The 6 Best Vermont Towns To Visit In The Fall For The Dreamiest Foliage #Views

by Ciara Johnson

The struggle's real: You wait all year long for fall to roll around, but before you know it, you're bundling up in your warmest sweaters and embracing the magic of winter. It's important to make the most of fall while it's still here, because it goes by within the blink of an eye. And whether you choose to celebrate the beauty of the season by going on a road trip with your girlfriends or attending an autumn festival, the time is now. So, why not hit the road and check out the best Vermont towns to visit in the fall?

It's no secret that Vermont is the ultimate destination to visit if you love fall. If you want to experience the full vibrancy of the changing leaves, then this is the place to explore. The state is covered in pristine foliage, so you can go hiking or drive a scenic byway to take in all the #views. You'll be blown away by the unbelievable hues of orange and red you see along the way. You'll also enjoy stopping in quaint villages and historic towns that look like they were made for postcards. You could even go all out and drive though a variety of towns to see what they all have to offer. Let's just say, you'll want to return to Vermont over and over again.

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Stowe is gorgeous all year round, but it's especially breathtaking in the fall. It sits at the bottom of Mount Mansfield, so you'll be surrounded by some epic mountain views. You can go hiking, skating, biking, or jogging to get up close and personal with the best foliage in the region. You can also go for a scenic drive through the hills or sign up for one of the town's unique guided tours.

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Manchester is in southern Vermont, and it's basically a fall foliage fairy tail. You can spend your time hiking through nearby mountains, visiting trendy art galleries, or checking out local breweries. It's not too far away from Manhattan or Boston via car, so this sounds like the perfect day trip destination to me.

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Chester, Vermont will give you those small town feels and scenic views. You'll see historic homes and beautiful church steeples surrounded by vibrant fall colors, so be sure to keep your camera close. This is the type of town where you will have the most relaxing getaway, and will never want to leave.

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Grafton is a quaint village in Vermont that'll make you feel like you took a step back in time. The combination of fall foliage and historic homes make this town look like the dreamiest movie set. You can spend your days wandering through galleries, museums, and postcard-perfect neighborhoods.

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Arlington is settled between the Taconic Range and the Green Mountains, so the fall views in this valley are unreal. The town is extremely small but has some incredible sights to offer to visitors, especially during this time of year.

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Woodstock is a sweet town in Vermont's Green Mountains that you'll instantly fall in love with. There's something here for everyone to enjoy, from rock climbing to golf. Take an afternoon walk through the village or cruise through the countryside with the windows rolled down to witness some of the best fall foliage in the country.