A woman posing in front of Cinderella's castle at Disney World.
6 Non-Clichéd Pics To Take In Front Of Cinderella's Castle

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The one souvenir every traveler should walk away with at the end of a Disney day is a pic in front of the castle. It's a must-do right next to eating Mickey-shaped treats and riding Space Mountain. You can get creative with your pose, too. There are a ton of cute pictures to take in front of Cinderella's castle in Walt Disney World if you want yours to stand out amongst the rest.

Over the years I've taken so many pictures in front of that castle. It's the most iconic and Instagram-worthy spot in all of Disney World, so it makes perfect sense. I have old photos with my sister from when we were kids, and recent selfies on my phone from my last trip home. I've accumulated far too many castle pics to count, but it's the unique and clever poses I remember the most.

These are the castle pics that are more than just a quick pose out front. Don't get me wrong — those can be great. But sometimes, you want to switch things up and think outside of the box. So if you have a trip planned to Disney World, don't forget to add "castle pic" to your itinerary. Then, decide which of these six different poses you plan on taking.

The "Running Down Main Street" Pic
Rachel Chapman

The minute you step inside Magic Kingdom, you can see the stunning castle right down Main Street. A cute idea for you and bae to recreate is a "running down Main Street" photo. Holding hands, try to get an "action shot" of you looking like you're pulling your partner along for an adventure. (I've done a similar photo when my best friend and I dressed up like Carl and Russel from Up.)

The "Self-Timer Squat" Pic
Rachel Chapman

Self-timers have changed the game when it comes to selfies. You no longer need to recruit your friend with the longest arm to snap the group pic.

Since the castle is so tall anyway, this is a great way to get most of it in the frame. Find a spot off to the side with less foot traffic to capture this pic. Even though the picture above is at California Adventure, you can use it as inspo for your castle pic.

The "Some Day My Prince/Princess Will Come Pose" Pic
Rachel Chapman

If you've ever met one of the Disney princesses, you know they have some signature poses. It usually involves holding their dress or putting their hands together like they're wishing for their prince to come.

I like to embrace my inner Disney princess whenever I pose in front of the castle. I have my sister take picture after picture while I switch up my poses. In the end, I usually end up with a few faves to choose from.

The "Mickey-Shaped Foodie" Pic
Rachel Chapman

Calling all my foodies: You know how important it is to get at least one Mickey-shaped snack during every Disney trip. Before you take your first bite, don't forget to snap a pic for the 'Gram. Instead of snapping your snack just anywhere, make sure to use the castle as a fun and vibrant backdrop. (Although the above picture is at Disneyland, you can recreate the same pose at Disney World.)

The "I've Got My Ears On" Pic
Rachel Chapman

When you're wearing your Mickey or Minnie ears, a selfie is necessary. Get a selfie that shows off your cute ears with the castle in the background. Either take it yourself with your ears being the main focus, or get a friend to take your pic and point to the ears on your head like your Karen from Mean Girls. (Although the above picture is at Disneyland, you can recreate the same pose at Disney World.)

The "Nighttime Magic" Pic
Rachel Chapman

Even though the lighting is best during the day for a castle pic, you have to get a photo at night too. When the sun goes down, the castle glows. (Don't even get me started on how beautiful it looks during the holiday season with the icicle lights.) And if you're able to capture a castle pic with the fireworks, you automatically win the Insta game.

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