6 'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Costumes That Susie Would Approve Of


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is having a moment. The show is fresh off eight Emmy wins and is heading into its hotly anticipated second season later this year. The delightful Amazon series, which follows NYC housewife and recent divorcee Midge Maisel as she starts a new professional life as a standup comic, is chock full of memorable one-liners and empowering moments. It's also a treasure trove of 1950s fashion. If you're looking for Marvelous Mrs. Maisel costumes this Halloween, I can't help but applaud your impeccable taste. Midge, her family, co-workers, and agent Susie's got style for days — here's how to capture their marvelousness and make Midge proud.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel's costume designer Donna Zakowska, who has worked on projects from John Adams to Kate & Leopold, explained to EW of Midge's approach to fashion, "In a way, Midge is a character that never gives in, even if something terrible is going on. It’s always about putting your best foot forward and an optimism that runs in the character."

Ready to put your best foot forward in the name of Halloween? These Marvelous Mrs. Maisel looks will make you feel like you're ready to take on the world (with a quick-witted sense of humor to boot).

1. Classic Polished Upper West Side Housewife/Underground Comedian


PAUL JONES Belle Poque Women's Off Shoulder Swing Dress Party Picnic Dress, From $29, Amazon

Classical Nostalgic Microphone, $15, Amazon

TopWigy Women Short Curly Wave Cosplay Wig, $20, Amazon

Midge Maisel's like the Hannah Montana of 1950s New York. Sometimes she plays the role of the picture perfect brisket-buying mom, other times she's cracking dirty jokes at the The Gaslight Cafe. This memorable red ensemble is like the best of both worlds (sorry, I can't help it). When it comes to portraying Mrs. Maisel's marvelous-ness you gotta have spunk — but you also need a flippy 'do, a vintage looking microphone, and an A-line retro number.

2. Hat-Wearing Sophisticate

YING LAN Wool Cap Stewardess Pillbox Hat, $12, Amazon

Mrs. Maisel just loves a good headwear piece. She's also a fan of fitted wool jackets and brooches. Use the same wig as above if necessary but top it off with a cute little cap.

3. Beatnik Chic


Cream & Navy Striped Satin Hair Scarf, $10, Unique Vintage

Hell Bunny Tina 50s Vintage Retro Style Capri Trousers, From $27, Amazon

Womens Short Sleeve Mock Neck Pullover Sweater, $19, Amazon

Midge goes full downtown cool in all black and a statement scarf. It's a 1950s style evocative of beat poets from the era and Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, and obviously Midge wears it well.

4. Drunken Nightgown

Women's Lapel Wool Blend Longline Winter Fall Warm Coat Overcoat, $32, Amazon

Nightgown Cap Sleeve Sleepwear, $24, Amazon

Do not exclude this iconic ensemble from a pivotal comedic breakthrough moment. Manischewitz not included.

5. Susie!

VBIGER Newsboy Hat Beret Hat, $10, Amazon

Notched Lapel Faux-Leather Zipper Motorcycle Belt Jacket, From $19, Amazon

Adjustable Suspenders w/ Braces, $9, Amazon

Susie Myerson, played to effortless perfection by Alex Borstein (yep — Family Guy's Lois Griffin), has a cool Greenwich Village sensibility that's easy to pull off.

5. Joel

Men's Tweed Plaid Blazer, $29, Amazon

Joel enjoys a dapper wool suit jacket and tie. Check out your local thrift store, because you never know the treasures you might find. If you're feeling lazy, a solid color sweater and trousers should do. With Joel, the most important element is slicking your hair back anyway.