Liza Koshy dance scene

'Work It' Isn't The Only Time Liza Koshy Has Shown Off Her Dance Moves


Liza Koshy can officially do it all. Fans already knew the internet personality was great at making videos and interviewing celebs on the red carpet, but Netflix's latest dance flick proved she can also act and dance. If you loved what you saw on Work It, here are six videos of Liza Koshy dancing that are sure to entertain you for the rest of the day.

In Work It, Koshy plays Jas, the best friend of protagonist Quinn and member of the award-winning dance squad, the Thunderbirds. That is, she was a member of that team, until Quinn started her own dance squad in an attempt to make her Duke University application more appealing, and she convinced Jas to join her. With the help of Jas, Quinn created a full dance squad, learned how to dance, and led the team to an amazing performance at the Work It dance competition.

Throughout the movie, Koshy's dance skills are on full display. From her dance off with Juilliard (Keiynan Lonsdale) near the beginning of the film to her spotlight performance in the final competition, Koshy dazzles with her sassy moves.

Luckily, all of this probably came pretty easy to Koshy, because she loves to dance. She's taken to social media for years to post fun videos of her dancing with celebs like Alicia Keys, or alone in her kitchen. Self-expression is one thing Koshy is clearly not afraid to do, and dance is just another medium in which she shows off her personality.

Check out these videos Koshy has posted in the past that put her dancing skill on full display. First are her Instagram posts, which often feature her doing high kicks and much more near a staircase in her home:

For more dancing fun, you can check out longer videos from Koshy on YouTube. She even recruits some big-shot celebs to join her in her videos. She is an internet superstar after all.

Finally, check out this video of Koshy in public, unabashedly dancing it out at a bar. If this doesn't make you smile, I'm honestly not sure what will.

To see Koshy dance on the big screen, check out Work It, which is is now streaming on Netflix.