6 Sexy Gifts For Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend That Will Blow Their Mind

I'm generally pretty proud of my gift-giving skills, but when it comes to shopping for significant others, I've been, er, less successful. Sure, one year I lined up 12 Days of Christmas presents for my boyfriend, gave him a $150 watch, and got some old records and socks in exchange (it's fine, totally over it). But since that fiasco, I've stuck to gifting men's sweaters and maybe, if I'm feeling wild, cologne. But like, have you seen how many sexy gifts for your boyfriend and girlfriend the internet has to offer? Because wow, my mind is blown.

Gifts can do so much more than just say, "I love you this many dollars worth." They can present playful and unexpected ways to spice up your love life, give you both a chance to snuggle up in some silky apparel, or make your long-distance relationship a little bit easier (and a whole lot sexier).

From sexy games and pajamas to magical touch lamps that Aladdin and Jasmine would envy, below you'll find six gifts that will make your partner's jaw drop... and hopefully their pants, too? (Wink, wink.)

Silky Sleepwear

The Silk Sleep Set

Gifting your partner a lacy corset is way more a gift for you than it is for her — if she can't breathe in it, it's not really a present. Instead, pick up some sexy, slinky silk sleepwear (say that three times fast) or boxer shorts. And if you want to heat things up a bit, throw in a note that says, "Can't to wait to take this off of you."

Maybe pick up some fancy pajamas for yourself, while you're at it.

Sexy Truth Or Dare

Strip poker is so 2000 and late. Instead, opt for an adventurous game of Sexy Truth or Dare, it promises to take you and your partner to "sexy new limits" (you can go a step further and try Kinky Truth or Dare as well).

The Fantasy Box

Sure, you could gift your partner a few nights in cooking Blue Apron Meals... or you could get them a sexy subscription box (I think we both know which will lead to a more exciting night for both of you).

The Fantasy Box is a monthly subscription service that provides you with everything you need to live out your fantasy date nights — from playful toys to gorgeous lingerie. Boxes vary in size and cost, from the "Essentials" series (pictured above) for $39/month to the "Premium" series (described as the "Bentley of Fantasy Boxes") for $159/month, which comes chock-full of saucy goodies — including luxe toys from Lelo and Jimmyjane (which can cost up to $150 on their own) and the chance to consult with a personal "concierge," to ensure your box is personalized to fit your every want and need.

Sensual Massage Oils

These all-natural massage oils are made up of a romantic and relaxing blend of fragrances like ylang ylang, citrus, cedarwood, and lavender. With names like "Knotty But Nice," and a massaging tool included in the set, this gift gives both you and your partner a chance to unwind (and undress). PS: All of these oils are certified cruelty-free and vegan friendly!

The Naughty and Nice Coupon Book

Remember when you used to make coupon books for your parents, like "One Breakfast-in-Bed," "One Free Car Wash?" This is kind of like that... only, not at all. Instead, it gives you a chance to show your partner a little love in the form of lap dances, mornings spent in bed, and several activities I can't mention here.

This Long-Distance Touch Lamp

Exactly what it sounds like — this fancy little lamp allows you to let your S.O. know you're thinking of them from afar with a simple touch. The lamps are connected via WiFi, so as long as you and your partner each have one handy (no pun intended), each time either of you touches your magical lamp, the other will light up with an ambient glow. It's a fun, modern way to show that you're thinking of that person; try firing it up before your next sexting session.

Happy shopping (and sexting?)!

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