6 Last-Minute Couples' Getaways That Won't Take Long To Plan At All

Sometimes, you don't know you need a couples' vacation until you've finished a hectic week at work, which left little to no time to spend with your bae. If you find yourself needing some R&R with your significant other on short notice, don't worry. There are plenty of last-minute couples' getaways that you can plan and book on the fly.

If you just realized you were able to snag a surprise day off and you're hoping to throw something together for you and your bae, the first thing you need to do is figure out what experience you're both looking for. Are you both city-slickers who love a good happy hour and need a couple of late-night spots to chill? Or are you an outdoorsy pair who doesn't mind getting up early to go on a hike? Maybe the beach is more your thing? Either way, the good news is that most of these vibes are attainable on short-ish notice.

Of course, your current location and where you're hoping to go are both going to have a lot to do with booking a reasonably priced, last-minute getaway. if you're in Minnesota, and you have your heart set on Cuba, then this is obviously going to be a much bigger trip than if you lived in Florida. Keeping your expectations in check for the amount of time you actually have will ensure both you and your bae have an awesome trip. Here's some vacay inspo for just about every type of couple.

1. A Seaside Bed And Breakfast

If you live somewhere that borders an ocean, then I don't need to tell you having some fun in the sun with your bae will definitely make for a romantic time. Even during the winter months, enjoying a tranquil few days by the sea is a pretty fun way to shake off the stress of your usual day-to-day life while also having time to reconnect with your SO. If the nearest seaside town is too much of a trek, consider a serene lake instead.

2. A Weekend In The City

Being based close to a major city does have its perks. Traffic is less of an issue, the air quality is better, and everything is a bit more mellow. The trade-off is that, after a while, things can start to feel a bit dull. So if you're looking to satisfy a craving to be in the middle of it all, then the nearest big city could provide a prime backdrop for some romance and adventure. You'll be sure to have an exciting trip with plenty of things to keep you both busy.

3. A Cabin In The Woods

If a rustic getaway in nature sounds like heaven on earth, then renting a quaint cabin in the woods will probably be right up your alley. This is a perfect chance to take in some nature and, if you're a sporty couple, to throw some hiking, fishing, or kayaking into the mix.

4. A Spontaneous Road Trip

Road trips pretty much never get old — there's always a new place to explore. For the couple who doesn't mind spending a few hours in the car listening to tunes and munching on snacks, taking a road trip to a fun city nearby is just the thing to plan on the fly. No flights necessary. Just you, your bae, and the open road.

5. An Island Jaunt

Booking last-minute flights at a reasonable price can definitely be a hit or miss depending on the time of year and how close your travel dates actually are to when you're booking. But if you've both got your hearts set on a tropical paradise, all hope is not lost. There are plenty of discount sites where you can find last-minute flight deals. If the specific location isn't so important, and you just want the cheapest deal, then checkout Skyscanner's secret "everywhere" search function, which allows you to view the cheapest flights leaving from your city.

6. A Weekend In Wine Country

For couples who can never get enough vino, you need to get yourselves to the nearest winery with haste. Does tasting a ton of yummy wines sound like a good time? Do you live for charcuteries? Does the idea of listening to live music while having lunch on a veranda overlooking vineyards make your heart skip a beat? Then a weekend in wine country is definitely for you.

All in all, planning a last-minute getaway with your boo doesn't have to be stressful — it can actually be super fun. There are plenty of practical getaways that can easily be planned and booked in a couple of hours and as little as a couple days in advance. So pack your bags and get ready for a romantic adventure to remember.

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