6 Best Weekend Trips To Take By Yourself & Not Feel One Bit Lonely

by Ciara Johnson

Solo travel is trending right now, and it's easy to see why. Women want to see the world and they're doing whatever it takes to make it happen, with or without anyone by their side. Solo travel feels quite different than traveling with friends and family. You get to make the rules, step outside your comfort zone a bit, and meet new people, all on your own terms. Sounds like a pretty great way to travel! Ironically, solo travel isn't necessarily about being alone. You can make so many friends along the way! Check out the best weekend trips to take by yourself if you don't want to feel lonely.

At first thought, solo travel might sound intimidating. You may worry about getting bored or feeling lonely. Surprisingly enough, you'll discover that solo travel will offer you plenty of opportunities to create new friendships. You can meet locals that will be happy to show you the best spots in their cities, or you can meet other travelers who simply want to enjoy their vacation just like you. There are certain events, destinations, and settings that make it easier to meet people when you're traveling solo. If you want to go solo without feeling alone, then start here.

Feel Nostalgic At An Adult Summer Camp
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Do you want to relive those summers at your favorite childhood camp? Well, you totally can at a summer camp for adults with Camp No Counselors. You'll feel so nostalgic as you go kayaking on the lake, ride the slip n' side, play tug-of-war, compete in flag football, and so much more.

As a solo camper, you'll meet a ton of other adults who just might turn into life-long friends long after the weekend is over. With an open bar and themed parties, this will definitely be a good time.

Sign Up For A Cooking Getaway In Miami
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Imagine a weekend that's all about food. Feast your eyes on this three-day Eat Latin Airbnb experience in Miami, Florida. The host is a food expert, and she will showcase the best restaurants in the city to your tour group.

You'll get the chance to taste delicious latin flavors like Cuban, Venezuelan, and Peruvian cuisine. Let's just say, you'll leave with some new friends, a full heart, and an even fuller stomach.

Head On A Yoga Retreat In The Rocky Mountains
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Do you want to disconnect from life's daily demands and reconnect with the world around you? Well, you might want to sign up for this weekend-long yoga trip in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

You'll spend the weekend surrounded by like-minded women and the great outdoors. You'll be able to find yourself again and make some new friends as you perfect your downward-facing dog.

Channel The Good Vibes At A Music Festival
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The good vibes are always flowing at music festivals around the world, which means that you'll have no problem meeting new people. Music easily brings people together, and there's nothing like making a new best friend during your favorite artist's set. Consider buying tickets to a weekend festival to listen to good music with even better people.

Attend A Creative Conference
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Are you a blogger, painter, crafter, writer, or jeweler? If so, then you should consider attending a women's creative conference like Women Sound Off in Oakland, California.

You'll learn so much about working in creative industries, and you'll be surrounded by creative women who are just like you. You'll attend panels, parties, discussions, and even markets.

Participate In A Writers' Retreat
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A weekend-long writers' retreat will give you the perfect opportunity to sharpen your writing skills. You'll have so much fun as you attend workshops, meet other writers, and get those creative juices flowing. In my opinion, writing can sometimes be lonely, and a retreat might be the ultimate way to connect with other writers. This retreat round-up via The Write Life can help you get started!