The Disney princesses would make a great Disney group costume for Halloween.

6 Disney Group Costumes For Your Squad That Are A Dream Come True

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Deciding on a Halloween costume is about as difficult as choosing just one piece of a candy from the bowl. That decision becomes even more difficult when your friends want to do a costume together. Not only do you need to think of a cool costume, but it has to be something your whole crew can agree on. If your besties all love Disney, you're in luck. Simply check out this list of Disney group costumes with your besties for the most magical Halloween yet.

Disney has always been my go-to for Halloween. As a kid, I dressed up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Meg from Hercules. More recently, I've gone as Pixar pals like Bing Bong from Inside Out and Carl from Up. With many ionic Disney characters to choose from, you'll never run out of good options. But if you need a little assistant, think of me like your fairy godmother who's ready to help get you ready for the ball — aka, whatever Halloween party you're going to — with these six ideas.

As a crew, it's important to decide on something that gets all of you excited. And when Halloween rolls around, caption your group pic with something like, "We're looking like a Disney dream come true," because you will be.

The Sanderson Sisters From 'Hocus Pocus'
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Get your favorite witches together for a Halloween that's "just a bunch of Hocus Pocus." If your crew is a trio, the Sanderson sisters is an easy and fun way to go. You'll need to designate who's the Winifred, the Sarah, and the Mary of the group. Then, find a dress in that witch's color and carry around brooms as prop.

Disney's Iconic Fab Five

There's no group more iconic than the Disney fab five. That includes Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto. Of course, if your group is larger than five, you can add in Chip, Dale, and Daisy as well. All you need to do is dress up like your character, so polka dots for Minnie, red shorts for Mickey, and something nautical for Donald.

All The Disney Princesses
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The Disney princesses are always a classic choice for a group costume. If you need help deciding on which Disney princess you want to be, you could always take a quiz. Then, find pieces that remind you of your princess, like a shell bra and green skirt for Ariel, yellow dress with a book in hand for Belle, or a blue dress worthy of a ball for Cinderella.

The 'Toy Story' Toys
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The toys came back this year and crushed it with Toy Story 4, so it only makes sense you and your crew dress up as your fave Toy Story characters like Woody, Buzz, and Jessie. You can easily channel Woody with a yellow flannel, jeans, and red bandana. For Buzz, you can rock a white jumpsuit with purple and neon green accessories.

The Lost Boys From 'Peter Pan'
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For a comfy costume, go as the Lost Boys from Peter Pan. All you need are cute animal onesies. Of course, one of you can always opt to be the Tinker Bell of the group and wear a lime green dress with fairy wings.

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
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The seven dwarfs can be an easy and comfy group costume to put together. You'll need a shirt dress in your character's color and a cozy beanie. If someone in your group wants to be Snow White, all you need is a yellow skirt and blue top. Put a red bow in your hair, and you're set to dance the night away.