6 Hot 'Riverdale' Sex Scenes That Will Leave You Sweating Hard
by Korey Lane
Riverdale/ Netflix

There's no denying that Riverdale is one of the hottest shows on television right now. Not only is the plot intriguing, but the actors are talented and beyond attractive. Because of all the beauty and ~intrigue~, it's just really fun to watch. And if you're in the mood for a little PG-13 entertainment, then you should definitely check out all the best sex scenes from Riverdale, because they're sure to get you all hot and bothered.

Now, if you aren't familiar with Riverdale, then all you really need to know is that the hit CW teen drama is based on the Archie Comics books, but there's also an element of mystery in the form of unsolved murders that a few main characters work together to figure out. Basically, it's the new version of Gossip Girl but with serial killers.

There's no surprise that Riverdale features quite a few teen sex scenes, fraught with angst, nerves, and that youthful energy that can only be associated with young love. And while it's network television, there are still plenty of scenes that feature a lot of skin, a lot of grinding bodies, and a lot of perfectly-synced music in the background. So, whether or not you're a Riverdale fan, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the hottest sex scenes from the show. Because you know you want to.


When Archie And Veronica Get It On
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In the season one finale, one of the final scenes of the episode centers around the four main characters and their romantic connections. While Imagine Dragon's "Believer" plays dramatically in the background, both main couples, "Varchie," or Archie and Veronica, and "Bughead" (Betty and Jughead) start getting frisky.

In the end, though, it's only Archie and Veronica who do the deed, and it's pretty steamy, if I do say so myself.

*That* Shower Scene
Riverdale on YouTube

After it was revealed by Camila Mendes (who plays Veronica) that the second season of the show was going to be even hotter than the first, this really shouldn't surprise you. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Mendes said, "We're even more sexual now. Death brings out certain passions or thirst for life. So they've definitely been friskier."

She wasn't wrong. In the season two premiere, when Archie and Veronica presumably have sex in the shower, fans weren't too shocked. But, with all the water and blood (yes, blood, this is Riverdale, remember?) dripping down their bodies, this sex scene is definitely one of the hottest.

When Betty Explores Her Dark Side
Riverdale/ Netflix

OK, so this isn't technically a sex scene, because Betty isn't actually having sex with someone, but still. In season two, episode 12, viewers see Betty embracing her dark side, wig and all, and chatting with a stranger online in a clearly sexual manner. For the record, at this point, Betty is still a virgin, so her having Skype-sex, or whatever the youths call it, is pretty intense for her.

So, while she's actually alone, this scene definitely shows Betty discovering and embracing her sexuality, putting it right on the hottest sex scene list.

Bughead Gets Steamy
Riverdale/ Netflix

In the same episode that begins with Betty having some sexy time with a stranger online, she and Jughead finally decide to have sex. In that same episode, it's revealed that they were both virgins before they had sex with each other, which made fans squeal with delight.

Truly, though, Betty and Jughead's first time having sex was both sweet and hot, making it an easy contender for Riverdale's hottest sex scene.

When Bughead Gets Kinky
Riverdale/ Netflix

After having sex for the first time, Betty and Jughead head to a cabin in the woods that Veronica's family owns. At one point, Betty decides to show her boo her dark side, and puts on her wig and sexy lingerie before throwing him onto the bed.

Safe to say that the couple defintely had a good time that night. Also, get it Betty.

When Cheryl And Toni Embrace
Riverdale/ Netflix

OK, again, this isn't technically a sex scene, but still. When Cheryl gets rescued from that awful conversion therapy institution, she and Toni finally share a kiss, and it's seriously sweet.

Hopefully, these two will move forward in season three, and maybe even have their own official sex scene, because if anyone deserves some good sex on Riverdale, it's Cheryl Blossom.

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