If You're Always Looking For A Snack, You Need This Subscription Box

Friends come and go, but when the going gets tough, snacks are always there for you. From snack time in elementary school, to that cookie you've been saving for your upcoming 3 p.m. work slump, snacks are always there, waiting loyally at the bottom of your bag. And if you're also someone who's relatively reliant on snacks to get you through the day, a snack subscription box keeps you supplied with snacks on a monthly basis — which is honestly pretty great, right? So if you just can't seem to choose one monthly box from the internet abyss, here are 6 snack subscription boxes that'll keep that munchie supply coming and coming.

In the wise words of Snickers, "you're not you when you're hungry." And oh man, is that true. I've said some pretty regrettable things in a manic state of hanger, and I'm sure you have, too. But when you're just so freaking hungry, and you open your cabinet to find nothing but a can of tuna and some dust bunnies, that's kind of just the worst. Whether you're craving a little salt, a little sweet, a little crunch, or a little chew, we've put together a list of really dope subscription snack boxes that'll undoubtedly prevent those snackless scaries from knocking at your door.

1. Graze Box


If you're looking for a mix of salty and sweet healthy snacks, definitely look into signing up with Graze Box. You can adjust it to your dietary wants and needs, whether you're vegan, gluten free, or if you're just looking for something new. From seasoned nuts, to multigrain crackers, to dried fruit medleys, Graze is perfect for the active, outdoorsy snacker.

2. Snack Fever

Snack Fever

Compiling a multitude of unique snacks from Korea, Snack Fever supplies customers with a monthly collection of anything from Korean candies, to potato chips, to jelly, as well as some sort of gift related to Korean culture. What better way is there, to get yourself a taste of Korea... by eating all of the popular Korean snacks?

3. The Cravory Cookie Box

The Cravory

Maybe some fresh-as-heck cookies are more your speed, and you're craving anything from chocolate chips, to sprinkles on sprinkles on sprinkles. In this case, we definitely recommend Cravory Cookies to satisfy all of your crunchy-on-the-outside, yet chewy-on-the-inside desires.

4. The Carnivore Club

Carnivore Club

Vegans, stand back, because The Carnivore Club is for meat-lovers only. If your favorite animal is steak, and if you're more likely to munch on some dried salami and jerky than carrots and hummus, definitely make sure to get your paws on one of their Meat Snackers boxes, containing all kinds of jerkies, meat sticks, etc. for some on-the-go animal protein.

5. Peanut Free Box

Peanut Free Box

Nut allergy? No problem. Peanut Free Box provides nut-free snackers with the tasty treats they maybe weren't able to have way back when, at the peanut-free table. Between a variety of nut-free cookies, crackers, and granola bars, nut allergies don't have to separate you from the treats and delicacies of snack time anymore.

6. Cheese of the Month Club

Cheese of the Month Club

A healthy supply of dairy might be the only thing to satisfy that nasty snack time craving, in which case, we'd recommend the Cheese of the Month Club. Sending a variety of professionally selected and hand-crafted artisanal cheeses, Cheese of the Month Club is what every cheese-lover truly wants, and honestly needs.

There are literally too many varieties of snack subscription boxes, but no matter what your typical craving might be, there's definitely a box for it. There's really nothing quite like that feeling of snacks being sent to your door, and it's time that your snack cabinet experiences it.

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