Westworld III
6 Details In The 'Westworld' Season 3 Trailer You Definitely Missed

by Ani Bundel

After Westworld Season 2's wild finish, fans have been debating where the show would go next. Then the first trailer arrived, and the answer turned out to be far more complicated. An entirely new cast was introduced, all of whom lived in the real world. For the first time, the stakes had been upped. This was no longer a game where hosts are endlessly resurrected. Now they're playing for all the marbles. But these details in the Westworld Season 3 trailer suggests that fans should step on the brakes. Nothing is what it seems.

That's been true of Westworld since the very beginning. Timelines that seemed concurrent were decades apart, like William and Dolores versus Dolores and the Man-In-Black. Characters believed to be humans were hosts, from Bernard to Stubbs. Sometimes they weren't just hosts, they had their control units replaced, so they were other hosts in disguise. That last one was quite a turn, as fans discovered the evil Delos board member Charlotte Hale had been dead for several episodes, and the Host Charlotte was Dolores in disguise.

So what does the new trailer tell us? If fans thought Season 2 was complicated, wait until they get a load of Season 3.

Dolores Debodied

Westworld ended with Dolores in Charlotte's body outside the park, with a machine for making hosts. She made a new Dolores host, but something seems to have happened. Viewers now see another half-built Dolores. Are there multiple copies? Or is Hale resurrecting Dolores over and over like the park once did every time someone died?

Bernard's Still In The Park

Hale also made a Bernard with this machine, which suggested he would be out in the real world with them. But here he is, back in the park. What happened?

Caleb's Robot Pal

Caleb seems to be Dolores' target for raising a human army against the wealthy who oppress both man and machine alike. But what's going on with Caleb's robot pal? Is that yet another tool Dolores is using? Or is that another member of her army?

Maeve's Mission

Maeve and Dolores have been on a slow collision course ever since the beginning of Season 2. This season makes it explicit, as Maeve is ordered to take Dolores down once and for all.

Are Charlotte & Dolores The Same?

If Dolores' consciousness is inside the Dolores host unit, then who is controlling Hale?

What Is Happening With The Man In Black

And then there's a very old Man-In-Black, who may or may not be part of this timeline. Fans have all the questions: Where is he, when is he, and why does he think he has to save the world?