6 Shows Like 'Glow' If You Need More Girl Power Shows To Binge


If your July 4th lead-up weekend was anything like mine, you likely binge-watched the second season of GLOW while avoiding the blistering heat and double-fisting s'mores out of the microwave. (Don't judge.) The Netflix '80s throwback returned on June 29 for more action off and on the ring, and it was even more delightful the second time around. At a loss now that there are no more new eps? Here are 6 shows like GLOW to get into if you're digging its vibe.

GLOW premiered in 2017 and ended up being hailed as one of the best new shows of the year. The series earned rave reviews, four Critics Choice Awards nominations, and one Golden Globe nod for star Alison Brie (Mad Men, Community). The concept is a unique one being that it chronicles the lives of the cast of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, an actual wrestling program from the 1980s. It also stands out because it has a large and diverse ensemble of primarily women. It's not easy to find shows that live up to its distinct and spandex-clad character, but there are at least six shows out there that might just fill your GLOW-ing void.

1. Orange Is the New Black

This suggestion is kind of a no-brainer considering its creator Jenji Kohan serves as an executive producer on GLOW. Orange Is the New Black became a groundbreaking asset for Netflix's original programming slate when it premiered back in 2013, following inmate Piper Chapman's foray into minimum-security federal prison life. Since then the show's evolved into so much more than Piper's story. The sixth season debuts on July 27, 2018, so if you're not caught up... get on that.

2. Broad City

Quirky characters with an unwavring bond who are unapologetically themselves? That's Ilana and Abbi. Comedy Central's wonderfully wacky account of twenty-somethings trying to survive and thrive in New York City is all kinds of outlandish fun and have plenty of time to binge its first four seasons. Season 5 — its last — premieres in 2019.

3. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

If you enjoy the outspoken ladies of GLOW and you also happen to crave the fast-talking wit of a show like Gilmore Girls, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is pretty much made for you. Amazon's original series surrounds an Upper West Side NYC housewife who starts a new life as a comedian among the seedy 1950s Greenwich Village scene. Not only will it empower you to go out and conqure the world, it will make you laugh until you'll sides hurt. Season 1 is currently streaming and a release date for Season 2 has yet to be announced.

4. Total Bellas

Honestly, if women wrestling is what you're after, Nikki and Brie and the women. The spinoff of E!'s Total Divas (also a solid watch) is the reality TV answer to getting inside the modern world of that entertainment and sports sector. Not only you get a look at their professional duties as WWE superstars, it also digs into their personal lives — from babies to boyfriends to sisterly situations.

5. Jessica Jones

Need a badass anti-hero with comic book roots? Marvel's Jessica Jones is a can't-miss Netflix action/thriller/drama/superhero stunner. Just don't expect lighthearted playfulness and superhero silliness. This show is dark.

6. GLOW: The Stories of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Before GLOW became a show inspired by a show, this documentary about the real Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling came out in 2012. The film offers up interviews with actual cast members opening up about their participation and features eye-opening footage from the original program. If you want to enhance your GLOW-watching experience, this enlightening archival deep-dive should do the trick.