6 Creative Holidays To Celebrate Just Because

Celebrating small victories is important. No accomplishment should slip by unnoticed, whether it’s something as monumental as paying off a hefty credit card bill or something as standard as cleaning out your closet.

If you're like us, and you're always searching for new ways to inject joy into your everyday life, it’s helpful (not to mention fun) to reward yourself for steps taken in the right direction.

So even when there's no holiday marked on the calendar, we think you can always find an occasion to celebrate, whether it's by popping some sparkling wine or by treating yourself to a night of self-care.

Here’s a list of creative holidays that we should be honoring, even though they don't ~officially~ exist (yet).

1. I'm Free! Day

Paying off a bill is definitely a reason to celebrate, whether it’s a student loan, a credit card, or any debt that you’ve successfully erased from your future credit score. It’s not always easy to accept the fact that you’re a real-life adult, but what better way to embrace growing up than getting your finances straightened out?

After clicking that "pay now" button, let loose and reward yourself with a glass of vino, some take-out comfort food, and a luxurious bath bomb (just maybe not all at once).

2. BFF Anniversary

We don't know about you, but we believe that there's far too much emphasis on ~romantic~ anniversaries, and not nearly enough on friendship anniversaries.

Whether you're commemorating your first heart-to-heart with your BFF or your inaugural night out with your fave group of girls, find any excuse to get dressed up and have a fancy dinner with the people that bring you joy.

Prosecco all around, please!

3. Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter Cleaning Day

Contrary to popular belief, this occasion can happen any time of year, not just in the springtime. Start by making a pile of the clothes, shoes, books, and anything else you haven’t touched or used in recent memory. Make a trip to the donation center and bid that part of your life sayonara.

Then celebrate in your new cleared-out corner. Do a victory dance while you dream about the endless possibilities of what this free space could turn into next.

4. National Me Day

Ah, what's better than some me time? We love it so much that we've created an (un)official holiday that's all about us.

Celebrate this day by setting aside a block of time all to yourself, free of any obligations. Do whatever makes you the happiest, whether it's a yoga sesh followed by a deep dive into a good book, or a wine and movie night where you don't have to share the couch (or the bottle) with anyone.

Yes to all of the above.

5. Off The Grid Day

It's our belief that taking time off from social media (and all media in general TBH) is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.

Celebrate this holiday by unplugging and spending some quality time off the grid. If the thought of taking a whole day offline gives you hives, start small: Vow to stay off your go-to apps until you get your work done for the day.

Paying close attention to the world around you instead of the internet will ground you in the present, lifting your mood to new endorphin-enriched highs. Enjoy the original social media as it unfolds before your very eyes. Spoiler alert: It’s called reality.

6. Unfollow The Bullsh*t Day

Mark this holiday by embarking on a social media unfollowing spree. Trust us, this ritual will change your life. We all follow people and accounts that fail to bring us joy. We follow back out of obligation or laziness or both. Well, we’re here to tell you that there’s a way out. Click “unfollow” and go toward the light.

Exes, frenemies, spammy people from high school — it’s time to let them go. Release them into the virtual sphere. Moving on from relationships (internet ones count, too!) that no longer serve you will set you free.

How should you celebrate this newfound liberation? Wine, yoga, fresh air, and walks in nature are a good place to start.

Grant yourself permission to enjoy life's little moments and triumphs, repeat when necessary, and embrace the joy that's sure to come your way.

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