." Everybody pees, too, and why not liven up the chore with this toilet night light? This motion-activated LED light installs easily and offers eight colors to choose from, or set it to cycle through rainbow mode for a disco effect. It's a great guide to the bathroom during the night, and it's perfect for anyone who needs to go after bedtime but doesn't want the glare of bright lights.

This Stress-Relief Putty Has An Attitude

With its iridescent rainbow hue and therapeutic stretchiness, this putty is guaranteed to get the grumpiness right out of anyone who needs a break. Pull, tug, stretch, or twist — this purple ball of happiness will absorb all your cares and worries and will leave you calm. Completely non-toxic, it's great for squishing and squeezing whenever you need a good fidget, too.

The Foldable Bamboo Steps That Are The Key To Healthy Elimination

Squatting is a more natural posture for doing number two — given that it does not cause your muscles to pinch off the end of your colon like sitting does. These steps, crafted from eco-friendly and sustainably-harvested bamboo, help get your body into a more natural position to release your stool naturally and comfortably. They're adjustable to three different heights, and fold for storage when not in use.

The Device That Will Travel With You For When You Just Can't Be Too Clean

Once, on a trip to Greece, I had to use American Express travelers' cheque receipts in the bathroom.Next time, I'll bring this travel bidet, which leaves you cleaner and cuts down on how much toilet paper you're using per go. Great for campers and anyone adventuring in the great outdoors (this model gets five-stars from one couple who go on a yearly surfing trip in a remote Central American location), it's actually a favorite of hundreds of Amazon reviewers.

Some Heavy-Duty Artillery For When Your Plunger Just Isn't Enough

For those clogs that just won't quit, get this toilet gun that blasts out the blockages with high-pressure compressed air. Suitable for use on sinks, showers, and bathtubs, too, it works simply by pumping the air chamber a few times then squeezing the trigger. The blast of air is released, clearing the pipe or drain in seconds. Accompanied by four hard rubber pipe adapters — one sure to fit any clogged pipe you're facing — it's the one device you need to solve a bevy of plumbing problems.

The Easy-Blending Patches That Actually Draw The Germs Out Of Bothersome Acne

If you want a fast solution for an unexpected pimple, try out these patches: They're made from hydrocolloid material that blends with any skin tone while actually absorbing oil and dirt. Since they cover the blemish, they also protect it from you picking at it and spreading the germs while they're sucking them out of your skin. Revolutionary!

This Massager Wand Is Heated And Vibrates To Stimulate Circulation And Relax Your Face

Compact and lipstick-sized so it's easy to carry with you when you're on the go, this facial massager boosts circulation and relaxes facial muscles to revitalize your complexion. The gentle warmth is refreshing for your eyes and can help relieve strain, while high-frequency micro-vibration leaves behind glowing skin. Cordless operation makes this device easy to use even around intricate facial contours — it charges via USB.

A Cord Winder For All The Mac Fans In The Hizzy

Keep your MacBook charger neat and untangled with this cord winder that's great for use both in the office and while traveling. With the charger block in the center, you can wind up your power supply in just five seconds — and its tidy low profile will easily fit into the front pocket of a backpack or the side pocket of a messenger bag. You can easily adjust the cable length while in use without it getting all discombobulated, too.

This Body Pillow Might Be The Best Partner You'll Ever Have In Bed

Crafted from rayon that's derived from sustainably-harvested, eco-friendly bamboo, this body pillow combines shredded memory foam with a bamboo filling that never goes flat to help you get into the correct spinal alignment both on your back and on your side. It's great for watching TV in bed, and one reviewer writes: "I'm so, so happy I bought this. It's soft to the touch, but wonderful to rest on, and it feels like it hugs you right back."

41.The Moisturizer That Goes On Green Because It Uses Plant Power To Hydrate

Green isn't necessarily the first color you'd consider for unguents you apply to your skin, but this moisturizer gets its punch from plant-based chlorophyll, so it's natural. Packed with antioxidants and nutrients, it absorbs quickly and is non-greasy despite having a nourishing dose of argan, olive, and jojoba oils that leave your skin plumped and soft. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin, this all-natural, 100 percent vegan, cruelty-free formulation feels truly luxurious, yet it's incredibly lightweight.

They Don't Look Like They'd Feel Good On Your Feet, But They're So Healing

With all their bumps and nubs, these gadgets may not look like something that would be comfortable for your feet — but they're engineered to provide both a stimulating deep tissue massage and a calf stretch for Achilles tendon health. Flexibility, range of motion, and dramatically improved circulation are a few of the benefits that these can provide, and they're perfect for everyday use as well as for improving sports performance and getting relief from conditions like plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and other foot issues.

