6 Halloween Looks With Just Eyeshadow, So You Can Finally Use Every Color In The Palette

by Stephanie Montes

OK, I'm going to need you to be really honest for a second: How many half-empty eyeshadow palettes do you have in your vanity full of colors that never get used? Too many to count? Same! I buy so many full-sized palettes because there's a single color I love, but there are others go totally untouched. But rather than let those other shades go to waste, I put them all to use on Halloween. So, every October, I gather tons of inspiration for various Halloween looks with just eyeshadow that obviously look cool, but also help me finish all those extra shades.

I sifted through all the coolest Halloween makeup looks on Pinterest and found a ton that can be recreated using all those unused eyeshadows in your drawers. Here are some of my favorites:


The Egyptian queen is known for her elaborate eyeshadow look, so it's only appropriate that I pay my respects to her first. To create the look, bust out your royal blue, turquoise, gold, and black eyeshadows and apply them in a dramatic wing shape. Use a dark brown shadow to fill in your brows with a high arch and an elongated tail. Finish the rest of your makeup with glowy foundation, a subtle contour, and a nude lip.


The costume: Finish off your Halloween costume with a Cleopatra-inspired wig, tons of gold jewelry, and a gold dress.

Wonder Woman

From one leading lady to another, Wonder Woman is the ultimate costume idea for feminists in 2019. And while the superhero had an arsenal of power-fueled accessories, you can draw yours on with gold eyeshadow and a black eyeshadow stick. Finish with a bright red lip and a star on your headband.


The costume: You can wear the full costume or go with jean shorts and a red tank for a modern take (and last-minute version) of the classic Wonder Woman outfit.


This look is all about those bright, poppy, metallic shades buried at the bottom of your vanity. To create mermaid scales, slip a fishnet stocking over your face and dust metallic blue, aqua, purple, and pink shadows over the mesh. Finish the rest of your look with a crisp cut crease on your eyes and a bold lip.


The costume: Gather your seashell and pearl accessories, a bright-colored wig, and a mermaid skirt, and you've got yourself a creation worthy of an under-the-sea celebration.


What I love about this skeleton costume is it's totally up for interpretation. Choose any eyeshadow colors you like and use them to create hallowed eyes, cheeks, and a full set of teeth.


The costume: You can basically wear whatever you want: Wear a dress or pants, wear a wig, don't wear a wig. It's totally up to you.


It's time to break out all those neutral shadows in your collection. Use a warm brown to create a contour and a light tan to make your feline-inspired features pop. Break out a black eyeshadow stick to draw on the crescent-shaped spots and finish with a cat-like nose and mouth.


The costume: Leopard print is actually really in right now, so break out your best pieces and pair them together for a head-to-toe look.

Bride Of Chucky

I mean, Chucky's bride wishes she looked this glam. Give yourself a purple smoky eye and use a black eyeshadow to darken your brows and finish with a black lipstick. Don't forget to use a black eyeshadow stick to draw a faux heart tattoo on your chest and fill in the heart with a red eyeshadow.


The costume: Throw on a white dress and a leather jacket and you're ready to get out there and wreak havoc with your groom.