6 No Bake Christmas Cookies For The Lazy Girl Who Feels Like Giving But Not Cooking

Have you ever felt like channeling Betty Crocker, but your energy to actually be the guru baker just doesn't add up? Christmas cookies are a sweet gesture to gift, but just because our heart is in the right place, our jump to action might fall flat at times. No bake Christmas cookies are your way to fulfill that need to give without being in the kitchen for too long.

Hey, it's the thought that counts, isn't it? Cookies are cookies, and if you can take a shortcut, why not? Any lazy girl knows that the idea of baking dozens and dozens of cookies while animals from outside your window sing along and help sounds awesome. But ultimately, Disney doesn't do house visits, and nobody has time for that when you're rushing around doing all kinds of other holiday shenanigans.

The cookies will still have the cute wrapping, adorable card, and our endearing smile as we hand them over to you. Yes, laziness wins, but at least we are still fulfilling the holiday spirit and gifting someone with something they didn't have before. So, if giving out cookies is going to be your act of kindness this year, let these no bake cookie ideas keep you from having to jingle all the way.

Mickey And Minnie Oreo Christmas Cookies
Amy Locurto on YouTube

Not only can you find Oreos just about anywhere, but those babies come in huge packs. So, don't even worry about your lazy ways not being able to deliver delicious cookies in bulk.

These cookies are just so cute, and hopefully you're up for some food crafting since you won't be baking anything. Minnie's gotta have her bow.

No Bake Oatmeal Cookies
SimplyBakings on YouTube

Normally, oatmeal cookies might be the last pick on the shelf, but once you start adding a sufficient amount of chocolate and cookie butter to them, you really can't go wrong. Adding some Rice Krispies to this recipe might be pretty tasty as well. Besides, how hard can it really be to mix together a bunch of oatmeal, separate it, and distribute? Now, before you start making up some excuses, lazy girl, get to it.

Three-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies
Living On A Dime on YouTube

OK, you had us at three ingredients. You may have gone into this shortcut so that you could gift these cookies to other people, but it would be wise to pocket these recipes for when you have a sweet tooth and don't feel like baking. I mean, why should you have to deprive yourself of cookies because you don't feel like whipping out the apron?

Coconut Flour Fixes Everything
Una Blue on YouTube

Don't be discouraged by the star shape and think you're spending way more time than you would if you were baking. Some people tend to get distracted by shapes, colors, and shiny things, but we're here for this awesome tutorial.

These star-shaped cookies will keep your gift recipients so entertained that they won't even have time to question whether you really baked these or not. You go, girlfriend.

Christmas Tree Cookies

It's getting harder and harder to believe that these delicious-looking cookies haven't been put in the oven. Apparently, not every heavenly baked good has to be #blessed by an oven to slay our tastebuds.

The mini M&M's as Christmas lights on these cookie trees are so adorable that you'll have everyone wondering how you even had the time to execute this glamorous gift. Major kudos to you and your time management.

Peanut Butter Is Your Partner In Crime
Howcast on YouTube

Many of these no bake Christmas cookies include ingredients that you may even already have in your fridge or cabinets. Any lazy girl is fist pumping at the idea that they don't have to take another trip to the grocery store. Yes, we will take our small victories where we can get them.

Knocking this Christmas cookie recipe out with one pan will be a breeze, and that means less to clean up. Damn, we're getting good at this.

Gifting cookies during the holiday season will be satisfying for whoever gets to taste your masterpiece. Just because you spent less time in the kitchen, that doesn't mean these cookies aren't filled with some TLC.