25 Things People Who Are Always Cold Will Understand All Too Well (Photos)

Between the chilling wind, ice and snow, winter can be a pretty miserable time of year for normal people, let alone people who are cold AF 24/7.

Last time I checked, human beings were supposed to be warm-blooded creatures.

But sometimes I think my body may have missed this memo or I'm actually a real life version of Queen Elsa because I basically freeze my ass off any time the temperature drops below 80 degrees.

As you can imagine, this tends to be pretty problematic during the cooler months of the year.

Winter slowly becomes synonymous with lots of time spent indoors with the heat on blast while sitting in front of a fireplace wrapped up in a blanket burrito.

If that's not bad enough, goose bumps, hand-sicles and chattering teeth become a basic fact of life and there is no amount of scarves or layers in the world to keep the tortuous, crippling cold out.

Yep, if you happen to have ice running through your veins you know the shiver struggle is real AF when sweater weather starts to kick in.

So we set out to find all of the familiar struggles every cold-blooded person knows to be true.

While everyone else gets excited for sweater weather, you dread this season.

Because let's face it, sweater weather is year-round for you...

Hey it's below 80F again. That means sweater weather and dressing in layers! — Witty Halloween Pun (@Bayonethics) November 3, 2015

...and "extreme layering" has become your signature everyday look.

Scarves don't do sh*t for you. So you've copped Lenny Kravit'z scarf swag.

I too am cold enough to start wearing blankets. — KELSEY (@KFRO3) October 26, 2015

You have no shame leaving the house with a blanket wrapped around your neck...

When it's so cold bitches start using blankets as scarves — Kaylin Pound (@kaylin_pound) October 18, 2015

...or donning a duvet out in public.

i fucking love the trend for wearing capes and wraps. they're literally sociably acceptable blankets for day wear. catch me in my duvet ppl — kat (@katherinecmills) October 22, 2015

You can't remember the last time you saw your skin without goosebumps...

I'm so cold my goosebumps and nipples are gonna tear my blankets to shreds — Bri Stawecki (@bstawecki) November 11, 2015

...and the shiver struggle is always real AF.

The struggle of trying not to shiver while walking to class is real — lauren (@laurennthom) March 30, 2015

Plus, handsicles have just become a part of everyday life.

Fleece is basically your BFF...

I need these for my poor cold feetsies ; ~ ; — SPICE ♡ MAMI (@angelic_emoji) November 12, 2015

...and you have mastered the art of wrapping yourself into a human blanket burrito.

But not even a miracle can save you from freezing your ass off 24/7.

I'm under 4 blankets in a sweatshirt & sweatpants and I'm still cold and you expect me to believe in the lord? keep dreamin' — Sophia Benoit (@1followernodad) November 12, 2015

Office air conditioning is your arch nemesis...

If you look closely, there is a woman at her desk in this picture. — Matt Bellassai (@MattBellassai) June 11, 2014

...and you think it's completely normal to bring your space heater to work with you every day.

You always thought "BYOB" stood for "Bring Your Own Blanket."

Most of the time you would rather die than have to go outside and brave the cold... you pretty much hibernate in your house all winter.

Hello from the inside 👋 (it's too cold to go outside) — Samantha Golbach (@samanthagolbach) November 11, 2015

Your entire paycheck goes toward purchasing wool products, onesies and paying your heating bill...

...but cranking the thermostat to 80 isn't even enough to keep you warm.

While most people wish for a white Christmas, you pray for a holiday heatwave...

Everyone is all excited for cold weather and I'm sitting here like. — Tim (@thetimtracker) November 12, 2015

...and you just laugh whenever people invite you to a football game.

"Hey, what are you wearing to the game tonight?" "Five blankets, you?" — lahhh† (@Leah_Buggg) October 28, 2015

You literally freeze your butt off every time you have to sit on a toilet seat...

...and stepping out of the warm shower and into the frozen tundra of your bathroom is a special kind of torture.

Note to self: Walking outside the bathroom after a shower with only underwear on is a trap. Cold af in the house. Abort. — Jason Remulla (@12emullaSenpai) November 7, 2015

You bring new meaning to the term "Ice Queen"...

...and you've actually considered lighting yourself on fire before deciding even that probably wouldn't be enough to keep you warm.