6 Blair & Dorota Moments From 'Gossip Girl' That Spoke To Us On Another Level

There was a lot of drama going on in the Upper East Side of Manhattan in Gossip Girl. With so many frenemies and backstabbing, it was difficult to know who you could actually trust. But luckily for our girl Blair Waldorf, she always had Dorota on her side. Dorota was truly the one constant good person in her life to help her get through every hardship and heartbreak. Throughout the series, we all wished we could have a friend like Dorota in our lives, especially after watching these classic Blair and Dorota moments from Gossip Girl.

Blair had a wardrobe and penthouse we all envied, but her friendship with Dorota was by far the most fulfilling. And although Dorota was the Waldorf family's housemaid, throughout the show Blair treated her more like a member of the family than someone who worked for them. Blair truly had everything at her fingertips. Some people have differing opinions on who was the real star of GG, but to be honest, I'd have to say it's definitely Dorota. She was low-key hilarious. And let's be real here, it was only around Dorota when we were blessed with a glimpse of ice queen Blair's softer sides (that is, when she wasn't out for the kill or ordering around her minions). That's why these six Blair and Dorota moments really spoke to us on another level and showed us the true beauty that lived in the Gossip Girl world of NYC.

When Dorota Listened To Blair's High School Drama (Per Usual)
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This scene was super short, but it's the perfect example of what the Blair and Dorota relationship was all about. Blair was extremely lucky to have Dorota at home to vent to on the regular. Dorota tried to help calm her down, and always offered a necessary cup of tea to soothe her struggles.

I don't know how Blair would have navigated the obstacles of high school without Dorota's amazing advice. We'll always be here for it.

When Dorota Went On A Secret Mission For Blair
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Just as Dorota was the voice of reason for Blair, she also got in on the fun (in trendy AF sunglasses, of course). When Dorota was asked to go on a secret mission for Blair, she went all out with her sleek trench coat and shades. Let's be honest, we all desperately need a Dorota to save the day every once in awhile.

When Dorota Worked With Nate To Surprise Blair
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Dorota knew what was best for Blair, and she went out of her way to help her... especially in this scene. Sure, this adorable surprise was really Nate's idea, but he needed Dorota's help.

Of course, Dorota knew exactly where Blair's favorite spot in Central Park was for Nate to pull off his sweet gesture. So, basically, we have Dorota to thank for this incredibly romantic moment.

When Dorota, Blair, And Serena Schemed Against Juliet
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We all know Blair and Serena wouldn't have gotten away with their epic plan to get back at Juliet if Dorota hadn't been there to help. She even offered champagne in the sassiest fashion, and we were living for it.

This is yet another solid example of how Dorota was always honest AF, but was also game to be in the middle of the excitement. Dorota, seriously, for the win.

When Blair Asked Dorota, "What's Going On With Me?"
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Blair knew Dorota would be entirely real with her. She could count on her to tell her exactly what she needed to hear, even when she didn't really want to hear it. So, when Blair asked, "Dorota, what's going on with me?" Dorota delivered the perfectly blunt answer that explained it all. Even Blair herself was impressed.

If only we all had a Dorota who could keep it 100 at all times, and tell us why we're in a bad mood so we can fix it ASAP. Dorota, we love you.

When Dorota Played Detective With Blair
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Dorota knew Blair better than she even knew herself. She did Sherlock Holmes detective work to figure out that Blair was hanging out with Dan, even though Blair thought she was hiding it well.

Tsk, tsk Blair. You really should have known you couldn't pull the wool over Dorota's eyes.