These White Claw Shortage Tweets Will Speak To Your Spiked Seltzer-Loving Soul

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If summer 2018 was the season of oversized pool floats, 2019 is definitely White Claw summer. People cannot stop raving about the refreshing hard seltzer. It quickly became a favorite for beach hangouts, backyard BBQs, rooftop happy hours, and pool parties. I definitely understand the hype; the first time I tried it, I immediately fell in love with it as well. However, great demand requires major supply. And as of right now, there seems to be a shortage, and naturally, there are a ton of tweets about the White Claw shortage that are filling up my feed.

According to CNN Business, White Claw's senior vice president of marketing stated the drink has "accelerated faster than anyone could have predicted." As a millennial myself, I know firsthand the minute millennials hop on a trend, they love it hard. Something else I know about millennials is that when something becomes an issue, you take your feels to Twitter.

One way to cope with the shortage of your favorite summer drink is to laugh about it with a tweet or two. So after you stock up on this hard seltzer as soon as possible for your end-of-summer party, you can at least know you're not alone with these tweets about the White Claw shortage. If anything, this is a good life lesson that when you love something, you should fully appreciate it while it's there... and also stock up like there's a zombie apocalypse right around the corner.

When You Honestly Feel Responsible For The Shortage...

When you feel as though you contributed to the White Claw shortage because Black Cherry is just so good, this tweet will make really speak to your spiked seltzer-loving soul. White Claw summer 2019, you are the greatest of all time.

And You Take The Blame Because It's Your Fave Summertime Sip

When you first heard about the White Claw shortage, you may have wanted to delete every single pic you posted about your love for White Claw. You thought for sure the evidence would lead back to you and you'd be outed as the reason for the shortage. (OK, maybe that's a tad dramatic and I'm totally kidding, but seriously though, we just need our White Claw.)

When You Want To Point Fingers, But Don't Even Know Where To Start

If loving White Claw is wrong, I don't want to be right. At the end of the day, as much as you may want to, it doesn't really help to point any fingers. All we need is a restock of this favorite beverage ASAP.

When Someone Mentions The Shortage, You Just Want It Even More

All of this talk about White Claw is just making you want it even more. Can someone please pass a Black Cherry?

This Time Will Potentially Go Down In History

This White Claw shortage honestly feels like it should go down in history. Someday, you may even be telling your grandkids where you were when the news broke. (Just kidding, but hopefully this tweet will make you smile, laugh a bit, and cope.)

When You Spot An Empty Shelf And Low-Key Want To Tear Up

Staring at an empty shelf where boxes of White Claw apparently should be low-key makes you start to get the sniffles. Does this officially mean the end of summer 2019? I'll never let go, White Claw. I'll never let go.

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