60 Cute Group Chat Names For Snapchat, So You Can Really Express Yourselfies

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Checking Snapchat may have become a habit almost every time you pick up your phone. Of course, you can't wait to check out the new filters, but first, you likely catch up on everything that's been going on in your crew's group chat. How lucky we are to live in a time where it's so easy to keep in touch with the entire squad, no matter the time or the distance. You and your besties love sending each other snaps and videos back and forth on the daily. Your group chat is also how you're able to plan epic weekend trips and narrow down brunch options. That's why you need cute group chat names for Snapchat.

By now, a group chat is not official until your entire crew decides on a name. Instead of having everyone's names in a long list that's difficult to find when you're trying to send a pic, you want one simple name that clearly defines your crew. This way, you can send your snaps back and forth without delay.

Picking out just one name can be hard AF. Of course, you could always go with something generic like "best friends" or "my squad," but you want something that's as cute as all of you look when posing with the dog filter. That's why you need to send this list of 60 group chat names to your friends, and see which one sticks out the most. Then, snap away and send out celebratory pics to each other in your newly-named group chat.

1. My Fab Five

2. Core Four

3. Squad For Life

4. Mermaid To Snap Shellfies

5. Snap Up Your Life

6. Snap To It

7. Professor Snap

8. Best Fries Forever

9. Friendchips And Guac

10. Bend And Snapchat

11. My Snapchat Baes

12. Selfies Galore

13. Snaps For Elle

14. Snap A Waffle Lot

15. Shrimply The Best Snaps

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16. The Chamber of Secrets

17. Snape Chat

18. Love Yourselfie

19. Snap Soulmates

20. The Friend Circle

21. My Snap People

22. Snap Streaks

23. Express Yourselfie

24. Souper Friends

25. Cerealsly The Best Snaps

26. The Chosen Ones

27. My Lucky Charms

28. Snapchat Ride Or Dies

29. Snap Every Day

30. Likes To Ketchup With Friends

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31. A Place For Friends

32. The Good Place

33. Olive My Friends

34. Oh Snap

35. Purrfect Snaps

36. Gouda Snaps

37. Besties 4 Life

38. Besties On A Streak

39. We Are Family

40. Meow Friends Forever

41. S'more Snaps

42. We Share Because We Care

43. Rawrsome Squad

44. Birds Of A Feather

45. Peachy Queens

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46. Doughnut Know What I'd Do Without

47. Baegoals

48. Selfie Care

49. Snap Goals

50. Love So Matcha

51. Pizza My Heart

52. Snap On Snap Off

53. We Snap Together

54. You Can't Snap With Us

55. Only Got Snaps For This Crew

56. Snaptastic Friends

57. We're Always Camera Ready

58. Doughnut Stop Snapping

59. Snaps Like No Other

60. A Whole Latte Snaps

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