6 Romantic Date Ideas If Your Bae Is Visiting Your Hometown For The Holidays

For many of us, the holidays mean that it's time to head back home for some much-needed family time. If you've got a special someone in your life, the holidays are also the perfect chance for them to get to know your family on a deeper level. Since this process can be a little overwhelming, it's also a good idea to keep some date ideas if your bae is visiting your hometown for the holidays in your back pocket.

No matter how much you love your relatives, if they're anything like mine, then it's only a matter of time before you're going to need to come up for a bit of air — and if it's your SO's first time socializing with your family, they're probably going to be craving some solo hangouts too. The good news is that no matter how boring you think your hometown is, The Bachelor franchise has taught us that even if you're from a literal cornfield, your SO is probably going to love exploring it with you. And since the holidays tend to make everything feel extra special, with a bit of planning you'll get some romantic time alone and your bae will get to know you and your hometown on a deeper level. It's a win-win.

Show them your favorite high-school hang out spot.

For most of us, whether we want to admit it or not, high school was probably a weird time. Although it might feel a bit embarrassing to let your bae have a peek at who you used to be, it can also be a fun bonding experience. Try planning a date where you show them your favorite high-school haunt —for example, a skating rink, poetry night at a trendy cafe, or a open mic comedy spot.

Take them on a local food tour.

Look, what's the point of going home for the holidays if you aren't going to stuff your face with all of your favorite hometown delicacies? If you happen to live in a city that has a vibrant food scene, then there are probably more than a few organized food tours to choose from. For those of us who call smaller towns home, make a list of your favorite places to grab coffee, lunch, drinks, and dinner.

Go to a holiday event in the area.

If there's a special event that you and your family attend around the holidays, be sure to arrange for your SO to be in town for this too! Sharing family traditions can be a great way to talk about values and things that you both want to incorporate into your lives as a couple. This can be something as simple as going to your local mall's tree lighting ceremony, spending the day at a holiday market, or going to see a theatre show. If it turns out that your family will be joining too, then plan to grab drinks or dinner solo so you and bae can get into a more romantic mood.

Have a picnic near a romantic make-out spot.

Trust me when I tell you that kissing your bae at your town's makeout spot is satisfying AF. The horrors of puberty are over and now you're living your best life with someone you love by your side. If the spot is somewhat scenic — à la Kissing Rock from Pretty Little Liars — then why not make it an occasion by bringing along some picnic supplies?

Visit a well-known museum.

Practically very city has a museum, and even if you've never been, that doesn't mean you can't have fun scoping it out with bae. If you can't find one you'd both be interested in, then see if there are any cool-sounding exhibitions in surrounding cities. The nice things about a museum date is that the artwork can inspire some stimulating and unique conversations that will keep things fresh.

Show them all of the touristy spots.

I know, I know, tourist spots are... well... touristy. But if your bae isn't familiar with them, then they could make for a romantic and interesting date. To avoid any stress, map out the spots you want to take them beforehand and make a schedule!

Hometown dates aren't only fun, but they also allow your SO to see where and how you grew up. Even if you've told them about your childhood, nothing quite compares to showing them around your hometown in person. Plus, the holidays can be a bit overwhelming, so it's never a bad idea to spend a day or two away from your family to reconnect.