6 Things To Do With Your Cat On Valentine's Day, Because They're The Purrfect Date

Valentine's Day is supposed to be spent with the people we love. That could mean your partner or your favorite squad of girlfriends. But, for some of us that one "person" we want to celebrate with isn't a person at all. It's actually our purrfect little fur baby. Forget date night with bae, because we want cute cuddle time with our precious kitty. They deserve all the love we have to give in this world, so instead of planning a dinner out, you're probably looking for things to do with your cat on Valentine's Day.

Even if you aren't single, you understand how important it is to include your feline friend on your date night plans. Tell bae that you're happy to spend Valentine's Day with them, but you want to be doing any of these six activities that involve your cat, too. If you are single, you don't have to curse Cupid for not setting you up, because you're perfectly happy with the Valentine who fills your heart with so much happiness. There is no other person out there who has the coziest cuddles, the cutest little eyes, and makes you laugh uncontrollably just by being themselves. Your cat really is the most pawsome date you could ever ask for, and you'll be smitten like a kitten just by being with them this V-Day.

Have A Game Night With Their Favorite Toys

Only cat owners know the true joy you get from watching your cat trying to catch a feather on a string. Sometimes you come home from a long day at work and don't have time to play with their favorite toys. But, on Valentine's Day it's all about making your loved one feel special, so you will make the time.

As their V-Day gift, instead of a sweet card, give your feline friend a new toy to play with. Every cat I know — and I know a few — is obsessed with this Cat Dancer toy from Amazon. It's just wire and cardboard, but you'd be amazed at how entertaining it is to watch your fur baby play with it.

Netflix And Chill With 'Planet Earth'

I have never seen a cat so excited than when they're watching Discovery's Planet Earth. Luckily, it's available on Netflix for you and your fur baby to watch on Valentine's Day. Build a cozy area for you to cuddle up and watch at home.

Have A Cat Treat Baking Party
Chris & Eve on YouTube

The way to your furry Valentine's heart is through their stomach. I would say feeding your cat is probably their favorite thing you do.

Show them just how much you love them with some fancy homemade treats to feast on. Try out some cat treat recipes on YouTube just for the holiday. They'll love it meowy much, and while you're at it, bake some tasty brownies for yourself. Everyone wins with this activity!

Put Together An Epic Cat Fort Out Of Boxes

I don't know if you've noticed, but cats sersiouly love boxes. Sometimes they love the empty box more than the present inside of it. Start gathering old boxes from work or packages you receive. On Feb. 14th when your cat isn't looking, put together an epic box fort just for them to play in.

They'll be so excited, they won't know what to do with themselves. Build yourself a section of the fort with blankets, so you can get in on the fun as well.

Cook A Fancy Feast For Two

Usually date night includes a nice dinner, so instead of feeding your cat their typical canned or dry food, put your chef's hat on and cook up something delicious. It could be a chicken feast, or savory salmon. Spoil them for the evening, because they truly deserve it! It's hard work being that adorable 24/7.

Set up a fancy dinner table for them to eat at, or make a romantic picnic on the floor. Your cat will feel like the king or queen they truly are.

Dance Around To Their Favorite Songs

Whether it's "Everybody Wants To Be A Cat" from The Aristocats or "Wild World" by Cat Stevens, put on your fur baby's favorite songs and dance around together. Document the fun you're having with some videos on your Instagram Story or Snapchat. You're just two cats having the time of your life, dancing like no one's watching.