6 DIY ‘Black Panther’ Costumes That Look Like They're Straight From Wakanda
by Ani Bundel

When it comes to Halloween, the best costumes are the ones that look legit without looking store bought. This DIY can be a hard needle to thread for those not used to making their own cosplay outfits. But sometimes you just gotta go as characters from the hottest movies around, and that means a DIY tutorial or two to get the best costume there is. These DIY Black Panther costumes fit the bill in all ways. They're inexpensive but creative, and by the time you're done, people will think you flew to Wakanda to go shopping.

Black Panther also has the distinction of being one of the few gender-balanced superhero movies. Not only will these costumes be popular because the film is still fresh, there are also costumes enough for both him and her without anyone having to dress as a character with no spoken lines.

For this DIY list, I've rounded up not only T'Challa and Shuri, but Okoye, M'Baku, Nakia, and Killmonger. If your squad has more, all are jumping off points for creating further costumes until there so many, you might as well enter the party chanting "Yibambe," because you're about to conquer. By the way, there are ways to wear these costumes without being culturally appropriative and without doing blackface, so keep these things in mind while getting your look together if you weren't aware already.

Check them out.

Black Panther
The Costume Kid on YouTube

The Black Panther outfit will probably be the hottest one this year since the film came out in February. The costume is just a black bodysuit. For the lines on the suit, a good suggestion is to use black fabric tape following the instructions above. The claw necklace is on Etsy. The hardest part is the mask. Here's the best DIY video if you want to add the LEDs.

Stephy JPilot on YouTube

Shuri's basic outfit is a blue sleeveless bodysuit and a brown leather-like fabric loincloth, plus her panther-shaped gauntlets. The hardest part is the neckpiece. The above tutorial suggests doing it with makeup and includes a full how-to.

Curiousjoi on YouTube

Killmonger has two distinct looks in the film. The first is the blue top with armored plating, the tutorial for which is above. Pair it with army surplus pants and combat boots. For the easier look, there's always his Wakandian king look, which is a black bathrobe, gold necklace, and blue harem pants.

Randomize Me on YouTube

The full Dora Milaje look is below, but for those who want Okoye's "badass on a hot date" look, you need a wig, a sleeveless red dress, and bare feet. The spear tutorial is above.

Uncle Jessy on YouTube

M'Baku has a variety of looks, but his most recognizable is the grass skirt and armor from the battlefield. For that, you'll need the skirt, a chest armor platelet in brown, plus fur arm warmers, and boots. If you want the iconic ape mask, the tutorial is above.

Dora Milaje
Timaloveslemons on YouTube

For those with sewing talent, making a Dora Milaje costume is actually pretty easy, with a red tunic, leather straps and a whole lot of beadwork, following the tutorial above. For the lazier among us, Rubie's has a store bought version on sale. Don't forget a spear or a couple of circle frisbees for a weapon.