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6 Embarrassing Sex Stories On Halloween That Might Make You Rethink Your Costume


Halloween is a time for dressing up in a crazy costume, watching scary movies, and eating copious amounts of candy. If you're an adult, it's also a time to go to a party, hook up with someone, and leave red and blue streaks of makeup from your Pennywise clown costume all over your hookup buddy's mouth, neck, and bed. If your costume has ever low-key cockblocked you like this, don't worry, you're not the only with an embarrassing sex story from Halloween.

There's no better night than Halloween to boldly approach someone for a hookup. Wearing a costume, whether it's sexy, funny, or plain old scary, allows you to channel someone else entirely for a night, which means you get to leave all the inhibitions you'd have as "yourself" at the door. But what will definitely begin as a hot and heavy rendezvous with an equally bold and daring partygoer might turn into a messy, awkward, and ultimately hilarious sexual encounter. Costumes might be fun, and they will certainly lower your inhibitions, but they are also hard to get off, they stain, and they have moving parts that can get stuck in very unattractive places.

Here, seven people share their funniest Halloween sex stories.

This girl successfully seduced a man while wearing a diaper.

— Anonymous, 24

This girl had no clue what her hookup looked like.

— Jen, 32

This guy got his face makeup everywhere — and his friends ruined everything.

— Dan, 22

This girl was too lazy to clean up the mess she left.

— Suzie, 21

This girl's Little Mermaid costume went full Psycho.

— Kate, 24

This guy's costume literally choked his boyfriend.

— Sal, 23

The takeaway? If you're trying to get some this Halloween, maybe keep your costume simple.

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