The Hat That's A Lifesaver For Migraine Sufferers

If you suffer from migraines like I do, you'll know how essential darkness, light pressure around your head, and cold are in fighting off an attack when it arrives. Made of soft, flexible materials that cradle your head in comfort, this wonder hat combines all three. It can be worn over the eyes during an attack to completely block out all light, and features a Velcro closure that can be adjusted to provide a customized amount of pressure. The sides of the hat contain individually wrapped gel cubes that can be moved to apply wherever you find the most comfort — or taken out.

These Adhesive Warmers That Keep Your Feet Warm

You know what Hot Hands are — well, these gadgets are Hot Hands for your feet. Odorless, disposable, and filled with eco-friendly ingredients, you just take them out of their packaging and shake to activate. These warmers feature adhesive so you can adhere them to your socks so they'll stay put, and they're ultra-thin so they won't feel bulky in your shoes. They're great for travel, outdoor sports, and anyone who works outside.

A Handy Shield To Keep Your Eyeshadow Where It Belongs

Designed to keep your face clean from fall out while you apply powdered eyeshadow, these shields apply beneath your lower lashes and are contoured to provide full coverage. Self-adhesive so you can apply them then still have both hands free to work with your makeup, they can also be folded to get a straight edge to guide in creating the perfect cat eye, and can help with lipstick application as well.

The Clips That Help You Cut Your Hair At Home

A Shark Tank favorite, these clips enable you to trim and cut your hair at home. Yes, for real. The blue clip is for short hair, children's hair, and trimming bangs — and the white clip enables you to trim and cut long hair with ease. Both have teeth to catch and hold hair in place, and lock to ensure they remain straight and in place where you've settled them. Simply cut along the edge, and you're done.

These Hair Clips Are Everything — Literally

I could not possibly love these hair clips more. While they look like the traditional metal hair clips you can buy in any drug store, they actually turn the wearer into a fix-it ninja: They also function as a screwdriver, a wrench, a cutting blade, a ruler, and much more. Oh, and it holds your hair back. Total mic drop moment.

If You Love Sushi, You Need These Push Pins

How fun are these pushpins that look like fish roe? The clever folks at Fred & Friends come up with so many things that make life a little more enjoyable, and darn if these wouldn't spice up any cork board or cubicle wall and make you smile even on a Monday. Great for the workroom and a wonderful gift for any sushi lover.

The Flexible Silicone Arms That Protect Your Stemware In The Dishwasher

Don't you hate it when you wash wine glasses and you open the dishwasher to find them on their sides with dirty dishwater and grit in them? These silicone arms eliminate that problem, while also making sure your glasses don't break mid-cycle. Made of 100 percent food-grade silicone, they're durable enough to stand up to the dishwasher's high temperatures, fit any type of machine, and make the perfect wedding or housewarming gift.

The Device That's Toast's Best Friend

Suitable for either margarine or butter, this dispenser loads easily then dispenses thin, luscious ribbons over your toast, pasta, or vegetables. It works easily with the twist design at the top to condense the butter into the tube and dispense the ribbons — and the outside features measuring lines, so it's great for baking, too.

This Cushion's Unique Design Helps Relieve Back Pain

This back support cushion is engineered with a honeycomb design from hyper-elastic polymer and free air-flow channels to stay breathable — and it includes evenly distributed columns for superior lumbar support. Perfect for use in the office, the convenient handle allows for easy transport to the car for the commute home. It's also great for long-haul travelers.

The Pillow From The "Bed Of Nails" Actually Relieves Pain And Encourages Relaxation

If you have yet to run into the roving bands of enthusiastic Bed of Nails aficionados, you clearly need to spend more time on Amazon. This pillow is part of the set, and like the bed, features dozens of plastic disks topped with spikes designed to target acupressure points — in this instance, on your head, neck, and shoulders. Fans rave about its capacity to improve circulation; relieve pain, stress, and tension; and even induce a meditative state.

A Fantastical Monster-Building Game Is Just What You Need To Blow Your Next Party Wide Open

From the creators of the riotously popular Exploding Kittens, this party game is family-friendly, highly strategic, and can be played in just 20 minutes by groups as small as two and as large as five people. Contained in a super-fun, retro-style fur-covered box, everyone 10 and older will enjoy creating their own monster and preparing to defend themselves against an onslaught of tactical infants.

The Press That Helps You Craft Stuffed, Delicious Burgers

Made from heavy-duty, BPA-free, non-stick plastic, this burger press is designed to accommodate the oversized amount of ingredients that go into making stuffed burgers — so you can include cheese, bacon, vegetables, or anything you like in the center of your delicious patties. Durable and professional-grade, they're suitable for both indoor and outdoor cooking, and clean up easily in the dishwasher.

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