People Who Are Always Cold Would Definitely Appreciate Any Of These 6 Gift Ideas

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Everyone has that one friend who's always freezing cold, right? You know, the person who keeps their parka on even once they're indoors, and parks themselves next to the space heater while vigorously rubbing their hands together? I have a friend from Australia, in fact, who wears a wool beanie and a scarf constantly throughout winter, even when she's inside, because she just can't de-thaw from the frigid city streets. If you, too, have a friend who prefers a tropical climate but lives in a winter wonderland, consider some holiday gifts for people who are always cold. Sure, it might seem a little cheeky, but it's also super thoughtful, and it'll make your loved one's winter so much easier to bear.

TBH, even though I grew up in Vermont, I am also one of those people who would much rather sweat profusely than have goosebumps and chattering teeth. This often means that I have to literally plan ahead for ways to stay warm throughout the winter months, whether that means always wearing tights under my jeans, or having a thousand-ish blankets sprawled across my bed.

Take a look at some of the below ideas to help warm more than just your best (and chilliest) pal's heart this holiday season.

A Lovely Pair Of Silk Long Underwear

People who are always cold know the layering life all too well. Wearing a tank top under a t-shirt under a sweater is simply a given when the temperatures drop, so if your chilly loved one needs something to help them keep their legs warm, too, look no further than these silky bad boys.

My grandma got my mom hooked on these beauties years ago, and trust me, they fit effortlessly underneath your clothes — no itching or riding up whatsoever.

A Spa Session That Wraps You Up Like A Burrito
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A spa session is a classic holiday gift, wouldn't you say? Luckily, we live in a time when self-care is going next-level, getting more creative by the day, and is hotter (pun intended) than it's ever been before.

Shape House is an urban sweat lodge that invites you to experience the fascinating ways in which a good sweat — which, according to Shape House's website, is "a calming, restorative treatment for mind and body alike" — can make you feel good from the inside out. I tried a session myself a few weeks ago, and after being wrapped up in an infrared blanket for an hour while I relaxed and watched TV, I can tell you with confidence that this would make an awesome holiday gift for just about anyone, but especially for people who always feel cold.

Book a session for your most frigid friend for just $50, and they will be eternally grateful.

Fitness Classes That Are All About Making You Sweat

Sacred Yoga offers so many different levels and varieties of classes, including hot yoga, dance classes, capoeira (aka an Afro-Brazilian martial arts class), and more.

Why not book a Saturday morning class for you and your chilliest pal? If nothing else, when you guys come out of the studio after your workout, all sweaty and whatnot, your loved one might actually appreciate the frigid winter air.

An Assortment Of Deliciously Hot Beverages

Make a little care package for your frigid friend this holiday season, and fill it with all the yummy hot drinks. This assortment from Kusmi Tea checks all the boxes for people who love to sip tea throughout the winter months. Your giftee will love having a new flavor to warm them up each morning.

A Super Furry Hat

These hats are fuzzy-wuzzy, incredibly warm, and cute AF. I mean, that's kind of all you need for a gift, right?

As someone who personally feels cold 24/7, regardless of the season, I've gone through so many of these hats over the years, and I truly cannot recommend it enough.

A Pair Of Adorable, Quilt-Lined Overalls

I'll admit it: I added these quilt-lined overalls to the list with the hope that someone might purchase them for me. Can you really blame me, though? It doesn't get much better than this level of warmth and coziness.

This is the kind of outfit that'll make your giftee feel like they're wrapped up in a toasty blanket no matter where they are, whether they're running errands at the grocery store, or taking the dog out for a walk.