6 'Captain Marvel' Halloween Costumes That Are Simply Marvel-ous

When Captain Marvel came out in March of 2019, it was the second massive female-led superhero film 18 months. The Marvel Cinematic Universe's final standalone film before Avengers: Endgame went toe-to-toe with DC's 2017 Wonder Woman film, with both scoring over $400 million at the box office. Diana Prince's outfits were the hot look of 2017's Halloween parties, and the same will be true for Carol Danvers' looks for 2019. These Captain Marvel Halloween costumes are some of the better ideas to play Marvel's most powerful Avenger.

There is one big difference between Diana Prince and Carol Danvers though, and that's variety. Not that Wonder Woman doesn't have options after nearly 100 years of comics, but nearly all are variations on a single costume theme. Captain Marvel, on the other hand, not only has costume changes over the course of the film, but she also turned up in Endgame as well, in a different version of her costume. Wonder Woman appeared in Justice League, but not until after Halloween.

Not only that, but Captain Marvel's symbol has also become a jumping-off point for other designs for women's wear. In all, those looking to dress like Danvers this holiday season have a plethora of options.

1. Vers' Kree Uniform


When Vers first falls to earth, she doesn't know how she is or where she comes from. Her outfit is the Kree Uniform, and for those who are looking for something not in the red and blue family, it's a great alternative.

2. Captain Marvel Jumpsuit


This is the look everyone will expect from a proper Captain Marvel. The blue jumpsuit with the red trim, red boots, and gloves is the look from the film. It's the one that girls of all ages will be wearing this Halloween.

3. Endgame Captain Marvel


One of the issues with Endgame is that it was filmed before Captain Marvel proper was, so her look is a little different. On the one hand, there's all the makeup, which the standalone film got rid of. But on the plus side, there's the haircut, which is far close to the current comics. The jumpsuit is also slightly different, and a little on the sexier side.

4. Carol Danvers' Flight Suit


For those who want something more comfortable to wear, there's always Carol's flight suit from the fateful day of the crash. The film gave her an authentic Air Force flight suit from the period, which makes shopping a breeze. Any military supply store will have one. Some even will bill them as Carol Danvers authentic.

5. Casual 90s Captain Marvel


If you weren't alive in the 1990s you might not have these in your closet already. Thankfully, nostalgia is a 20-year cycle, so these pieces are pretty easy to find on Amazon:

As for the flannel, remember, this is just going around the waist for that 90s look.

Add a SHIELD hat, and you are all set.

6. Fun Alternate 'Captain Marvel' Looks


Captain Marvel has spawned all sorts of looks that play on her iconic suit. One doesn't have to go all out in the flight suit or the superhero suit to do Captain Marvel proud.

Wanna be a Casual Carol? Pair this Hot Topic Tee with jeans and a ponytail, and everyone will know you're the most powerful woman in the room.

My personal favorite? The Carol Jacket. Totally casual, totally badass, will fly into space and stop an attack and be back before the grill is done heating up.