6 Halloween Costumes For Best Friends Who Love Puns As Much As They Love Each Other

If you really want to bring your A game this Halloween with a brilliantly funny, absurdly punny costume, you can't do it alone. You need your bestie, your BFF, your number one partner in crime to help you get the job done. I mean, who else is going to a) willingly get onboard with your awful jokes and b) actually laugh at them (genuinely) along with you? For real though, you can trust me when I say these punny Halloween costume ideas for best friends will have you and your BFF slapping your knees and, most likely, annoying every single person around you.

But honestly, who even cares if everyone at the Halloween party rolls their eyes into another dimension at the sight of you and your BFF living it up in your punny costumes? Any close duo knows, when the two of you get together, it's basically as if the rest of the world doesn't even exist. It's just you two, your awful puns, and probably a few cups of that sugary, boozy punch you guys can't stop drinking. If we're being honest, isn't that really what Halloween is all about?

Yeah, it totally is. Here are six punny Halloween costume ideas to get you and your BFF started in your spooky, punny adventures.

A Salt And Battery
sew&tell on YouTube

Get it?

To accomplish this bad boy, one of you simply fashions yourself as a salt shaker, and the other will dress as a big ol' Duracell battery. Be warned, this one might take quite a lot of poster board and cut-outs to do up to its full potential.

If you need some help, this video by sew&tell shows you how to make a pretty fancy looking salt shaker.

Witch Doctor
Laxmi Lobo on Twitter

This one is pretty simple: One of you goes as a classic Halloween witch (black hat, cape, green nose with a wart), and one of you as a classic doctor dressed in a white lab coat and, of course, a stethoscope draped around the neck. At first glance, you're each doing something kind of basic, right?

But together? You're doing black magic in honor of All Hallows' Eve.

That, my friends, is the kind of mind trick that'll get you that extra Twix bar in your candy bag.

Pigs In A Blanket
Funny Pics on Twitter

This one goes to out the besties who would secretly rather stay in and cuddle up together under a big ol' fuzzy blanket to lazily watch a Halloween movie marathon and eat candy all night.

Take that blanket with you guys to wear to your Halloween soirée, and after both of you pop on some adorable little piggy noses and tails, you'll transform into a punny version of one of the most popular American party snacks of all time.

While you're at it, why not bring an actual batch of pigs in a blanket to the party? Yum.

Under The Weather
Brooklyn and Bailey on YouTube

This costume might take a bit of acrobatics to get 'er done, but if you're in it for the Insta moment, it's so worth it.

One of you will DIY some weather symbols — think lightning rods, clouds, rain drops, and sunshine — to wear, while the other will simply draw some tears on her face to represent sadness.

Whoever decides to be "the weather" will hop onto the other's shoulders, and voila, you've nailed it! Ugh, is there anything better than a good double entendre?

Grapes Of Wrath
BuzzFeedVideo on YouTube

For the lit lovers in the house, we're taking a Halloween costume interpretation to Steinbeck's American classic.

Whoever decides to be "grapes" can get all dressed up in purple, and for bonus points, adhere a bunch of little violet, bubbly looking balloons to their shirt.

As for "wrath," much like a great book, it's up for interpretation. The above video suggests bringing around a club, jumping around and looking furious. But you could dress like a demon rising from flames, or maybe like Lyssa, the Greek goddess of rage and madness.

Just make sure you look angry at all times, even when you're happily filling your belly with treats.

A Bag Of Eminems
bray on Twitter

All you need here is a giant garbage bag, some scissors, and a printer.

For "the bag" part of this costume, simply cut holes for your head and arms in one of those massive, industrial-size trash bags.

As for your bestie, print out a wide variety of pictures of Eminem — yes, the rapper — and cut those bad boys out. Find a way to adhere them all over your body, and y'all are good to go.