6 Soothing Mantras That Remind You How Deeply You Are Loved

You guys, love is wonderful. Call me a romantic, but there’s just nothing like being surrounded by people who care deeply about you — it can warm even the loneliest corners of your soul. Whether it’s romantic love, familial love, self-love, you name it, it’s pretty much the best feeling in the world. And a little positive self-talk makes everything even better. Read on for some mantras about love to remind you how much you deserve this affection.

Even when you have people in your life telling you they love you, it never hurts to have little sayings on hand to remind yourself of this. Especially when life gets stressful and you’re feeling down on yourself, it’s great to whip out some reminders of how cherished you are. After all, the people who love you would certainly want you to feel it all the time! I know when I’m having a tough day, there’s nothing sweeter than picturing the people I care about and remembering how much they mean to me (and vice versa). It can make even the rainiest days feel just a bit more sunny and bearable. No matter the occasion, you deserve to feel surrounded with love and joy, so remember how valuable you are!

I am unique and special.

People want to be in your life because they love the specific gifts you bring to the table. Maybe you’re hilarious and always know how to make your friends laugh. Maybe you’re a really great listener. Whatever it is, know that people love you for the qualities that make you you — qualities that no one else in this world possesses! You are irreplaceable because you are the only version of you out there. And that’s a pretty cool thing.

People love to be around me.

Your loved ones are just dying to be at your side all the time. That’s because they can’t get enough of you! You’re a magnet for people’s adoration and they can’t stop thinking about how much fun you are. Own it, babe, because you’re a blast to be around!

I am cherished.

The people who love you are so incredibly grateful for the joy you bring them. They respect your authentic self and want to stick with you through the good times and bad. Although vulnerability can be scary at times, it opens you up to seeing the depths of others’ love for you. When you share your deepest self with someone, they feel more connected to you, and their love will only continue to grow.

My community adores me.

Your squad thinks you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread! They wouldn’t be your squad otherwise. Whatever dynamic you bring to the friend group, consider it essential and valuable. Even though you and your friends don’t always get along (it happens to the best of us), at the end of the day, they’d never trade you for anyone else. Your worth is priceless.

I have amazing people in my life.

If you’re feeling blue, take a second and remember how rad all your favorite people are! Sure, sometimes life is tough and you spill coffee on your shirt and you get a really crappy email from your boss, but don’t forget that your people can’t wait to hug you when the day is over. It’s a great thing to keep in mind when you’re feeling totally fed up with humanity — good people exist out there, my friend! And they care about YOU!

I attract all the good vibes.

Breathe in, breathe out. When you put positive energy out in the world, the same energy reflects back to you. So when you wish for love in your life, and you’re sending out love to others, it’s bound to come your way in return! People pick up one your joy and feel better just by being around you.

Feeling the love yet? Seriously, no matter how much life throws at you, you’ll always have people who love you for exactly who you are — not what you do for them or what you accomplish. You are innately worthy of all this adoration just because you’re you! Celebrate it, nurture it, and love other people just as hard.