6 Funny Texts To Send Your Partner If They're Having A Bad Day

by Alison Segel

If I'm having a bad day, there's nothing that gets me out of a funk better than receiving a text from someone I care about. If it's a funny text, then even better. So if someone you're dating is down in the dumps, then you might be curious about texts to send your partner to make them smile again. Because I want to be the reason for all of my crush's happiness. Nobody else!

Do you remember when Uber had that promotion where they would send a car full of puppies to your house? Well, I was once having an awful day, and my boyfriend took a screenshot of the promotion, texted it to me, and said he was sending a litter full of pups to my apartment. For the next several hours, he sent me pictures of different adorable dogs, telling me that they were en route.

It turned out to be a prank and there were no animals coming — which made me laugh (and also kind of sad tbh). But the texts throughout the day from someone I cared about distracted me from all the other negative things that were going on in my life, and I was grateful for that.

So here are some funny texts to send your partner if they're having a bad day. Because we should always be cheering up the people we care about.

What Do You Think Our Children Would Look Like?

If you want to shock or distract your bummed out partner, just start talking about having babies with them! It will certainly take the focus off of whatever is upsetting them, and most likely cause them to erupt in laughter, even if it's just the nervous kind.

Plus, there are websites and apps where you can upload a picture of both you and your boo, and it will show you what it will look like if you actually had a baby. The results always end up looking horrific — which will def cause you and your significant other to crack up even more (and maybe reconsider procreating.)

Sorry You're Upset. Is There Anyone I Can Kill?

I love knowing that my best friends and significant others would kill and hide bodies for me. That's what BFF's and BF's are for, right? This text doesn't require a lot of time or effort, but it does let your partner know that you're empathetic to their rough day, and considering and thinking about their feelings. And in times of crisis, everyone wants to be thought about. Plus, the whole death and murder thing brings some levity to the situation.

Just Letting U Know I'm Obsessed With U. Ur Obsessed With Me Too, Right? RIGHT?!

One thing that always makes me LOL is when I receive a text that is full of capital letters and an insane amount of punctuation — mainly question marks and exclamation points. I only receive these kinds of messages from people I'm truly comfortable with, and it's a reminder of the witty rapport I have with the people I care about in my life.

So if you want to make your partner laugh, send them an insane text message. It'll remind them that there are people they can reach out to if they're having a bad day whom they can say anything to, without judgement.

Want Me To Send You Pics Of Cute Animals?

The answer to this is yes. Always yes. Have you ever google imaged "tiny animals on fingers?" It's my safe space.

Want To Just Change Our Identities And Move To A Different Country?

Nothing says camaraderie like "if you're having a bad day, I will throw everything away, assume a new identity, and start a new life with you at a moments notice." And while you're probably not serious about this endeavor (unless you and your partner have a real Bonnie and Clyde, Sid and Nancy vibe), it could lead to some fun fantasizing about your new dream life, which will help distract your significant other from their bad day.

So why not try it? Plus, you could use some of your ideas for some sexual role play later. Just saying.

Hey, At Least You Don't Have Any Bad Tattoos

Sometimes when you're having a bad day, you need to remind yourself of the good things in life. For example, your lack of bad tattoos. Or maybe you don't have annoying parents who actively use Facebook and comment on all of your statuses. Whatever that thing is, remind your partner of it. It will not only make them laugh, but will also help to put things in perspective.

So if you're bae is having a bad day (see what I did there?), then why not shoot them a funny text that will help them feel better? Because nothing puts a smile on your face then your crush contacting you. It will only take a few minutes out of your day, but it could change the course of theirs.

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