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6 Instagrammable Suitcases That Are Worth Every Penny

Picture this: You're getting ready to go on a trip, and you've carefully selected your travel outfit (probably something chic inspired by Gigi Hadid, TBH). You're heading out the door and want to take a cute pic in front of the airport — but you realize that your luggage just isn't cute enough to warrant a permanent spot on your Instagram feed. If this has ever happened to you, you're probably in need of some new luggage inspo, so here are six Instagrammable suitcases that are worth every penny.

Gone are the days of simple black duffels — now, everyone wants to get their hands on a travel companion that will perfectly complement any outfit and will suit every possible travel occasion. Whether your taste leans more toward the simple and sophisticated, or bold and whimsical side, these luggage brands have come up with everything your heart could possibly desire. And don't fret at the price tags: As any seasoned traveler will tell you, a good suitcase is worth the investment if it means it'll last you more than a few years. (Bonus points if the bags look cute, too.)

Whether you're bookmarking trips for next year or need a new luggage for a trip coming up soon, take a look at these picturesque brands for a new bag that's seriously #TravelGoals.


The Medium


Away is known for their super sleek designs. While they don't have any wild patterns or colors, they specialize in modern neutrals. Black is a staple, of course, but some of their other fan-favorites you've likely spotted on Instagram include: blush pink, sandy beige, and emerald green. The hard shell makes the suitcase easy to clean (even on lighter colors that are more prone to scuff marks), and each suitcase comes with a removable laundry bag. Plus, if you purchase one of The Carry-Ons, you have the option to add an ejectable battery so your electronics never run out of juice.


Astyll - Midnight Marble - Medium


For beautiful, lightweight luggage that acts as the perfect accessory to your carefully-planned travel outfit, look no further than Calpak. Their designs range from marble to chrome, and from polka dots to floral. There's something for every style, taste, and personality, even if you don't normally go for patterns. Not only do their suitcases look stunning, but they're also super durable (I've taken mine on multiple international trips over the past two years and they don't even have scuffs on them) and are sure to last a long time.


The Alchemist Gold Carryon


SteamLine's vintage suitcases are impossibly chic and make the perfect addition to your collection. The durability and functionality of the suitcases make them worth the coin. The bags also come with a hanging organizer which can help keep your belongings in place while traveling. And when they're not being used on your jet-setting adventures, they make beautiful home decor pieces. I've been daydreaming about this piece forever (the tricolored metallics are really speaking to me), and maybe one day I'll get my hands on it.

4Vera Bradley

Lighten Up Small Foldable Roller

Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley offers the sweetest roller bags that can match your patterned backpack or duffel bag. Their colorful, whimsical patterns will make you nostalgic for the days when you carried around their cute lunch boxes, and will be sure to brighten up your cozy travel outfit. The fun suitcases are also foldable for easy storage, and despite their size, you can actually fit a ton into them.


Latitude International Carry-On


Tumi is a staple brand for a reason: Their suitcases are not only super durable, but also come in a wide variety of styles and colors. The brand has also hopped on the metallic chrome trend, which I totally support. Tumi's bags are beautiful and reliable — perfect for every frequent traveler.

6Kate Spade

Watson Lane International Carry-On

Kate Spade

This bag from Kate Spade is the ultimate go-to carry-on for short trips or as an accompaniment to a larger checked bag. Great for a weekend getaway (or even longer, if you're a light packer), this luggage bag can become your go-to for every trip. Plus, the sleek dark black will match any outfit you wear.